Divorced, unemployed, and happy…how is that even possible?

How can somebody be unemployed, divorced and still be happy? Well this is possible, especially if they are undergoing a Ketu Mahadasha.

We have created a world which is focused around material greed, where money relations and material possessions are the centre of human existence. While these things are essential for a person’s life, but should not be the end all and be all of human life we have bigger reasons to live. We are not materialistic beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having materialistic experience.

For most of us “my money” “my career” and “my relationships” are everything. This approach comes back to haunt us during the period known as Ketu Mahadasha. I have seen that people are threatened with possibility of losing the things that they value in their career and their personal lives, mostly job and marital relationships.

As it is natural people try very hard to try and cling to their jobs and relationships. However, during the Ketu Mahadasha, things almost never turns out the desired way. While the separation happens, it hurts badly, but once Ketu is done with you, you realize that it was for your own benefit.

The job you badly want to save had become a soul Crusher. The relationship you were trying to save had become poisonous. And Ketu did you a favour by making you escape both.

Remember the Divine Ketu isn’t not your tormentor, Ketu is your Liberator he is going to liberate you from the corporate slavery that your soul has come to abhor. He is going to remove the toxic relationship from your life in order to make way for new things.

He is going to you wake up to bigger things in life that we usually miss while dealing with the mundane. Ketu Mahadasha has this inherent paradox that til the time a person tries very hard to retain his relationships and jobs, he suffers very badly. However, once he lets go, things become better. Once he resigns from his job, he feels way lighter and liberated and can find a new career which is empowering as well as fulfilling.
Once he files for a divorce or goes through the breakup, he suddenly realizes that he is out of a toxic bondage. He sees that his life has become better internally and surprisingly, externally as well.

I have often said that Ketu operates like a cancer surgeon during the KETU Mahadasha. He removes everything that has become toxic in your life. He removes everything that has become useless in your growth as a soul.

Once Ketu is done with you, you feel light and fulfilled.

And yes you can be unemployed, divorced, and still happy…!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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