I have a confession to make. I hated Ketu for the first half of my Ketu Mahadasha, every tortuous day of it. And I had good reasons to.

During my Mercury period I rose like a meteor, dominating classrooms and boardrooms with consummate ease. Life was good, I had a rocking career, as a family we were doing well. Gadi, Bangla, Bank Balance, even Maa…I had it all.

Along came Ketu…and the hell broke loose. (Read: HEARTBREAK-HUMILIATION-BLESSINGS: MY KETU DAYS)
I had won at almost everything during Mercury but in Ketu I failed to secure a single victory at any front.

In a true Ketu fashion, my grave was dug by my ambition. Chasing the next promotion, in ended up in a punishment posting, where I was made a scapegoat. I had to deal with string of “Horrible Bosses”. I was working much harder, getting humiliated, and was making less money (yes you read that right).

The “Boy Wonder” of yesteryears, who was always rated as a top talent, had become a nervous clueless middle aged man who couldn’t cope up with the “pressure”. Finally it was too much for my mind and body to take. One evening I was rushed to a hospital emergency room from my office floor. That was the end of my beloved corporate career.

While my career crashed, personal relations did not fare any better. I was stabbed in the back by a few “good friends” I had known for years and had done several favors to. A very close friend insulted me gravely and ended the relationship in such a manner that it took me months to recover from sheer depression of it. Then there were family issues…

So by and large, all that I had in Mercury dasha, career, money, health, friends, relationships, etc. etc. etc….all was take away in swift brutal spurts by Ketu.
Ketu had tormented me to the bitter end…or had he?

People are afraid of Ketu because it represents the below:

Separation: Ketu was born out of separation. Thus it is the Karaka of separation of all kinds. As per my research, while 70% marriages happen in a Rahu period, 80% divorces happen in a Ketu period. No marriage is a happy marriage when either spouse is going through a Ketu period. Engagements break, boyfriends or girlfriends dump each other. Parents throw their children out or vice versa. And on yes, you would lose your friends, most of them anyway.

Death: Ketu rules death, the ultimate separation, the final liberation. Most people lose one or both their parents during a Ketu dasha. Thoughts and attempts of suicide are far more common in Ketu during any other dasha.

Losses: Loss is a dirty word (Sorry Pundit Nehru). People don’t like to lose anything or lose at anything. They would rather win all the time. They have been brought up to “win” and are convinced that they are special and “born to win”. Ketu ends the winning streak and brings them back to realizing that they are not all that special and can actually lose. People hate that. (You would want to burn your copy of “Born to Win” “Positive Thinking” and “The Secret” burns into flames one you are two years into Ketu dasha.)

Unemployment: I am yet to meet a man who has not lost his job during Ketu period. (Even the government employees get transferred). In a world obsessed with career, even the thought of being unemployed scares the wits out of people, especially men as they are taught to measure their worth from their career only. Ketu crashes that.

Ego Loss through humiliation: Like moon, the Karaka of Mind is scared of Rahu, Sun the Karaka of ego is scared of Ketu. Ketu being the ultimate annihilator of ego. Hard knocks of Ketu punch the ego out of men. It often comes through extreme humiliation (I have a 1st house Sun and can personally vouch for this). My intellectual arrogance has been replaced by spiritual humility. And I am thankful for that.

Mind-Lessness: Almost all people in Ketu dasha undergo a transition. Their mind that used to work sharp and clear during Mercury Mahadasha, suddenly starts malfunctioning. There is a lot of BRAIN FOG, confusion, feeling of being lost. They are often unable to put two and two together and struggle at mental tasks that used to be a breeze during mercury. They feel “lost” most of the times. It is like being “somewhere else” mentally.

Disease: A constant headache is a simple byproduct of a Ketu period which most of the people feel. However, in many cases often a disease like diabetes, amputation, sleep apnea, or something else can crop up.

No wonder Ketu gets such a bad press. I have been at the receiving end of this planet and I know Ketu hits hard. It would take next two years of intense research and experience to understand this planet.
In an accidental discovery, I learned about the true nature of this planet, and the more I learned about him, the more I fell in love with him.

Here is my big announcement. Ketu is….….NOT A MELAFIC:

Ketu is traditionally counted among the top malefics, the Big-3 as I call them, the fearsome trio of Rahu, Ketu and Shani.
Out of these three, Ketu period is the shortest and harshest, however, it is also the most spiritually rewarding, if you only know how to handle it.

In a world dominated by Shani-Rahu kind of materialism, Ketu can look like an utter disaster, but it need NOT be.
Introducing the archetype:


If Ketu had been a person, he would have been  a Digambar Jain Monk (the one who has given up all, his family, money, and all his possessions up to and including his clothes, in the search for liberation). The most spiritual and detached of all beings.

Many saints and spiritual seekers who know astrology, actually long for Ketu dasha, as it is the best time for spiritual growth where Ketu can guide them towards the higher and divine and take them to the ultimate path of liberation.


I fought hard to save my job. However, today, my biggest nightmare is to go back to a job.

My needs are more than provided for and my life is so much fun that the very thought of corporate slavery makes me nervous (today I laugh at the pride it took in that job).

Like a bird in a golden cage, we don’t want to come out of our trappings of fake life:

• Our corporate titles (that don’t mean much, one email and you can lose your job),
• Our high salary (which would stop coming the day they automate the job),
• Our lifestyle (living for the weekend only),
• Our relationships (most will last only till the time you are useful)
• Our possessions (you don’t own them THEY own you…EMI is a bitch)

Like a badass Zen master, Ketu shows some tough love and takes away all the unnecessary and useless stuff that has become a hurdle in our spiritual development. And shows us:

Once you have lost that job, ended that relationship, been thrown out of your house, your car has been repossessed, your business has collapsed, your spouse has divorced you; you still survive and realize that you are not a sum total of what you have. You are someone above and beyond every material possession and emotional attachment that you have. You can live happily EVEN without those. And that’s LIBERATING…!

Saints and Avatars have been telling us to be detached and not to fall for material entrapping. But what do we do? We keep praying to them for more money, power, and relationships. Most of the times they are kind enough to oblige. However, Ketu has a different style, and thank god for it.

The headless planet has been compared to the “executioner of God” by yours truly (read here: ). While Shani and Rahu give you some time and space and allow you to somehow manage things, Ketu leaves little option for your maneuvering. He comes swift and harsh.

He doesn’t think (it is headless) and just goes for the proverbial “kill” and is particularly harsh in cases:

• The more you are attached to the material world, the harsher Ketu is going to go on you.

• The bigger your ego, the more humiliation you are going to face

• The harder you fight, the stronger would be the knock out

• Whatever you are most proud of, you are almost sure to lose it.

• One day you would be all alone and realize that there is NOTHING AND NO ONE THAT BELONGS TO YOU.

However, in the long run, people almost always admit that whatever Ketu did to them was for the better.

• The job you lost had become a mindless soul sucker. Ketu made you lose it and brought you to the path of your destiny.

• The spouse you lost was a pain in the life and you were hanging on only for the sake of society. Ketu sets you free to live your life on your own terms.

• The boyfriend/girlfriend you were clinging to was not the right person for you. Ketu did you a favor by ending the relationship

• That toxic friendship that had become and emotional crutch you thought you won’t be able to live without, Ketu takes it away and shows that you would get stronger without it.

• The money power and possessions you madly accumulated, are taken away in a jiffy making you realize that all is temporary and transient. You are better off not clinging to the material possessions. You are something bigger and more divine.

I wanted to start with the title “Managing Ketu” but then that would have killed the whole spirit of this article and would have been anti-Ketu. Management is a very Shani concept. Ketu has nothing to do with Management.

The last place you can hope to find Ketu is a corporate office (barring the time they are firing some people).

Ketu has to be respected and embraced for who and what it is…KETU CANNOT BE MANAGED…IT HAS TO BE EMBRACED…!

Many clients ask me how to handle Ketu and my advice sounds very counter intuitive to them, but then it works, it has worked for me, and many of my clients. So, here we go:

• TWO WORDS FOR YOU: LET GO….!: If Rahu is the go-getter, Ketu is the planet of “Let Go”. People who are not ready to let go of whatever Ketu wants to take away (for their own good, by the way), will get hammered and hammered hard. Clinging to my job landed me in a hospital. Clinging to a relationship that Ketu wants to remove, would make it even more toxic. Hanging on to a collapsing business would take you to bankruptcy during Ketu dasha. You CANNOT swim against Ketu but you can FLOAT with it. Let Go is the first mantra. If you let go of whatever Ketu wants to take away, you would arrive at the shores, cleaner, lighter and liberated.

• DON’T TRY TOO HARD: We have been programmed to “never give up” and “never quit” and “try-try again”, unfortunately this is a foolish advice in most circumstances, especially a Ketu dasha. Ketu in particular hates the man who tries too hard. Ketu being the planet of “Akarmanya” (non-action) has a bias against a man who tries too hard. So people undergoing Ketu should NOT try too hard and GO WITH THE FLOW. In a capitalist society we have live by the “harder I work the luckier I get” motto, however, this DOES NOT apply to Ketu. In a Ketu dasha the harder you work, the harder it gets.

• Take it EASY, will you?: You know why Ketu makes you give up your job, business, and often brings unemployment, he wants to you TAKE IT EASY. Since childhood we all are in the mad rat race of accumulating most toys. Ketu reminds us that all the toys would be forfeited before we go to the grave. He wants us to take it easy, take a break and spend some time on something that matters in the LONG RUN…YOUR SOUL…!

• Spiritualism…Yeah Baby: The best method of dealing with Ketu is to take refuge in SPIRITUALITY. Read a spiritual text, listen to your favorite devotional hymns, meditate, think of the Lord…Praise the Lord…Ketu would be pleased and would take care of your material wants as well. Sounds paradoxical?…well that’s Ketu for you.

• Don’t be ambitious: In the modern world, a man is supposed to be ambitious else he is useless. Don’t believe me, here is my own example. I worked 14+ hours a day and ended up in a hospital. But could not save my job. Finally I let go, resigned and felt relieved. Had little idea of what I wanted to do. But I let go and trusted the Lord. Within months, I wrote an article on guess what…KETU MAHADASHA…which went viral and I have been booked for at least two weeks since then.

Ketu brought me wisdom, knowledge and liberation. Today I am a much happier and freer man than I was ever in my life.

I am no longer a corporate boss, but I don’t have a boss anymore.

I drive an old car, but I don’t have any EMIs.

I no longer move around in suits but I love my T-Shirt Pajama lifestyle.

I am no longer the King of the Hill, but I am not a slave any more.

Thank you Ketu, my Liberator.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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  • Each and every word of this article is so accurate that I am speechless and stunned. I felt as if someone had written a precise article on what I underwent last year, which was my Rahu Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha. Sir, you have brought solace to a battered spirit. Thank you for this beautiful article.

  • Hello Sir. I completely agree with this article and could relate myself so much to this. Hoping for the better days.

  • This is a fantastic blog. It has been a great help. I am going through my Ketu Mahadasha, the last few months are left. But it took away my Dad, who was the person I was closest to, and this event nearly killed me, my boyfriend who I was going to marry, destroyed my health (injuries, accidents (including one that nearly killed me, illnesses) and has given me some financial hardships, and insecure, negative people. But it brought about my spiritual awakening and has made me deeply spiritual. It is now curing me of my workaholism and teaching me to love myself. So, I understand the need to embrace it, but I also want this period to end.

    • I can understand your feelings. Accept this as a part of your karma…be at peace with it. This too shall pass.

  • I agree with you what ever u have mentioned about ketu mahadasha. But in your other articles also others so many have written that situation starts improving in the ending. Still i am running ketu mahadasha Saturn antardasha finishing with in month and Mercury antardasha starting. But no improvement in situation. When you have lost everything thing and no hope looking. My kumbh lagna kundli. Ketu in 8th house. And cancer rashi

      • I am in the last month of ketu maha dasha.even during the period of mercury antra dasha nothing positive happened as far as job is concerned.i list mine in the ketu- saturn antra dasha.
        I have venus sitting in the 10 house of pisces with jupiter and moon.saturn in the ascedent (gemini).
        Even during this period i dont have clue how my luck will change ad far as my employment is concerned?
        I dont think anything is going to fall from above.
        I feel only a miracle can save me

        • Hope is what keeps a dead man aluve.
          Its hope of a good shukra and only prayers that has got me through the 6 years and 11 months of ketu md.
          I have read that shukra is only for marital happiness and not for other gains.i have read thst there will be scarcity etc snd not the way people portray shukra md as.is it true

  • Vijay ji,
    It has always been nice talking to you on phone.i really wanted to read more about ketu from you sir.as you know i am in last year in this dasha.and it has been very hard.more so my son sameer who in in rahu dasha in his teen years.has giving me lots of trouble.even last week i was thinking of commiting suicide as i was alone in the house.nothing is going right, the harder i try,it s gets more harder. After reading this blog,i come to know,let life move on it pace
    Thanks for always guiding me.

  • Dear Sir, your articles are so deep and insightful! This one in particular makes me feel a bit better about having Ketu in Cancer in the 1st (with Jupiter there as well). I’ve struggled with feeling ‘connected’ to life (or the life that’s expected of me), especially the treadmill of desire that one is required to be on constantly. It doesn’t help that I’ve been in Rahu Dasha for 15 years, which feels like a mental tug of war, a perpetual identity crisis! Thanks once again for creating this website and giving us an alternative to all the fatalism that’s out there. Wish you the best!

  • Wonderful article about embracing Ketu
    Really demystifying Ketu with true insights
    Although I was born in Ketu dasha so couldn’t appreciate its true essence but its overall effect always resonate in my life..

  • Very well written. I get aniexty attacks since last six months. I am in ketu mahadasha and saturn antardasha ending in july2019.cant go out of house,i am so fearlfull off worring. I dont hope that my life will get any better. Rest of the ketu mahadash was ok but when saturn antardasha started last year i become so fearfull .will my fear n anxiety go away 14 aug 85. Time 3:14 am

  • I am going through ketu mahadasa and my one friend who suddenly became my friend when I all the hope to make friend anymore and continuously scolds me that I am soo quite ,lost,inactive and soo on also complains about my confusion and I feel soo painfull once I was not like this during my mercury period ,I was soo bold then but now even people make me understand even their dull logic to me even when I am right I also get quite humiliated and once I tried to convince him that its my dasha running like this and then again I get humiliated and says to me in 2019 how can I believe in all some people bully me also at ,the tough situations once I handled like a hero now I get guided by other how to do what .At the beggining of the dasha I also lost the few friends I had also ended up relationship with the girlfriend ,I also face criticism and fear it now ,soo I found your article accurate but I would like to know what are the remedies

  • My ketu. Md. Mercury antardasha started last month but still no improvement same problems. Running. My kumbh lagna kundli ketu in 8th house and Mercury sun in 5th house.
    So losing hope of improvement normalising the situation in the last phase of mahadasha or even Venus mahadasha. Doing regular remedies as u have mentioned. Still have some hope after reading your articles on the subject.

  • Your post brought tears to my eyes. I can’t even begin to describe all the things that happened to me during the Ketu Mahadasa. It has been 12 years since, and I am still recovering from the effects of it. Thanks for an eye-opening and an awakening post.

      • You are right in saying we all have to carry our cross.but carrying the cross for an entire life time is too much of an asking.Dont you think so?
        But i guess thats what Karma is all about.
        I am intrigued to know whether the under privileged or say the beggers do they have shukra md in their horoscope at all?

  • Does venus md represent only marital pleasures or does one get to enjoy fortune,fame and good life during its md?
    I have heard that in venus md its only marital pleasure howeverScarcity is going to be there as material wealth are concerned
    Is it true?

  • Thank you so much sir for writing such amazing articles. Can’t tell you how liberating and comforting it is too read your words. God bless you sir.

  • Thank you so much Vijayji for this phenomenal article. Every event in my life for past couple of years are spot on with your analysis. Every word in the article gives me a courage and guide through on how I should proceed during the K-R period and upcoming time. It is in fact very liberating when I embrace this MD and feel relieved in presence of god. I now strongly embrace the thought that if whatever I desire comes true than it’s gods wish and if it does not come true than it’s gods will. Thank you so much again.

  • Thank you for the deep insight about the liberating Ketu. Though in my lifetime I will never go under the MD of Ketu again as I was born in MD of Ketu and AD of Mercury which i have no memory of at all. But I have Ketu in my ascendant which has made me a very detached person.

  • Namaste Vijay ji,
    I was a Corporate photographer for close to 25 years had an opportunity to photograph like richest man in the world to a peasant on the fields,saw lots of Corporate life and its policies .
    Got interested in Vastu Shastra 20 years ago and recently attended a few workshops on Astro Vastu which claims their is a fix for all Astrological problems.
    Well after applying it during my Ketu Dasha which his still going on has not given any satisfactory results.
    The lesson what was taught to me is that we do not have a choice or escape from the lessons taught by the planets in particular Ketu.
    Currently in Debts,was practising vastu,which has come to a grinding halt as of now.All the Vastu apointments are either getting postponed or cancelled.
    Honestly want to know from you can by applying Vastu. will the Astrological problems be solved.
    I stumbled upon your site this evening and got all the answers for my searching questions, which only you have honestly shared with the people.
    No Doubt you are very Honest. i will be seeking your consultancy soon.
    Stay Blessed

    • Thank you Deepak Ji for your kind words. I am not an expert on Vastu hence it would not be proper for me to comment on the same. However, nothing in the world can solve 100% of your problems. You have to pay for the Karma. Remedies help you like an umbrella in rain, most of all you know the time by which thing would normalize. So there is hope.

  • Dear Vijay,

    Thank you for the beautiful article and now i understand Lord Ketu in much better way. I am currently undergoing Sade Sathi (Ending Phase Another 6 months to go) and my Ketu Surya Dasha.

    I was pulling my hair all these days and was screwed in every possible way however after reading your article on Ketu it is becoming much clear and i cannot think of anything else.

    Thank you very much and i know i still have a lot of time for my Ketu Dasha to end but i wont think of it as a bad time however will think of it as a Liberating time.

    Once again thanks a ton.


  • I think in many cases it just a mind game. Basically you psych yourself out. Depending on how the dasa’s are caculated I am either in Ketu or in Venus. I couldn’t tell you which? It all seems very arbitrary which frustrates me to no end.

  • So precise and accurate. Yours was one of the first article I read when I started my down-the-hill-journey 🙂

    I am a very well planned person (always have a plan A, B, C… for everything) but I have been punched in my stomach for my foolishness to assume that I have control over things, that I will make it happen! I learnt how important it is to slow down – embrace – let it be – one day at a time. Most importantly, let it flow. The harder you try the brutal it gets.

    I have spent 6 (of 7 years) in Ketu Mahadasha. The last 1 year (Ketu-Mercury) has been very difficult (more like unbearable) – watched my dad over 2 days on life support, lost my grandmother, quit my job (my resignation was a moment of shock + panic for my company uptill COO but my body/health refused to deal with the enormous stress & a loser boss – he wanted me to continue to deliver on shitty projects but also step down on my title (while I was seeking promotion). Lot of out-of-the-way attempts were made by company to retain me – 3 months off, etc. HR emails me once a month to ask if I am back. Apparently, they don’t want to lose my DNA from company) , my home (I live overseas – it was ego/identify shattering moment to pack bags & return), had a heart wrenching break up (What do you do when someone tells you (literally) “I love you but I can’t gather guts to be with you” How do you deal with someone’s coward behaviour, complex issues? Last I heard he still loves me & is still a coward). This all lead to some serious physical as well as mental health issues. I did not know what anxiety was till this all started – every morning I woke up with severe attacks, lost over 12 kgs, I wasn’t able to eat or sleep (no sleep for over a week, sleeping pill failed)

    Because I was going through this – my family + some close friends were always there & worried – that made me feel worse. I felt ashamed (how, when, why did I identify my life with a job and/or a relationship),ashamed of my handling (cry like a baby day & night) my confidence hit rock bottom (am I good enough)!I had lost the confidence to make a simple decision in life (like I can never get anything right). I questioned my existence and every decision ever made!

    From being the most practical, realistic, objective, happy person (in family + among friends) to being fragile, lost, unhappy (rather depressed – showed hiiiggghh symptoms of that), directionless & always fearful (I remember telling my mother & a close friend – I am always afraid. I can’t understand why?!)

    I am now in Ketu-Mercury Dasha. Is life better – slightly. Its not perfect (as defined by society – best job, best partner, best home – whatever the hell best means) BUT it is peaceful! All God’ grace. I still get fearful, low on confidence, fidgety days (you see – when things start to get better after rock bottom – you think – do I deserve this? is this preparation for another downfall?). These are the days when I remind myself – I believe in God. I believe there is something higher/bigger than we tiny human beings. There are cosmic energies taking care of us. I am God loving (not God fearing – there is a huge difference). So in days of doubt/lows/decision making moments – I say out loud “Dear God, Not my will but Yours be done. I surrender all my actions, decisions, emotions, thoughts to You. Guide me through”

    Honestly, Ketu is one of the best Dasha to introduce you to reality of life (not society definition, lol). It surely punches you in ways that you didn’t know existed but also gets you out of rat race – brings you to point to define your path by yourself. It ruins you so bad that you doubt if you can ever be that same person or even get back in right state of mind – your identity is in past tense/completely shattered. The only way to come out of it is to let it crash you, let the storm come in – SURRENDER! Pray to God (not like in a barter system – give & take) but seek guidance.

    When one is going through such times – they look for something to read or hear that says “its going to be fine, you are not the first or last one go through this” If someone is reading this article or comments here – I wish, hope & pray that God bless you with strength & patience. Know, it will all make sense eventually & you aren’t the first one. You will come out lighter, free, liberated. It teaches you to let go of the idea of “identification” with materialistic aspects of life. What comes comes, what goes goes! Move like a breeze. (These are the things that I constantly remind myself)

    Om Namah Shivaye

  • hello sir.currently i am going through ketu md.sometimes i feel suicidal.what do you say about sun,mercury,ketu conjuction in sixth house,my dob 28.9.86,varanasi

    • it is a very spiritual combination. And suicide won’t help you i have written an entire article about it. Hang on and wait for Shukra dasa to start.

  • sir, i am passing through ketu Dasha and well prepared after reading your articles and after consulting you .
    Ketu Dasha experience in late forties is much more manageable, I felt.

  • Very enlightening! Ketu did transform you and you surrendering to it paid off. Congratulations and best wishes. I had a very interesting case and I don’t know if it’s Ketu or Saturn or something else as it relates to my job. As you experienced, i had a career hitting all the right notes and i was at the peak and all of a sudden out of nowhere i lost my job (was running Jupiter-Venus-Ketu dasha) during Shani Dhaiya (4th house). Tried to figure out the actual reason but haven’t been able to for a year now. The only thing to do with Ketu is it’s in conjunction with Sun which happens to be my 10th lord and the conjunction is in the 7th house (Taurus) and lord of 7th in my 6th house of service. It’s been a crazy year just to figure out the actual reason but still haven’t been able to!

  • Sir, my Ketu dasha started this month, I felt the heat very badly from the start of Saturn antardasha in mercury MD, I lost my job, relationship crisis, financial issue, everything experienced in at Saturn ad in mercury MD, my DOB is 11th january/1972 at 06:15 am, how will be my Ketu dasha hitherto

  • I am going through Ketu dasha since October 2014
    During this time life has been hell a lot
    Work was and money wise I was fine
    Actually the business I open has market value of 1.5 million
    Also a rental property close to 1.7 million
    All this in last 5 years
    The worst hit was family life
    Divorce separation fights all the time
    Live alone
    Appears life is not worth anything
    I like to make money but never actually run after money and this money is useless since what money can do when one is not happy without a family
    I am Capricorn ascendant with sun mercury Venus Jupiter moon all in 10 house, Ketu in 8th house and Saturn in 4th house
    At this point not sure anything ever be better
    Got best looking doctor wife and super hard working never a fight in 12 years of marriage life and who was nice to my parents and everyone but all this crashed in seconds in September 2012 even before start of Ketu dasha divorce happened in Ketu Venus we both are single no point of re marriage either for us but nothing working at this point

  • My date of birth is October 31 1970 time 13:40place Amritsar hope my chart be helpful to your research regarding Ketu dasha and Venus dasha
    I might take consultancy from you one day
    The type of person I do not think money is an issue
    Still spending over 2500$ a month just helping helpless people and this I had been doing since December 2014

  • I wonder how cum I made money during this time and a lot where as most people has issue with job during Ketu dasha
    I got effected on the family front
    I was damn lucky with start of mercury dasha got a wife I can say flawless and how still got Hollywood looks and who still work very hard and only issue she became heartless
    Liberation does not need to come through family loss
    Liberation is having a family love but still be detach this is real liberation
    Everyone remember god on empty stomach
    The true remembrance is when you have everything and still one remember god

  • I feel the same. Thanks much for the article. But to be honest, being in the last phase of ketu, I resigned from my job, lost my puppies, gained so much bad name, my parents got hurt coz of me, my relationship destroyed. Only thing when it comes to my mind, when I think about my lover is that ” God will punish him for cheating me “. Is that something wrong? I am not ready to accept him even though he comes back. Coz this is the 2nd chance I gave him even after insulting me in front of my parents and society

  • I am having ketu dada from Sept 2013. All these years I have found a mix dilemma. Sometimes I was happy and sad. I got job in ketu dasa, became university topper in ketu dasa, but later things began unwell. I got into a relationship. The whole time was frustrating. Only thing was I was not able to leave him. But now after so much of fights even though I stayed with him, he left me . I had lot of spiritual travels. I don’t have anything to ask to God. Only thing I feel that I am extremely lucky that I have clothes to wear, food to eat, air to breathe. I don’t know if this is the real liberation. I don’t know were life is taking me. I am 28 and still unmarried. Ketu and Mars in 5th place. Looking forward for a reply sir.

    • what ketu teaches is that everything is impermanent…once you learn the lesson and learn to be detached…life is good. You are on the right track. Do Ketu mantra…buy ketu yantra…most of all….LET GO…whatever is happening is good for you.

  • Also, I faced lot of huddles in the last 4 years of mercury mahadasa. Still I managed to score well. Same with the first 2 years of PG.

  • Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring article. I am at the end of Ketu period and now I do understand why all this things have happened.

  • Sir, I am preparing for something big in career side for the past 3 years. But failed in it all time and I felt it’s coz of ketu dasa. Now I have 7 months months to end ketu dasa. Will Venus do me good? I left job, got bad name, everyone is hurt and this preparation is only left. My initial phase of ketu was a mixture of good and bad things. Middle phase was a disaster and last phase, I can say I am breathing. I let go of many things in my life. Loving spiritual travels and had many.

  • Sir, is it ok to get married during kethu mahadasha… There are 2 more years for ketu mahadasha to end… Is it ok to get married now or wait for 2 years.
    Ps: i am a 26 year old girl.

  • Hello Sir,
    My Ketu is in the 12th house!!
    As usual, your articles on Ketu are great and abnormally true. I really feel that you are talking about my own life and the things that I have faced during my Ketu MD. The only thing that was/is different during my Ketu period was the religion area. I am now a 100% atheist, not because I am cursing my God for cursing me with Ketu, but because truly religion does NOT make any sense to me now. The concept of “God” existence is totally unconvincing to me now and I have all the proofs that I cannot ignore. Ironically, God himself cannot change your fate or protect you against Ketu!! So, would I believe in Him?!!

    I would like to share some of the problems and changes that I have experience during my Ketu MD, for other people to realize that they are not the only ones who would lose everything during their lives.

    I have built a very strong career during my Mercury MD. I had a highly paid job and I had two businesses at the same time. Money was flowing like crazy. Now, everything is gone!!

    I have been demoted in my job and suddenly at work everyone started to “hate” and avoid me, for no clear reason!
    My first business, for no clear reason, started to fail and even the customers I had started to break up having business with me.
    My wife has taken over my second businesses that we were partners in. We had a lot of fights and of course it ended with a divorce and with a dirty trick she took over the business officially. We had a long love story for 8 years before marriage, then we were married for 22 years!! Yes, for 30 years we were in deep love that made all the people around us very envious!! Now all that love has turned into hatred.

    I bankrupted and my income had fallen down to a point that during my Rahu mahadasha period (the worst) I spent a few months in which I did not even have money to buy bread!!! I was totally broke, even though I managed to make over a million dollar during my Mercury MD. I lost most of it in stock market during Venus and Rahu antardashas and I had to pay the rest of it of my children’s education fees. By mid of Rahu antardasha I was totally broke and had to take some loans from friends and family to support my kids’ education. I still have a lot of loans till the moment I am writing this comment!

    I lost almost ALL my friends, some with a problem and others just disappeared from my life, but ALL have gone!

    During my Jupiter mahadasha I found myself looking for help from “God”, but of course no positive results were happening and my loans were becoming more, so I started to go deeper in finding “God” and read a lot of books and listened to many lectures about religion and how to find “God” but the more I read the more I was getting closer to non believing in “God”, till I was completely out of the religion area. Becoming an atheist calmed me down, gave me some relief and made me surrender to my fate, especially after I read your article “Ketu: All you need to know”


    These are just a few things that I have experienced during that ugly period of my life.
    Ketu MD has been a real nightmare for me. I am totally a new person today. I have no ambition whatsoever in money!! I just want to live peacefully with no loans. I do not want any luxury or fancy things in my life anymore. This is really not me before Ketu!! I had always been seeking luxurious lifestyle, but now I TRULY do not want it and it does not attract me anymore.

    I now believe that we humans come to this life for no known reason. We do not know where we came from or where we would go after death and only the stars/planets decide our fate. I even do not believe in the “karma” cleansing of our past lives, as it is not fair for me to take the punishment of someone who had lived before, whom I know nothing about, at least I do not have the same consciousness of that previous life, so it is not fair!! Consequently, I just surrender to my fate and live with it!! I believe that our life is only one and each one’s “luck” decides whether he will live a happy life or not!! Now, I only live the moment. I try to enjoy the moments when I face something good or I just shut up and accept the bad moments, and remind myself that one day this life will end forever.

    I still have one year left before Ketu MD ends!! I do not care about the next Venus MD and not looking forward to any luxury, I ONLY WANT PEACE.

  • Sir,
    After start of ketu mahadasha in May 2013.i follow all articles on this subject closely.almost everything mentioned by you is correct.as per my experience.but u have mentioned that ketu affect start reducing insaturn and Mercury antardasha.but in my case no relief in Saturn and Mercury antardasha.
    U have mentioned about Last ketu sting.but iam experience ing these strings regularly.which is worst.so losing hope of any improvement even in next Venus mahadasha starting after 4 months.my ketu affect problems started in Last part of mercury antardasha.but little sudden relief in first 1/3rd part of ketu mahadasha.and even second 1/3rd.temporary relief for some time otherwise almost Big problem in bussiness finance .but my Last
    1/3rd part is worst. andpersonal.even some time become atheist. bad affect of ketu started in Last part of mercury mahadasha.which is called mercury ketu sandhi period .but no affect of Venus sandhi period looking so losing hope.my Kumbh lagna .Venus in 4th house own house.mercury sun in 5th house . moon Mars in6th house ketu in 8th house.saturn in 10th .jup in 3rd.house.

  • Sir.
    As per your experience any chance of improvement relief from these daily problems.still four five months left for ketu mahadasha.

  • Its so true i went through jupiter mahadasha ketu antardasha..it takes you on the spiritual path..by taking everything ego,friendships,humiliation..just wanna knw why it creates unknown fear in ones mind

  • thank you SO much for this article! You have fully helped my further embrace the wisdom of Ketu. My running joke with myself is ‘Ketu is a serpent, and serpents don’t like to snuggle.” I am in the Ketu-Rahu period, and while my ability to surrender has definitely increased during the Ketu antradashas prior to this one, Ketu-Rahu has taken it to an entirely new level – not to mention with the world wide pandemic entering around the same time Ketu-Rahu started. I am certainly finding my soul is tired, I am try to hold on to my work ego and am seeing my patterns run deep. My desire to help others has increased exponentially with the world wide pandemic, and everything else really seems so futile (like hoarding toilet paper, or getting angry that people are not social distancing, or or or … ) I have an immense desire to hug the world, and keep finding my arms are too short.

    But, this article, your writing and sharing on Ketu Mahadasha – is beyond helpful. Thank you thank you, thank you. I feel like you just gave me that extra ‘switch’ my perspective needed to breath – in and out – and to go with the flow, and to allow my compassion to come forth even more. While I have short arms, I can certainly hug the world with my thoughts and prayers and patience and humility and love. I can certainly hold us all as equal. I can certainly see the world isn’t so small after all. Thank you. Namaste.

    • thank you for saying this. it means a lot to me. After Ketu Rahu hope things would improve for you. God Bless.

  • Great and accurate article , I am in Ketu MD for past 4 years just entering into Guru antardasha. The statements about the Ketu antardasha and Venus antardasha are too accurate .
    Career : Had faced constant humiliation from an Female boss during the Venus antardasha, career is still precariously poised , continuity of job each day is blessing . For past 3 years working in an unrelated field , unable to get back to the core domain . Got a good promotion during the Mercury cycle and now everyone is trying to explain as if you dont understand the things.
    Spritual Life : It is booming attending Geeta classes regularly and getting very interested , even getting some appreciation on this front.

    Conclusion : Leaving everything to God’s will

    Thanks for the excellent write up , your command on the subject seems unparalleled.

  • My ketu – Rahu period ended on 03-04-2020 during this antardasha I got transferred to a distance of about 2300 kms now Ketu- venus dasha started can I retransfer to my home town to stay with my family

  • Thank you for wonderful article.

    My ketu mahadasha was for 11months when I was born and till I was 11 months old as per my chart.
    But I have chandra grahn with ketu, do I expect similar results?

  • Thank you for your wonderful blog. I am just in my 2nd year of Kethu MD and I already lost my job. And because if covid 19 situation, nobody is hiring and I felt depressed until I read this article. I still have 5 more years, not sure what all it will take away from me.. But as you said, I think I should embrace it rather than complain about it!!

    • Well said…you should EMBRACE this…this dasa is a wake up call for the soul…focus on inner life…let things happen…LET GO…!

      • Only one thing is that, we have been trying to have kids for 2 yrs now and we dont have any success. Do you think we can have kids in my kethu dasha? I have 5 more years to go..My kethu is in 7th house in conjunction with Venus and I am acquarius ascendant.

  • Thanks for sharing your valuable life experiences on this blog. This is not less than a GODMAN service to mankind. This is also very true that everyone practising in whatsoever Profession,they have some PRACTICAL experiences ,which if shared with Public ,can do a lot of welfare to mankind. For this one have to be bestowed with a special blessings of God,and perhaps God have selected you for this noble cause. Each and every article written by you ,speaks of your self EXPERIMENTS, and you have shared on your open blog,and this have served many many misguided,confused and astrologically ruined people, a real light of Astrology. In fact you have TRUELY justified the Name of Your BLOG -” HONEST ASTROLOGER”. My best wishes are always with you and wish your long and happy life.

  • Running ketu mahadasha since July 1913. so reading so many experts and articles.almost everything mentioned in your articles is correct.but only difference mentioned in your articles .
    My first part of 2.4yeras was not so bad.main problems started in second and 3rd part .worst is Mercury antardasha daily ketu stings so worst period of ketu mahadasha.even life.
    My kumbh lagna.ketu in 8th house and
    Shukra in 4th and cancer rashi with Mars in 6th house.surya budha in5th and Saturn in10thand jup. In 3rd house. pushya nakshatra.also u have mentioned shukra dasha good fot kumbh lagna still dishearted and lost all hope of recovery.still waiting for shukra dasha starting in July 2020.

    • First thing, take psychological help. Depression is real, and it is physical. There is a time and place for astrological remedies. However, first visit a psychiatrist.
      Although I need to look at the chart in order to suggest custom made remedy suitable for you (contact 7678228364 for consultation),

      however doing Moon mantra nd keeping moon yantra and praying to Shiva and suggested for some relief.

    • Usually not. Focus more on spiritual life and peace…once you are married you would have a wife for life…let this period pass.

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