Disclaimer: This article contains shameless self promotion but whatever has been written, is true.

Something I already know about you: I can guarantee that if you are looking forward to a consultation, that there are 90% chances you are undergoing a Rahu-Ketu or a Saturn period.  (Guess I have you attention now).

So this one was put in place upon insistence of my business mentor and my digital marketing team.

I didn’t want it to be an article based upon my flattering views of my team, hence I insisted that we take the VOC (voice of customers) and decided to do a survey. So I talked to many of my old clients who keep referring people to me and asked for the reasons why they recommended me. This article is based on the findings of that survey.

Here are the Top 12 reasons why my clients referred people to me:

  1. Honesty: Well if I had to choose the #1 reason, I would have myself taken this one. As someone who has a website called honestastrologer.com and email ID honestastrologer@gmail.com it shows my allegiance to honesty. In fact I was surprised when I was able to find the domain and mail ID which was free and surprisingly not taken. Guess I was blessed, and to my astonishment, most astrologers did not value honesty enough to create a mail ID which put “honest” before “astrologer” even when that was free. But I did.

While honesty is my #1 rule, I often face losses because of it. I have bluntly told people what they did NOT want to hear, but that was for their own good. Here are a few examples:

  • I tell them to forget about a government job if they are from General Category no yantra or gemstone can get you a government job if you are from general category. (I lose several clients who have this as their major question. I could have earned consultancy fee and could have sold them a lot of things assuring them of a government job, but I don’t). Get angry emojies and hate mails, when i could have got thousands of rupees. But hey I am under oath to be honest. There is only one thing that can help you get a government job in India, that is called reservation, sorry I am not authorized to give that.
  • I tell people that I can’t get their “Lost Love Back”. I have disappointed many desperate people who were willing to pay any price to solve their “love problem”. I guess exploiting them would have got me several lakhs but I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night, so honesty is the best policy. The dumped ladies (mostly they are ladies) accuse me, abuse me, send me hate mails because I am “useless” in getting the love of their life back. In stead I tell them to move on. Most never call back…some send hate through various means. Who said honesty is the best policy?
  • I tell them there is no magic bullet. Again some people feel disappointed when I say remedies would show effect after 21-40 days and it would be a slow recovery and give them partial effect. Nobody can wipe out 100% of their karma. I believe they would have been happy to buy a costly item if I tell them some crap like “100% result in 4 hours”. Imagine the money I could have made. Ah the honesty…! Dad how could you make me take an oath of honesty?
  1. Money Back Guarantee: I put my money where my mouth is, I give a preliminary reading and if that NOT 80% or more accurate, I give them their money back. No questions asked. I guess I am the only one in the world who does that. Let me know if there is one. #respect. This actually shocks my clients who get the money back. They are never expected money given to a “pundit” back. some even insisted that I keep it as I had spent time and effort, but hey unearned income is not my thing. #Karma
  2. I do all consultations myself: I don’t have a team of half baked astrologers who would impersonate being  me and would consult many people daily telling them that they are “G. Vijay Kumar”. This would have made me rich while I sleep. For the record, many big names in the market do that. This is the worst kept secret of astrology business. I don’t do this. I put in all my knowledge and capacity in every call. NO CHEATING. There are times when I can be sick or down but I never delegate. You get what you paid for, you get my time and knowledge live and exclusive.
  3. Limited Number of Consultations: I do only 4-5 consultations a day. More than that and it becomes a mechanical process. That’s the reason I am booked a week to 10 days in advance. I give my 100% to every consultation and I DON’T look at the watch when I consult. But please respect my time, I am an old man with a lot to do.
  4. NOT YOUR TYPICAL PUNDIT JI-I AM A FRIEND PHILOSOPHER GUIDE: I am not your typical pundit ji who has never been to an office in life and has no clue how things go on in the real world. I have been a student, a government job aspirant (yeah), and a corporate guy. By education I am MBA and L.Lb. My corporate career culminated at a Senior Management position in Human Resources (helps  me in career counseling and personal counseling well) with a reputed multinational. So, been there done that. I know how things work in the real world knowledge and human resources experience comes in hand So I am more of a FRIEND PHILOSOPHER GUIDE…!
  5. Putting LOGICAL in Astrological: I take pride in putting LOGICAL back in Astrological. I would tell you what you need to do in the real world as well. For example I can tell you to improve your diet and exercise, if I see chances of diabetes or weight gain in your chart. I would tell you to stop preparing for UPSC if you are a general category person (yes). I would tell you to see a doctor if I see chances of depression in your chart, of course I would tell you astrological remedies as well, but first thing first. So I blend the real world solutions with astrological remedies. Ideally, that’s what an astrologer should do.
  6. Affordable: My clients keep telling me that I charge less, many have made donations several times over, in order to make it up to me. My team is after my life to push rates further, but 599/- is where I have decided to put the stop. I want to reach out to people who really need my help. Doing limited numbers of consultations a day, I have to charge enough in order to pay the bills, and to pay those who depend upon me.

8.    Logical, Sattvic, Cost-effective and EEFECTIVE Remedies: The remedies I suggest have been prepared after a lot of study, contemplation and experiments. I don’t get into tamasic remedies (I don’t use even Lal Kitab the book most astrologers swear by, as it is full of Tamasik Remedies). The remedies I suggest are without side effects, and often very pocket friendly (I don’t want to skin you alive if you are already in trouble). E.g. I would suggest you to polish boots in a Gurudwara, or chant a mantra, instead of paying 21000 for a special puja.

 9.    Authentic Stones/Yantras: I sell Silver Yantras for 301 only. These are not pieces of tin imported from china @ Rs. 10 and sold for 299. These are silver pieces made in India as per the dimensions specified in scriptures. Guess that says something about my integrity. In addition, I sell gemstones like Opal, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, etc. at a very-very reasonable rate. Honestly, it helps being based in Jaipur-the Gems capital of India and having a father who has decades of goodwill and a deep supply chain behind him. I am about to launch an online shop that would sell authentic stuff at a very reasonable price.

10.   No Fear Tactics: Have you ever tried calling any of the “astrological services”? Here’s what they do: They scare the hell out of you in the first 3 minutes telling you all that’s wrong in your chart and telling you how you are doomed if you do not get some “Puja” done or don’t wear some particularly costly gemstone. I would tell you upfront that I don’t do any puja for my clients and I would never do it. I understand that if you have called me, you are going through a tough time already. I would try to help you, give you cheaper alternatives, guide you properly and logically and often ENCOURAGE YOU like a guide. I have a sense of humor and most of my clients end the call with a smile.

11.     I Know My Job-Well:I don’t go blindly by scriptures, I CHALLENGE them This one I have put in place after a lot of contemplation, almost decided to do away with it. But then it turned out to be a prominent point. If you go to a doctor, you expect him to know his job. I am confident enough to put a money back guarantee in place, that should tell you something. Moreover, I am someone who spent time since childhood in astrology, I don’t go blindly by scriptures, I CHALLENGE them.

Let me say two things most astrologers won’t dare say:

  • SHANI SADE SAATI IS A HOAX-It is always your dasha that matters. Go check your charts, whenever you have been in trouble it would have been typically a dasha of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, never mind if it was or wasn’t a Sade-Saati.
  • GUNA MILAN IS A SCAM: If this rubbish worked, there would have been no divorces in Hindu arranged marriage. This is a FLAWED technique that is ruining people’s lives. I have knowledge of the rare art of horoscope to horoscope compatibility reading that most people don’t have, and can help people get better match.

12. Expertise on BIG 3-Rahu-Ketu and Saturn:I can guarantee that there are 90% chances that if you are looking forward to a consultation, you are undergoing a Rahu-Ketu or a Saturn period. I have spent years obsessively researching them and am about to release a book on Rahu-Ketu and Saturn. I have done my homework well, and have done it for years. I have done my research and have prepared special yantras for these 3 as per scriptures for Rahu-Ketu and Saturn. I could have made thousands daily by selling gemstones for these three, but I have decided NOT to as their side effects can literally kill a person. I firmly believe in Karma and know that if I do the right thing, God would take care of me.

Guess all this makes me an antithesis of a typical astrologer, but guess what I am happy the way I am. And so are my clients.

If you wish to join the gang and have me as your friend philosopher guide, you can contact me through the below:

Email: honestastrologer@gmail.com

Whatsapp: 7678228364 (Phone + whatsapp)  Mail: honestastrologer@gmail.com

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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