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90% of the people who come to me for a consultation come because of a Rahu-Ketu or a Saturn period (Mahadasha or Antardasha). Out of these three Ketu can be the most intense. 

I often tell my clients “Ketu tumhey mandir ke aagey khada kar dega.” Which means Ketu will make you stand at the doors of a temple, you can either go in as a devotee (if you are smart), else it would make you beg in front of the temple. There is no third choice.

This is a topic very, very close to my heart. Having gone through this most powerful and terrible of all Mahadashas, especially the poisonous first half of it, I can feel the pain of anyone who is going through this period. This spiritual serpent planet is the least known but the most damaging of all planets.

Most astrologers create unnecessary fear around Shani (Saturn). Shani-Shani-Shani is all you hear, I am out to dispel that myth with my Ketu-Ketu-Ketu narrative.

While I would eventually write about all 9 Mahadashas, Ketu comes first and foremost for me, as this is the most difficult of all periods, and almost always gives uniform results irrespective the placement in chart.

Every other planet may give a good or bad dasha, but Ketu is invariably harsh for anyone that goes through it.

I have seen people undergo a good Saturn dasha, a good Rahu dasha even, but there is no such thing like a good Ketu dasha.

My view is that the phrase “7 years of bad luck” was coined because Ketu dasha lasts for a period of 7 years. And thank god for it. Had it longer like 18 years of Rahu, I have my doubts if barring Sanyasis, anyone would have emerged out of it alive.  For the record, maximum number of suicide attempts and divorces that I have seen happened in a Ketu period.

Ketu, the planet of liberation is the most spiritual planet of all. All that he wants to do is to deliver liberation and spirituality to a person. He is not at all interested in the material world and hence it wreaks havoc at a material plane, especially in the first half.

Ketu is interested in a burning up boatloads of bad karma. I would pile it up, put you in the middle of it, and set it on fire.


There are a few things which are almost sure to happen during a Ketu Mahadasha:

  1. You lose your head: Guess this has something to do with Ketu not having a head. Coming out of brilliant Mercury Mahadasha, people feel that they are intellectually brilliant and infallible. However, Ketu corrects this misconception quickly. People often complain of headaches, sleepiness, thyroid problems and in some cases even diabetes. All this dulls down their intellect that they were so proud of during their mercury period. While in mercury they were applauded as geniuses, they are criticized for their “foolishness” during Ketu dasha, showing fully well that what they considered their intelligence, was a passing grace of mercury. The intellectual giants often fall flat and realize that they are little more than paws in the great game of planets.

  1. You lose your relation (a closest one): Chidrakaraka Ketu, the planet which lost its own head symbolizes separation from a relation which was like a part of you. At least one (often more) of very close relations is separated from you in a very brutal manner that scars you for life and you realize that no matter how close a relation is, everything is temporary. However, this detachment often serves the native well in times to come because Ketu takes away all that has become useless in present incarnation. This detached attitude comes in handy during the Venus period.

  1. You lose your job: People often lose their job, business or whatever they were engaged in and are often moved towards something totally different. However good news is that like everything else that Ketu does, this is painful in the moment, but serves one well in the future and he or she is put on the path of destiny.

  1. You lose your attachments: Ketu takes away all that you were proud of intelligence-gone, money-gone, relations-gone, career-gone. Again this happens in a swift and brutal manner Ketu separates not like a surgeon but like a butcher. Few people are left clinging to anything once this period is done with them. They realize that they may end up losing anything at a moment’s notice. The grip of illusionary Maya is loosened on them and the lucky ones become detached.


  1. You lose your ego: Once you have lost all that you were proud of, there comes a day (normally in the first half) when a man realizes his helplessness and insignificance. Once all is taken away, the ego crumbles, and when it does, it is very liberating and life turns for the better. Ketu leaves you with only the essence of what you got, your soul. I have seen people lose arrogance acquired over a mercury period quickly and often this happens

  1. You become a man of god: Once a person realizes that the toys and titles, and so called relations he or she had piled up are temporary and illusionary, there is but little trace of materialism left in one. Once he or she realizes that there is only one true possession one true possession one’s quintessential self or soul, and there is only one true relation that of the soul and the god. These two things even Ketu can’t take away, in fact it makes us realize this truth and we all should be thankful to him.


  1. Redemption and liberation: This is the most desired effect of a Ketu dasha. Once you have realized the illusions of Maya, in the first half and have worked your way to redemption in the second half, you come out wiser and liberated. I have seen people who have undergone this dasha behave with detached amusement in the next Venus Mahadasha that brings a fun, possessions, and relationships. However, I have seen the natives react with a detached amusement, they know that these are temporary and can be taken away at any moment. lessons of Ketu are hars, unforgettable and liberating.



Let’s look into various phases of Ketu Mahadasha:

Like all Mahadashas, Ketu Mahadasha is divided in 9 phases (Antardashas) of 9 planets.


Here is the breakup of Antardashas:

Period Years Months Days
Ketu-Ketu 0 4 27
Ketu-Venus 1 2 0
Ketu-Sun 0 4 6
Ketu-Moon 0 7 0
Ketu-Mars 0 4 27
Ketu-Rahu 1 0 18
Ketu-Jupiter 0 11 16
Ketu-Saturn 1 1 9
Ketu-Mercury 0 11 27



I have seen Ketu give almost uniform results to most of the natives. It is very impartial and almost all people suffer in the same way.

I will use a phrase for each of these dashas which contains the essence of all that happens during the period:

Ketu – Ketu period: The Big Bang: This horrifying dasha starts with a bang and then it goes on to bang the native for several years. There is a sudden abrupt change in the circumstances of a person and one is forced to cope with extremely new environments. A major change in job, house, place, is almost inevitable and this settings chance paves the way for all that is about to come. There is a sudden dip in the intellectual capacity of the person, one who was considered brilliant during Mercury period transforms into “Gods’ Fool” and the sharp arrogant aura of Mercury is replaced by the “lost and foggy” look that becomes a trademark of the native.

Ketu – Venus: Paradise Lost-Hell on earth: If there is one Antardasha (minor period) that sacres the hell out of me, then it is Ketu-Venus period. Venus is the real “King of good times” all love, luxury, material comforts, and fun in life is brought to one by Venus. Ketu the ascetic is the biggest and harshest enemy of Venus and brutally blocks things that Venus signifies. Ketu thus denying all good things in life. I have often seen the natives being tormented by females during this period, may be this is the sing of Venus going bad.

EDIT: For some reason 20% people don’t face the bad impact of this dasha. However they get it much worse in Ketu-Rahu. I am doing my research for reasons. 

Ketu Sun – Humiliation followed by liberation: This finally comes as a sigh of relief. This is the point where a person literally “taps out” and gives into the power of the planets. Ketu hates sun and wants to teach a thing or two to the hot and high headed King of planets. I have seen this period knock the ego out of the person. People are often tormented by those in authority e.g. bosses, seniors, etc. and have to undergo some sort of humiliation. The arrogance of the Sun is toned down and a person emerges wiser and humbler after losing their ego. This surrender is often liberating and sets the tone for some good times to come.

Ketu – Moon – A breath of relief: Ketu is not so inimical towards the moon and this is the time when he goes a little easy on the native. There is peace and calm and general sense of relief is what permeates this period. While emotional detachment is the norm, the native is finally at peace after horrible 20 months where he went from the haughty prince to humble pauper. This is kind of a redeeming period where one learns to cooperate with destiny and loses the illusion of control realizing the power of entities far greater than him.

Ketu –Mars – Men at War: This is an interesting one, once the calm waters of Moon have been replaced by fiery fury of Mars, results are far more interesting. This is the time when a person finds his lost confidence. I have seen them get into bursts of anger (Ketu and Mars are both fiery planets). While they have lost their ego, they realize that they would have to fight for their existence and fight they do. During this period I have seen the native get into conflicts with men, but unlike Ketu-Venus period, this time, the native is able to strike back, not out of arrogance, but out of sense of righteousness and a resigned attitude towards fate. This is for a change, materially beneficial period however, it is more of a war zone where a person would have to fight to the bitter end, good part is that the native is far more mature by now and can handle himself well.

Ketu – Rahu – The train wreck: After Ketu-Venus period if anything that scares the hell out of me, then it is the Ketu-Rahu period. And this explains why I am so afraid of the Ketu dasha, it contains two worst periods anyone can go through in life. This has been called the period of “Karmic Retribution” and it is believed that free will of a person is at it minimum during this period and the hand of destiny takes over. There is only one guarantee, whatever one has planned will not happen. Even the best laid plans backfire.  Normally the fall out is akin to a train wreck, like a train that has been derailed, a man goes too differently than what he had planned and is dragged off the comfort and security of his train tracks and falls into rough and tumble of something else.  This period marks some kind of a completion as Rahu and Ketu come together to form one body. This is normally seen to put the man on the path of his destiny, albeit in a typical brutal Ketu manner. It is better to lie low and let the storm pass over, most importantly, to cooperate with the inevitable.

Ketu – Guru – Return of Hope: Finally, this is the time when Ketu thinks that he has given you enough heat and you have learned your lessons, he goes easy on you. As much as he hates Venus, he loves Jupiter with equal fervor and out of respect for him, makes this the best period of the Mahadasha. Jupiter the planet of good luck and optimism, brings relief and spiritual uplift for the native. Ketu halts his damaging agencies as lets its preceptor and role model Jupiter do his work. This is the time when Ketu smiles for a change and the person is able to find some happy period. Ketu’s spirituality combined with Jupiter’s wisdom and cheerfulness gives a person faith and hope. The hopelessness that has been the hallmark of Ketu period is diminished and a person is more spiritual, positive and for a change, cheerful. The appearance of mentors (Gurus) and guiding angels may happen and a person would benefit a lot from their guidance and blessings. This is the happiest phase of an otherwise grim Ketu dasha.

Ketu – Saturn – The Karma Yoga period: Well, when these two malefics get together, it is not going to be a pretty picture. However, this one need not be all doom and gloom like Ketu-Venus or even Ketu-Rahu. This can be a “KARMA YOGA” period that can actually pave the way for the upcoming Venus dasha which is a good time for all. This is the time when the resigned acceptance and “passive” floating attitude acquired around Ketu-Sun period is phased out. While it is able to dominate most planets with sheer impunity, NOBODY DOMINATES SATURN. So Saturn starts his class by putting the material realities back in the picture and drags down the man back to the material plane. The optimism of Jupiter period is gone and spiritual musings are replaced with blood sweat and tears of real life work. Ketu wants to be unengaged passive observer who is present but not involved, Saturn wants to do his Karma and “get things done” even on a material plane. Ketu resists with his knowledge of the futility of human effort, but Saturn persists with the material reality of Karma yoga. Like Lord Krishna, the blue-black colored Saturn encourages the native to do his action. This is time of minimalism and high pressure, intense efforts and low rewards, slowly and gradually Ketu gives up and Saturn dominates. A person might feel the pressure but mostly the native is “too busy working to feel depressed”. If one gets this period after attaining the age of 36 (Saturn maturity) one is better equipped with the maturity required to handle the lessons of Saturn and would be able to appreciate the lessons of hard work, thrift, and toil that are taught by Saturn. In fact if one is mature, he would welcome this period as this signals the end of Ketu ennui. Just like Arjuna was redeemed by Krishna by making him do his duty.

Ketu – Mercury –The Unshackling: The magical world of dasha order ensures that the final planet in a Mahadasha would be the one to “clean up the act”. For Ketu, it is Mercury. The exact opposite of the headless “God’s fool” Ketu is the materialistic genius Mercury. I often call Mercury the Right Hand of Ganesha and Ketu the Left Hand of Ganesha. Coming together, they signal a completion of sorts. This is the time when finally people get their “heads” back. The Ketu lethargy is washed away by guidance of Saturn and the Ketu confusion is finally removed by the grace of Mercury. Native is once again able to work at a good intellectual capacity (finally) and think their way out of things. It is a period of planning for future and they look forward with optimism to the upcoming Venus period. While Ketu off and on interferes out of habit, he knows that he is more or less done with you and retires in the background as Mercury takes over the new you.

THE KETU STING: THE X FACTOR: Now this may or may not happen. However, in case a person is still immature and re-gains the egoist attitude, there is one final weapon in Ketu’s arsenal and like a retreating snake, it might give you a parting gift that you may never forget. Ketu can give one final sting at its departure which can appear to be devastating, however, like all things Ketu, it will be liberating in the long run.  I have often seen people suffer something horrible at the very end of Ketu dasha like job loss, disease, separation, even widowhood. However almost always it turns out to be one of the best things that ever happened to them. But when it hurts, it hurts like hell.


By the of the Ketu dasha:

  • You are more mature spiritually, and know that spirituality matters


  • You have paid back for a lot of your bad karma and your soul feels lighter


  • You have lost your ego and have become more humble


  • You have realized that the world is an illusion, and god is the only reality.

You become a much better person, you are secure in spiritual understanding and have empathy for those who are suffering. Once Ketu is done with you, it rewards you with a sense of stoic redemption and spiritual heights, which no other planet can give.


This detached spiritual attitude keeps a person spiritually safe during  the “fun and frolic” days of the upcoming Venus dasha which comes from the Universe as a reward for having suffered through the Ketu period.

In India while thanking God, we often say in Hindi “Shukar Hai” roughly meaning “Thanks to God” said for something good. In my view this phrase “Shukar Hai” evolved from Shukra (Venus) Mahadasha.


Seven years of bad luck (Ketu Dasha) ends and the period of “Shukar Hai” (Venus Dasha) starts.  Venus gives you the blessings, good luck, and love that have eluded you for a long time and finally, once Ketu Mahadasha ends, it ushers in the Venus period: Paradise Regained:


It is suggested that one does Ketu Remedies in order to get through this toughest of all dashas.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar




  1. very well explained , can u suggest me something for better approach toward coming days., DOB 10/12/1966 time of birth 3:36 AM, Gwalior M.P.

    1. Yes but on a smaller level. Also Ketu has short anter dashas so impact is on a smaller level and for a shorter duration so not that long or intense.

  2. You are just awasum. You please write it at a open forum that every one who are suffering or would be suffer by this dasha can aware own self .Thank you very much your every word is correct. You please write something about Venus mahadasha.

    1. Dear Dalia,

      Thanks you so much for your kind words. I am on Quora and keep sharing my knowledge. Busy schedule at times holds me back. However, soon you would see more articles.

      Regarding Venus period, it is more or less good for all. I am currently working on Rahu mahadasha and after that Saturn (these 3 are my obsession) once these are done, may be i would go to other planets as well. Keep visiting.


    1. Thanks for your kind word. Praying to the higher and divine and doing the remedies can help preventing the sting.

      Best method is to accept Ketu as a liberator because whatever it does comes out as a blessing and not a curse even the sting removes the bad karma or wipes out something no longer required in this incarnation.

  3. Your way of explaining the effects is truly outstanding. I am very concerned about my upcoming Ketu antardasha (guru mahadasha) and this helped a lot to know what to expect…! Just went through Saturn antardasha in Jupiter Mahadasha and that drained me out (as i have been told my Jupiter is weak, therefore i am really worried about the Ketu antardasha as i feel at the end of my tether and cant tolerate any more stress 🙁
    Would really like to consult you and will be in touch. Thx, Anita

  4. Thanks a lot for this article. I am in Ke-Ra(2-8) period now and I can totally relate to what you have written here. My world is upside down and no one understands me. Apparently, also found that no remedies would work with Ketu. We have to pay for all the debts which we acquired in previous birth. There are no shortcuts. I am praying that I come of this MD alive.

    Once again, thanks for a detailed description of all the ADs under Ketu. Every word in here is true. At the same time, it helps me in realizing I’m not loosing my mind and health for life long. I will come out of all issues once Ketu period is over.

    With all respect,
    Someone lost in the struggles of Ketu..

  5. Hi, Please delete my previous post. Please do not publish it. Please..

    I beg you, It would create some problems. So, please do not publish my previous post.

  6. Very very true analysis. Everything written seems matching to my own life as I’m currently going through Ketu MD and now in Ketu-Jupiter AD. Hope I will not have any sting, have been to most of the temples, recite Hanuman chalisa daily and worship Ketu Yantra. My life is turned upside down in last 2/3 years, didn’t get visa to US, lost job and became unemployed, got divorce, became lonely and isolated, lost respect in society. Already wearing white sapphire and green emerald. Hope my Venus MD will bring relief to my life and some uplift.

  7. Great job sir,
    I am 25 going through ketu mahadasa since 22 . Your explanation is by far the best. Now I know why my exalted Venus antardasa went unnoticed. Ketu is like a tandoor well and you are in a free fall. Its badass mahadasa ,one loose everything . I feel synchronized with each of your words. Its agneepariksha.
    Also I have a question that Rahu should make ketu period a bit good. I am now in rahu antardasa that’s why…

  8. Dear Sir,
    I am currently going through Ketu. Every single word you said is like telling my own story. In the final year of Ketu, I would love to know, after so much torment and horror of the past years, what good Shukra holds for us. Please do write an article on Shukra Mahadasha too sir. As it would serve as a beacon of hope and strength for those of us who have been through literal hell.
    Kindest regards and sincere thanks

  9. Sir I have a question please
    If Ketu is in 2 Nd house of Makara Lagna during Ketu MD
    Does it bring separation from parents . If yes then During what AD it happens
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  10. While it is understood that Kethu maha dasa would reorient one towards spiritualism ( more so if placed in 12th) will it wreak havoc on all without any exception irrespective of its placement in the natal horoscope? Any remedies for lessening the destructive impact ?

  11. Sir,
    Your are great ……
    My DOB: 28.08.1971
    TOB : 05.12 AM

    Sir, my present dasha is Ketu- Jupiter , Sir can is survive Sani & Mercury antradasha.
    About my Venues Mahadasha

  12. Thank For Explaining the kethu dasha in detail.Every word has been come true for me…. I am actually in the last phase kethu dasha ,That is Kethu Mahadasha and Mercury Bhukthi…..I have gone through hell for Past six years..I bit worried about the sting at the end of kethu dasha please tell me…..what should I must do to avoid the sting ..please suggest me my date of birth is 12-march 1985 , Time : 12:20 pm and place of birth is Mysore. I have also forwarded this website link to my friends.So that they get know what’s been the toughest phase of my life.

    1. Actually once you are linked with the BIG 3-Shani Rahu and Ketu, others seem too pale and boring in comparison. Don’t get me wrong I love venus, it is my Yog Kraka and I am eagerly waiting for its dasha.

      However, I am a Saturn child in the end and everything that is dark and dangerous holds my fancy. I would watch Gangs of Wasseypur and Godfather shunning the likes of Hum Aap K Hain Kaun and Sound of Music (very venus movies). You get the Picture :D?

      1. Sir even I’m running ketu mahadasha Saturn antardasha
        I’m also makara lagna Saturn child😂 that’s why waiting for Venus that’s coming next year for me

  13. Does the effect of the mahadasha we r going through depends on the degrees of the mahadasha planet??plzz explain

    1. Yes. If a good planet has a weak degree, its effects would be weak during the MD. E.g. If you have a zero degree venus, it might not give you great results during its MD. In such cases wearing a gemstone is advised.

  14. Thanks a lot sir and i’ve read all ur articles they r just amazing especially rahu mahadasha I became fan of Rahu😂 don’t know why

  15. Good article.. currently running ketu dasha and most unfortunate it started when I just got engaged.. life has been help since then even though my husband is a very good person. …one doubt though I have always known that life is just a illusion and we are actually born to come out of this cycle called life and death…yet ketu dasha almost killed me..why is that.. when I have learnt the most important lesson of my life..why did ketu try to teach that again?

    1. Ketu teaches you the TRUTH and cleans up your bad karma. It teaches you that all is an illusion and only the Divine is real. You become detached in a ketu period.

  16. Excellent article . It gives a clear understanding and tried to relate to my events of Ketu Mahadasha. All of them match as per antardashas as explained.

    Keep us guiding .

  17. Thank you sir for the consultation on phone. Upay of pagdi carried out on the very second day. Om Nilanjan on the go. Waiting for the Mahadasha of Venus.
    Hope I am spared from the sting.
    God bless us all
    Baroda Gujarat

  18. Excellent read! I became an admirer of your writing style and sense and humor. The article that depicts the story of who is the most powerful where Mars engages into a war with Saturn and Saturn puts on his cheap but workable gloves and disappears after winning the fight with his crown was probably the best thing I have read in a while. May you be blessed. I agree with almost everything you have said about Kethu mahadasha. However, I beg to differ when it comes to Kethu dasha Venus Antar. I think I was pretty happy during that period. Now, I have to be very categorical when I say I was happy. I was surrounded with material comforts and became increasingly concerned about self with hardly any thoughts for others. Deep down, I probably was not happy although I was doing well in terms of material possession and comforts.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. For some reason that i am NOT yet able o figure out, some people have it easy in Venus-Ketu however, Ketu-Rahu hammers them extra bad in such cases. share your birth details i might be able to do some research on this. thanks again.

      1. I am currently going through ketu rahu dasha since 4 months from april. Ketu dasha has gone exactly like u ve mentioned. My business is in ruins might get bankrupt any moment. Really worried. Have huge debts. I’m worrying imprisonment also. Kindly advice and help. Would also want to talk to you personally for any remedies.

        1. Dear Amit,

          Sorry to hear your plight. FOR BOOKINGS PLEASE CONTACT +919564547458 (Phone + whatsapp)

          would try my best to help you

  19. Great to hear from you. I did get badly hammered during the Kethu- Rahu period which was more of a financial and existential crisis but the actual damage was done in kethu-moon which was not unusual considering my moon is placed in 8th as lord of 12th but I could not recover in Kethu-Mars either which was a little surprising for me considering yogakaraka mars is well placed in 11th gemini obtaining vargottoma. The only thing I could think of is the transit of Jupiter from 11th to 12th when Ketu-Mars was running. At any rate, My birth details are as follows and I will be happy if this serves the purpose of research.

    DOB – 30th July
    POB – Kolkata, India
    TOB -6. 55 AM

    Thanks and regards

  20. Just had the biggest meltdown in my life so far in my Sadesati under Saturn Anterdasha. I’ll be going through Ketu Mahadasha combined with Sadesati this October. Let’s see how deep we go. God bless. 🙂

      1. Yeah I read your article. I think it was Mercury-Saturn. Already suicidal since 2016 so i don’t think there’s anything that can make my condition better for upcoming decade. Cheers to 2020s

  21. The article is great.. It’s exactly the same as i am experiencing.. i am now at ketu-mercury.. ketu has already taken away every achievement that it gave during this period.. for how long more am i going to suffer? Also there is the dasha sandhi!!

  22. Dear sir,

    Very well explained. I have just got through my Ketu Mahadasha. The results have been in absolutely line with what you have written. However, below are the exceptions

    1. My Ketu-Rahu dasha was extremely rewarding.
    2. In Ketu-Saturn lost the job.
    3. No relief in Ketu-Mercury too.

    Moreover, almost 3 months have passed of Venus also but no relief.

    Would request you to kindly guide on future prospects of life. My details are as under

    Anurag Sharma
    DOB-13 April 1971
    TOB-1845 Hrs

    I will be highly obliged please.

    Warm regards

  23. Amazingly accurate! It was as if my journey was scripted! Out of the 7 things listed during ketu dasa, 6 have happened. Now waiting for the 7th…. redemption and liberation! I am now in the ketu/Jupiter phase…. and I do feel a lot of hope. Thank you so much🙏🙏🙏

  24. Amazingly accurate! It was as if my own journey was scripted. Out of the 7 things listed during ketu dasa , 6 have happened …waiting for the 7th , redemption and liberation to happen. Have moved into the ketu/ Jupiter phase and I do feel a lot of hope.
    Thank you so much, sir for this wonderful insight

  25. I’m currentlt at end of ketu- Rahu Dasha . My Ketu is in 7H. I have experience d Everything in article until now except for Ketu Venus Dasha. During ketu-venus, I had all the material luxury and comfort. I was living in foreign lands next to a beach. I was earning and saving more than usual. Work pressure was easy. However, bcoz of what has happened during ketu-Ketu phase (sudden separation from family), I was unable to enjoy any bit all the luxury comfort I had. I had friends but I wanted isolation. I was under huge mental stress and fear, and worried about my future.
    I have been a believer in god but Ketu literally made me pray and realise 2 things – Karma Is supreme, and nothing is permanent in this world so live in present and leave the rest to that divine force. I am about to start ketu-Jup dasha and hoping life will be easier going fwd.

    As you are doing research on ketu-venus period, please feel free to contact me if you need more info. God bless us all.

      1. Hi,
        I must say that its indeed a very well articulated and researched article. However I beg to differ for ketu venus period. I will give my account of what happened with me.
        My dob is 13 May 1977 at 0845 h in Patna Bihar. I am a commissioned officer in Sir Force.
        In Ketu ketu period, although there was a change of place but it was sort of promotion for me. St the same time, there was a separation of 6 months from the family.
        Then towards end of Ketu venus, i moved out for a very prestigious course with my family to a very lovely place.
        Towards end of ketu moon, i moved to a new place close to my home town.
        Entire Ketu Rahu period was full of mental tension that culminated in Ketu Sani period as negative result for me that might affect my career.
        Towards later half of Ketu Jupiter, i again moved to a new place. But towards the end of Ketu Jupiter period, i had an attack of facial paralysis resulting i. Hospitalisation, trauma for self and family and subsequently continued visits to hospital even now.
        Even end of Ketu sani period was full of mental tension a d again i moved to a new place. Now presumably, l am undergoing Ketu Budh bhukti period and i must confess that I am not peaceful.
        Just waiting eagerly for Venus mahadasha.
        Hope, above details help you in your research and if you can elaborate on my future, I will be grateful to you.

        1. Every horoscope is different. This is a general guideline, which applies to people with considerable accuracy given that I don’t have access to every chart. Hope you have a great Venus dasha.

          FOR BOOKINGS PLEASE CONTACT +919564547458 (Phone + whatsapp) Mail: honestastrologer@gmail.com

  26. Beautifully penned. I can feel my kethu journey as exactly as narrated by you. I am in Kethu-Venus now & it has given me the material comforts. Your words has given some hopes of light to a fedup soul.
    My heartfelt thanks for this wonderful write up!!

  27. Wow !! What a brilliant article !! I can totally connect with this article as me myself is going through Ketu Mahadasha. Every thing written here is pure truth. Even i know a bit of astrology but i think no one could have put it in better words than you sir. I am really amazed by the depth and accuracy of this article. Also amazing is the fact that you provide consultations at a very decent cost which shows that you are genuinely concerned for the people and are not doing this for money. I have seen very few people like you who actually want to help people . You are doing amazing work Sir. Thank You !!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Abhimanyu. Being HONEST I am doing no charity. I also do this for money, just keep it affordable in order to reach maximum people.

  28. Oh my! I have Ketu in Bharani (pada 4) conjunct Sun and Mercury (pada 3) and Venus in Krittika (pada 1) and all in conjunct in less than 7 degrees and in 9th house. Next November starting Moon, Ketu dashas. Moon (in Pushya) and Ketu both in 4 padas. But I already have given almost everything material away as I planned to move into the wilderness to write books and live under the stars alone in Lappland. Should I not go during moon, Ketu dasha?

    1. Going to nature is always a good idea. Ketu is a great time to go into the wild.

      In fact i plant to leave the world behind and rest in the lap of nature during my last years. I would infinitely prefer a jungle to a hospital or an old age home.

      1. Thank you for your answer it´s very impostant. And that´s how I also feel about being in nature alone. Wild nature has always been my real home, it is, and the feeling that stars are the closest friends, too.

  29. Everything that you have said is word to word correct about ketu mahadasha.I have experienced it all.my ketu mshadasha end on sept 2019,thats when my shukra dasha begins.I guess i am in the last stage of the ketu mahadasha.i lost my job in may 2018 still searching for one.this six years has caused extensive damage as far as my career and life is concerned.What i cant understand is how will i bounce back and enjoy the fruits of a good shukra dasha when my career is badly devastated in these 7 years of life.At this point everything seems to be over for me .

    1. Things get over and then they are re born, that’s true for everything from career, to energy, to life. Have faith.

      I have been at the reciving end of Ketu and I know it is tough..especially if you try too hard.

      LET GO and let Venus bring good things to you.

  30. hello sir
    just saw your article on website on ketu…and must confess what an article…thank you for that…it was like just seeing my last four years words by word….i passed out in 2013 with honours in mechanical enginnerring..and started preparing for civil services….but after so many years i am empty handed…just cleared 1 state psc that too only prelims mains not conducted for last 2 years…

    i belived in good karma and hard work but i am just not able to do that….with no reasons to figure out…i just feeling depressed all the time…there has been all sorts of health problems for last six months….i dont know what to do…if u can pls help me put…or suggest something…..dont have that much means…but do whatever i can

    1. Thank you for your kind words. UPSC is the most difficult exam in the world, espeically if you are general category. Have a plan B. Also wait for Venus to give you good things in life.

      For Ketu you can get a Ketu Yantra (it is not costly) and you can do the Ketu mantra sadhna.

  31. Thanks for the reply.How can venus bring good thinks when a persons career has been devastated in these 7 years?the point to be noted is that i was 37 when ketu mahs dasha started .7 years does make a huge difference as far as a persons career and life is concerned.i dont have a clue as to how things are going to improve during venus dasha.is ketu maha dasha always followed by shukra dasha and does every himan being undergo ketu dasha?they all say i have all the 4 yog and my horoscope is a good one and one in a many people can have this type of horoscope. but i have not been able to reap any benefits.life has always been a struggle.

    1. Shukra is good for most of the people barring some exceptions. However, I have often seen that those who have a really bad Ketu dasha tend to have a really good Venus dasa.

      I would suggest that you get out of “poor me” mindset and look for all that is good in life. An attitude of Gratitude is my personal favorite remedy. You are an educated man with access to internet, with right amount of luck and work, You can do all right.

  32. No words, speechless, each and every word is correct. Now i am in final stage of Ketu dasa, it is going to complete in 40 days, nothing more to lose except the Life. Jobless, separation, Debts etc etc..
    Thank you

  33. Namaskaar Sir,

    You are excellent Sir!

    I have a doubt Sir, after all, why do we take birth? Why GOD created us? What is the purpose?

  34. It is really good analysis of Ketu dasha.
    But I have seen reverse in my friends horoscope.
    He achieved good academic results during ketu maha dasa.
    ketu is in 11 th position in kark rasi with Guru 9 th aspects .
    I think we have to analyse ketu nakshtra on the basis of nakshtra we will come to real understanding of ketu mahadasa phal
    For your comments

  35. Hello Sir,
    This article is a sheer piece of your precesion, hardwork & passion for astrology. KUDOS to you for explaining astrology in a very simple way.
    The reason why I am saying this because my ketu mahadasha was started in 2006, a guy proposed me in 2007 & it got over in 2012 by him in a very brutal manner (as you rightly said in your article “which scars you for life”). I tried a lot to save this relation but he cared a damn & moved on within 3 months. He got married to someone else happily without any guilt & sadness in 2013 itself, my ketu dasha also ended in 2013.
    I am still battleling to come out of it because I never wanted this seperation as it was true from my side unlike him. I wish I knew about this ketu article in 2006 then I would have saved myself from the damage he caused to me emotionally.
    Currently am running venus mahadasha and things are not good as well because my family is facing financial crises since many years. Still I am just hoping for the best.
    Just curious to ask you a question, this relation got over because of him when I was running ketu mahadasha, is it possible to know what mahadasha that guy was running at that time that made him do this?
    Would definately looking forward for your consultancy in near future.
    Thank you with regards.

  36. Hello Sir,
    This article is a sheer piece of your precesion, hardwork & passion for astrology. I am blown away the way you explain astrology in a very simple manner.
    Just curious to ask you if a girl was running ketu mahadasha & had her breakup from the guy’s side, so is it possible to know what mahadasha that guy was running at that time which made him do the breakup?
    Thank you with regards.

    1. thank you for your kind words. Normally the person in Ketu dasha is at the receiving end of break up the other person may be running any dasa doesn’t matter, however, Shani, Ketu and Rahu are usual suspects.

  37. Mind Blowing Insight into the 7 year Ketu Dasha.. So accurate and precise. Every explanation matches..
    Under Ke-Ju now.. But I would like to diffe for Ke-Ju. Unlike your mention, Ke-Ju has been equally rough and more devastating than Ke-Ra for me. (Ju in 12th in Capricorn Debilated). Lost everything materially. Saturn is my ascendant lord (Aquar) in 10th with Su-Me-Ve. Hoping to find a path n what i am destined for in Ke-Sat period starting this Oct-2018..Totally detached n lost as of now.
    Jai Shre Ganeshaay Namah..
    Vijay Sir pls do reply.. Awaiting.

      1. Yes. Yogakaraka for Kumbha being Shukra.. and its in my 10th house,,, But its with Su-Sa-Me .. all 4 together in 10th in Scorpio. How will Shukra Dasha fare for me.

  38. Mind Blowing Insight into the 7 year Ketu Dasha.. So accurate and precise. Every explanation matches..
    Under Ke-Ju now.. But I would like to diffe for Ke-Ju. Unlike your mention, Ke-Ju has been equally rough and more devastating than Ke-Ra for me. (Ju in 12th in Capricorn Debilated). Lost everything materially. Saturn is my ascendant lord (Aquar) in 10th with Su-Me-Ve. Hoping to find a path n what i am destined for in Ke-Sat period starting this Oct-2018..Totally detached n lost as of now.
    I had got a reading done from you few months back. Awaiting for your reply Vijay Sir.
    Jai Shre Ganeshaay Namah..

  39. Sir,
    In my understanding from your article, after ketu mahadasha and rahu antardash, next three antradasha is not much negative.
    People may pass compable easily.

  40. Yes
    Very accurate article
    I started ketu mahadasha October 2014
    My ketu is 8th house
    Capricorn ascendant Libra moon
    Ketu Venus was fine
    Ketu Rahu was stressful but good financial rewards
    Now in ketu Jupiter
    Got divorce
    Children taken away
    Lots of hell like situation
    Now feeling little relief

        1. I try to contact you
          Your fee is very genuine
          But having problem with wire transfer
          I like to contact you on what’s up so get correct and needed information to transfer your fee
          Thank you

  41. I dont agree with your views. You have painted a grim picture of Ketu. This is not correct. Many other factors such position of ketu , aspects of other planets , conjunction with other planets to be accounted before understanding how bad is your ketu.

  42. This is so true. I used to be a pure non vegetarian, but one day during my ketu mahadasha something happened and now i can’t eat non veg. Even the thought of it makes me sick.Feels good to be a vegetarian.
    Moreover i have realised that i have to repay my karmic debts and this thinking has now made my ketu mahadasha little bit easier as i am now letting go everything. Previously i was trying too hard because of which my days we nothing less than hell.

  43. Thanks a lot for this post. It made so many things clear to me, things which had been going wrong and were unimaginable for me to join those dots.

    Things are going wrong since 2011, lost my uncle suddenly. Things had started moving out of my grasp since 2012 – everything. Was finishing my undergrad in April, 2012 and last few days were scary – the mildest way I can put it. Since then, I just kept breathing and accepted whatever came to my way, albeit after banging head on walls. I don’t want to list down all the things I had to pass, but it was and still is difficult. I am not able to make anybody understand what I feel inside my head all the time – negativity, negative thoughts, death, visualisation of death !

    I have always been superstitious and lately got anxiety issues, tremendous depression and continuous negative thoughts. Also, I was never too materialistic but now trying to detach myself more from materialist gains.

    It was only in February this year that I came to know that I am going through Sade Sati (from Nov 2011, ending in January 2020), and then it is only two weeks since I found out I am also under Ketu Mahadasha (From Nov 2012 ending in November 2019). [Vrischik Rashi, Anuradha Naksahtra – pa 4, Karka Lagna] DOB – 1st May,1991, Kolkata, 11:30 AM.

    I visit temples, chant, sometime feed dogs, started pleading Ganapati to rescue me – but still keep fighting with parents, sibling and feel nothing is having an effect! I feel extremely guilty all the time for all my deeds. I think my sins are too humongous for my prayers to do any good. Really don’t know what to do … I lost admission to a prestigious university this year, and now feel scared !

  44. Excellent article and quite true. I would have benefited more had I seen this article earlier. Now that my ketu is almost getting to an end please write a similar article on Shukra so that we are well prepared to enjoy its benefit and the underlying dangers of a luxurious and cosy life.

  45. Every thing you have wrote is very true.
    I am undergoing the final 10 months of ketu mahadasha now.
    I am a gemini ascedant and have shani in my lagna however,i have shukra ,chandran and guru in my 10th house.
    Could you please give a brief idea as to how my shukra mahadasha will be.will shani in my lagna aspect my 10 th house and spoil my shukra dasha.i am 43 or is it going to be a good shukra mahadasha

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