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Here are a few things about me:

My name is G. Vijay Kumar. I am a second generation astrologer. I started learning astrology from my father at the age of 12-13 and I was consumed by it. However, never thought of this as career.

I am M. Com, MBA-HR and L.Lb. I have spent ~15 years working in multinational corporations. My health forced me to resign from a high flying corporate job (glorified slavery to be honest).

Initially I started out doing astrology as charity, was surprised to see that the domain was available even more surprised that the email id was available. I saw that as a sign from gods and started this initiative and tried helping people. Started out answering a few questions on websites like Quora (

However, I was overwhelmed by response. With more and more time going into astrology and the love of people pouring in, I was at cross roads. Should I or shouldn’t I? Either I would have given up on astrology totally (no chance in hell of that happening), or start charging a small amount. I took the call of charging a small amount and give a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (I think I am the only one in this business to do that). Helps me prevent the bad karma of keeping unearned money.

My specialty and obsession have been the Big 3 Saturn Rahu and Ketu. They are my 3 best friends, I am also in the process of writing a book about these three. I spent a lot of time researching them and then branched into the production and sale of Rahu, Ketu, and Shani Yantras (which are designed and energized by me) One should almost NEVER wear the stones related to them. Yantras thankfully have no side effects.

Then some clients demanded that I provide them authentic stones, this again gave me another stream of income. Giving them authentic gemstones at an unbeatable price. Being in Jaipur and having a father who is well known in astrology and is respected by jewelers helped my cause.

Whatever I am, is because of Grace of my Guru, Sai Baba of Shirdi and Mother Divine, and finally my father.

In order to pay my respect to him, I adopted his name “Vijay” as my middle name and love it when people call me “Vijay”. This was a new identity and a re-birth for me.

I am an astrologer, an honest one and am proud of it. What started as a childhood interest has become a full blown career and I am happy taking the course of my destiny.

I do limited consultations a day (that’s why I am booked for several days in advance). My approach has been to PUT LOGICAL IN ASTROLOGICAL and destroy the myths and superstitions surrounding this super science.

I am just a pampered and spoiled child of my celestial parents Baba Sai and Mother Divine. They take care of all my needs and I don’t have to report to any human being :D, those days are gone and thank God for it.

I spend my time reading, praying, playing with my kids, managing my several businesses (I got a few others), but astrology has dominated my time and energy. And I have given my best to it. For me HONESTY IS THE ONLY POLICY. I have to be honest first and astrologer later.

Thank you for reading this. I am flattered and grateful.

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G. Vijay Kumar