Om sham shanischaraya namah

90% of the people who come to me, come in a Rahu, Ketu or Shani period.

Shani Mahadasha
Shani Deva

“Shani tumhara paani nikalega…tum paseena do ya ansoo…wo tumhari marzi” (Shani would squeeze you HARD…give him your sweat or give him your tears…that’s your choice).

It has been almost two years since I wrote my articles on Ketu Mahadasha, and Rahu Mahadasha which went viral. People find it hard to believe when I tell them that it took me only few hours to write each. Both were a result of divine inspiration. Those articles were written “through me” and not by me. However, I knew Shani Mahadasha article was going to be HARD.

Rahu and Ketu are about inspiration, Shani is about PERSPIRATION.

No flashes of inspiration, no “Aha” moments this time. It took two years of study, dozens of interviews, many books, and tons of writes and re-writes, and yes, sweat and tears.

This article also took effort from two of my great friends who helped me with edit. Vishal/Ashu: Thanks a ton for your brilliant inputs and your efforts, I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Just like Shani Mahadasha, this article is is going to be long and hard.

But hey, in the current times of Coronavirus, we don’t have anywhere to go. By the way Shani rules lockdowns, so there couldn’t be a better time to write this as the entire world is getting a taste of Shani’s justice. We lock up animals, pollute the world, and roam about freely, Shani is teaching us how it feels like to live in a lock up, and is doing justice by setting the animals free and allowing nature to heal. 

Shani can be accused of being harsh, hard, slow, cold and unforgiving, but nobody can accuse Shani of being unjust. If there is a word that is dearest to Shani it is JUSTICE…!

(That is why he is exalted in Libra, the sign of justice and fairness…remember the symbol of Libra?…The scale of JusticeShani is the HAMMER of Justice accompanying it.

Libra: The Scales of Justice

So expect Shani Mahadasha to do justice to you. For most people it is not a pleasant period, it is long and hard, just like Shani.


The Luckiest People: Taurus and Libra Lagnas

One thing that makes analysing Shani Mahadasha  more complicated than Rahu and Ketu is the sign ownership of Shani. Unlike Rahu and Ketu, who don’t own any sign, Shani owns two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. Thus, these two houses become activated during Shani Mahadasha, and hence, results for Shani can vary for different Lagnas.

Libra and Taurus Lagnas get the best results as Shani becomes Yog Karaka planet for them. Thus I consider them the luckiest people. Two best houses in the chart become activated during Shani Dasha and they enjoy a lot of benefits, while others usually suffer tough times.

Next come Aries and Pisces lagna, because  for Aries Lagna, Shani owns 10th and 11th house which happen to be his favourite houses, so they can often get career success and gains during Shani Mahadasha. For Pisces, it owns 11th, the house of desire, but also owns house of expenses so a mixed bag. In some cases Sagittarius lagna has also been seen to get some good results. For the rest of them, let’s just say Shani Mahadasha is no picnic. 

What about his children: At times Capricorn Lagna and Aquarius Lagna people argue with me. “Shani is my Lagna Lord, and Lagna Lord is like a father, why am I having a bad Shani Mahadasha.” I often laugh and tell them that I am a double Capricorn myself and I got whipped throughout  my Shani Mahadasha. 

Reason: Shani did not get love from his father Surya, all the love he got was from his Godfather, Lord Shiva. 

However, this doesn’t end here, the placement of Shani is of supreme importance in this. 


More than anything else, Shani’s house placement determines the results that it would give. I have seen Shani give excellent results in  11th and 10th house, 2nd house is also a good position for material success. Shani is toughest in 1st, 4th, and 8th for most people. Rest of the house placements fall somewhere in between. 

So let’s talk about Shani – The Lord of Justice. 


Legend 1- Daddy Issues: Shani and Surya: 

In ancient times, the beings started to misbehave and were becoming indisciplined. Lord Shiva wanted to implement Law of Karma and bring discipline the the universe. Thus his “punishing energy” was was asked to incarnate as a powerful being who would make people behave and deliver justice as per their Karma. This energy was born as Shani, the son of Surya (Sun God).  

Legend has it that as soon as Shani was born, his gaze brought trouble to his his father. The moment Shani looked at his father, Sun suffered from vitiligo, then he looked at Sun’s charioteer, who fell and broke his thigh, and finally he looked at the seven horses in Sun’s chariot and they all went blind. They all recovered only when the impact of Shani’s gaze was over. 

Sun was pretty upset and ordered his newly born son to be taken away. So father and son started on a bad note and they continue to have a tough relationship till date. 

Growing up, the only source of fatherly love for Shani was his Godfather Lord Shiva. I call Shani the “Left Hand of Shiva”.

In fact Shani is the Dark Side of Shiva.

When Shiva is in a good mood, He is Bholenaath, (the sweet gullible Master), He represents Chandra or Moon God






When Shiva is in a bad mood, out to punish the wrongdoers, he becomes DANDANAYAK (The Punisher) Shani.  


Shani loves and admires Shiva, but has a complicated relationship with, his own father, Sun.

Just like Shiva, Shani is neutral towards Gods and Demons and is respected by both sides.  Anyway, I can go on and on about mythology. But let’s get to the astrological stuff. 


Now let’s understand the themes of Shani Dasha: 


1. Bhot Hard-The Chakki of Shani:

Shani Mahadasha: A HARD TIME

I often compare Shani dasha to a Chakki (old fashioned hand mill). It is slow and hard. You put in four fistful of grain, and you get one fistful of flour.  Everything takes long and hard and you almost never get full result of your efforts. Another way the “chakki” represents Shani is that the native is often “crushed” by it, but in the end it brings out the best in him by transforming him totally.    

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I tell my clients to keep their head down and keep working.

2. Shaney-Shaney: Delay and Denial:

Delay and Denial – A Theme of Shani Mahadasha

Delay, frustration, and tough luck are often the theme. No desire is instantly approved, most are denied. If you are stuck in a line for something and the counter closes just before your turn, chances are that you are under a Shani period. Simple tasks like filling a form could take three trips. You don’t live by your luck, you survive through your “sweat and tears” (a typical Shani phrase). Further problem comes with slow down of intellect.  

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I tell my clients to keep their expectations “pessimistically realist” if something takes 7 days, you add 5 more and then add extra effort.

3. No More Mr. Smarty Pants (Jupiter to Shani fall):

From Jupiter brilliance to struggles of Shani Mahadasha

Do you know a student, who was great at studies in the past, but is suddenly unable to clear his exams? Apparently, they exhausted their Jupiter period and entered Shani Mahadasha. I have often seen such people stuck with something like a Government Job preparation or Chartered Accountant (CA) exams. While school during Jupiter dasha was a breeze, the new challenge feels insurmountable as their good luck and sharp mind desert them. They feel dull, confused and laboured. 

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: You have to SWEAT before Shani allows you to succeed. I often advise such individuals to take up at least a part-time job as that would make their Shani period a little tolerable.

4. Just My Bad Luck-Depression and self doubt:

Bad luck, the constant companion of Shani Mahadasha

Murphy’s Law, “anything that can go wrong, would” seems to apply to Shani Mahadasha natives.  

They are always on a fearful high alert, expecting things to go wrong, and they often do. I have seen Shani people be “pleasantly shocked” if something good happens. They are so used to tough luck that they look at any good event with suspicion “How can a good thing happen to me, there must be a catch” is a general emotion. 

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I tell my clients that if anything happens easily thank God, but check twice.

5. Make it do, or Do without – Downsizing:

Minimalism – the way to go in Shani Mahadasha

There is a feeling of having “less than needed” during the Shani Mahadasha. Suddenly the flow of funds, friends, luck, and all good things in life, is restricted. You get the “bare necessity” and any surplus is out of question. You have to stretch every penny, adhere to every budget, settle for cheaper, smaller things than you would like.

Shani Mahadasha Remedy:I advise my clients to go minimalist before Shani forces them to.

6. Trust Deficit- Cynical and Judgemental:

Broken trust – a common occurrence in Shani Mahadasha

Shani being the Supreme Judge, makes a person very judgemental during Shani Mahadasha. They are always trying to debate two sides of anything and anyone. They are harsh on others and harsher on themselves. Reflecting the Shani attitude, they can be grumpy, cold, cynical and paranoid of everyone around them.

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I tell my clients that it is good to be cautious but PARANOIA is foolish, be REALISTIC. Realistically the chances that your CEO is conspiring against you are nil.

7. Broken hearts and battered homes-Damaged Relationships:

Broken Hearts – a given in Shani Mahadasha

Shani being a Sanyasi planet can make them feel detached from the partner. Add to this the judgemental grumpiness and cynicism, and we can see where this is going. 

The romantic relationships are almost always a disaster.  If Venus is affiliated, breakups and divorces are common. One-sided romances that end in a tragedy are frequently experienced (my heart goes out to the young people going through this time).

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I often advise my Shani Mahadasha clients to focus on career and spend maximum time at workplace, and most of all, to go easy on their spouse or love interest.    

8. What would people Say: Approval Seeking:

“Public Image” matters most in Shani Mahadasha

Shani Mahadasha natives are often worried about “What would people think”. They can often go to ridiculous lengths to maintain their “PUBLIC PERCEPTION”. But in Shani Mahadasha, a native seldom gets public approval. Usually the native feels that it is his fault and he must be lacking at something. As usual, he tries really HARD to win the approval.

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: It is a strange paradox they while they ruin their close relationships, they try hard to win social approval.  I tell them to focus on WORK and not people let their work get praise, not their ego.

9 I will show them-Tortured Egos:

Ego crushing humiliation often happens in Shani Mahadasha

Shani Mahadasha people are often bent upon “PROVING THEMSELVES” and this is a real problem. Shani is anti-ego, and usually makes a person undergo defeats and humiliations in order to make him learn the plight of the tormented and humiliated. Usually the Shani impact makes the native butt of jokes and target for ridicule. Children are often bullied at schools, adults are jeered at offices and mocked at family gatherings.

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I tell these natives to take it easy and stop trying to “impress” people. They should also get rid of their ego and illusions of their own greatness (mind boggling amount of Shani natives consider themselves “unappreciated geniuses” with underrated greatness. Time to get realistic: You are not as great as you fancy yourself. REALX ).

10 Much ado about nothing-Misplaced Perfectionism:

Misplaced perfection leads to procrastination in Shani Mahadasha

Shani has an obsession with perfection. If Shani is badly placed in the chart, the native, in order to prove himself, gets into ridiculous quest for “perfection. While their sense of priority is screwed.  When they usually FAIL to prove themselves at a BIG stage,  they take all the Shani energy out on “perfecting useless little things.” 

They can spend hours choosing the right background colour for a stupid presentation, or perfecting a useless database; while way more important things suffer.

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I tell them to PRIORITISE and give them a motto GOOD ENOUGH IS GOOD ENOUGH….! (every Shani native would do well to remember this) 

11. Yes Master: Serving Authority:

Native often has to serve authority figure during Shani Mahadasha

Shani is the planet of service and discipline. During Shani Mahadasha people are often faced with some sort of difficult authority figures whom they would have to serve. This can range from a domineering parent at home to a tough teacher in school to a harsh boss at work place. The native usually remains subservient to the authority figures during Shani Mahadasha.

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I often advise my clients to take up a charity close to their heart and work physically for that. This would help. Also, they must realise that authority figures are NOT God.


Analysis of Shani Mahadasha


Shani MahadashaShani Antardasha303
Shani MahadashaMercury Antardasha289
Shani MahadashaKetu Antardasha119
Shani MahadashaShukra Antardasha320
Shani MahadashaSun Antardasha01112
Shani MahadashaMoon Antardasha170
Shani MahadashaMars Antardasha119
Shani MahadashaRahu Antardasha2106
Shani MahadashaJupiter Antardasha2612

1- Shani Mahadasha -Shani Antardasha: BHOT HARD 

Shani Mahadasha-Shani Antardasha-The Chakki of Karma


Remember the Chakki? That’s how your life becomes. HARD, slow, crushing and full of effort. 

It is a well known fact that people start to look, act, think and feel like the Mahadasha Lord. People turn bitter, cynical, and S-L-O-W. 

The mental agility, resources, and good luck associated with Jupiter evaporates. They they have to rely on good old HARD WORK to get things done. 

While Jupiter rules abundance, Shani rules scarcity. This reflects during their respective Mahadasha as well. Flow of all good things in life is limited, and one is forced to “downsize” the lifestyle. Frequently, with the onset of Shani Mahadasha, I have seen people move to smaller houses, lesser salaries, simpler offices, tougher roles, and longer work schedules. 

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: One of the biggest remedy for Shani Mahadasha is to work hard and go minimalist. I advise my clients to voluntarily “downsize” their lifestyle and actively adopt minimalism and hard work before Shani forces them to. I also advise them to take up some weekend project and additional work or charity. 

Best way to handle this time is to busy yourself and don’t expect things to happen “easily”. Everything from a powerpoint presentation to a government approval would take repeated attempts.

2. Shani Mahadasha – Mercury Antardasha: Practical Purposes:   

Shani Mahadasha – Mercury Antardasha: Time to get practical

Mercury being a benefic for most people and a friend of Shani, brings the much needed relief to the native. Mercury removes some of the slow-mindedness of Shani and native gets occasional breakthroughs. 

Due to Shani’s impact, the creative intelligence of Mercury gives way to PRACTICALITY.  Shani gives the much needed maturity to the playful Mercury. The native is more likely to wrestle with practical aspect of life, like business planning, accounts overview, and bank statements, in stead of getting into activities like writing poetry or reading fiction.

The required mental boost is always put to “work”, with Shani, there is always enough to do. It is advisable that this time is used to finish big projects, learn new “practical” skills like accounting or programming, and wrap up any big decision, because next two Antardashas are going to be tough. 

3. Shani Mahadasha – Ketu Antardasha: The Tug of War: 

Shani Mahadasha – Ketu Antardasha : The Tug of War

With Shani – Ketu, starts the most dreaded period of Shani Mahadasha. Shani Ketu followed by Shani Venus is arguably the toughest patch in this mahadasha.  

The mental faculties given by mercury is replaced by Ketu ennui and irritability, which comes in conflict with Shani agenda.  

The big problem is that Shani wants to W-O-R-K and Ketu does NOT. Ketu wants to be unengaged passive observer who doesn’t wish to be bothered with mundane things. Shani wants to do his Karma and “get things done”. Ketu resists as he knows the futility of human effort, but Shani persists with the material reality of Karma yoga. These two start to play a Tug of War, after tying the rope around the native’s neck. (Hope you got the picture). A person is burdened with responsibilities and challenges, but the required drive and energy is missing. The native doesn’t “want to”, but he “has to”. This makes him highly irritable.

While work life is hard, the personal life harder. Both Shani and Ketu being “Sanyasi” planets are the Karakas of separations and breakups. The irritability and temper of the native gets out of control and he can be hurtful and rude to his own people. He can seek solitude and loneliness. 

I have often seen romantic break ups, divorces, family separations, transfers away from family etc. Shani-Ketu-Venus period is particularly difficult.

Then there is the ENERGY FLUCTUATIONS. Shani gives one a cold hard energy to work like a machine (and there is always enough and more to do). However Ketu has an irritating, hot, disengaging energy and can make the native lethargic, dull and unfocused. These energy fluctuations create havoc. Imagine a bulb going from 0 to 1000 watts of energy…results are the same for the mind and body.

First thing these two mess up is SLEEP cycle. On one day, Shani might wake the native up at 4 a.m. and keep him working till 9 p.m. non-stop. On the other day, Ketu might make him feel so lazy that he wakes up at 11 a.m. and then calls in sick, and spends rest of the day doing nothing.  

The idea is to know which is the Shani day and which is the Ketu day, and then behave accordingly.

Second thing that these two damage is the IMMUNITY. Unexplainable illness, heavy headedness and most of all, ALLERGIES attack the native. During the times of Coronavirus, I would strongly advise people undergoing Shani-Ketu to take EXTRA caution. You are most vulnerable due to compromised immunity. Shani-Ketu-Venus and Shani-Ketu-Rahu are particularly intense. 

Shani Mahadasha – Ketu Antardasha Remedy: Listen to your body’s energy cycles and take care of immunity. Try not to get in conflicts.

4. Shani Mahadasha – Venus Antardasha: King of Bad Times: 

Shani Mahadasha – Venus Antardasha : King of Bad Times

Shani Mahadasha is tough throughout, but its WORST impacts are delivered during Shani – Venus period.

This is the period where the happiness in life goes on strike. 

People often face repeat failures and frustrations at work. There is a multitude of problems to deal with ranging from a bad boss to being passed over for a promotion. 

However, the real damage is done at the personal front. Especially in the romantic or nuptial relationships. There can be break ups, divorces, marital disharmony. Women in life are usually a source of distress for men and vice versa. The good old Saas-Bahu clashes can be a continuous source of pain for the native.

Shani Mahadasha – Venus Antardasha : PARY OVER

People ask me why, these two “friendly planets” together make things so difficult. Short answer is that Venus is the “King of Good Times” It is one planet that makes life fun to live. Venus rules all good things like love, good food, wine etc. He is the “life of the party”. But Shani is not the party guy, he is a badass no-nonsense workaholic. While Shani likes his friend Shukra, he doesn’t approve of his partying lifestyle. Hence when Shani enters the Shukra party…party over…!  

I tell people to avoid any kind of romantic conflicts during this period. A small altercation can result in separation or divorces. 

5. Shani Mahadasha – Sun Antardasha: The Ego Crusher: Humiliation and Redemption:

Shani Mahadasha – Sun Antardasha: The Ego Crusher

We all know about the complicated relationship of the Father and Son. This period, while is not as bad as Shani-Shukra, has its own crushing energy. This is the period when one is exhausted by the trials of Shani-Shukra, and faces the reality that his control on life is not as great as he thought. 

One often faces humiliation, particularly at the hands of some sort of authority figure (typically bosses, leaders, government, or a father figure). At times the native’s own father can be a source of trouble.  

Finally, the native realises that after all, he is not as great as he fancied himself. Once the ego is crushed (good for you), reality accepted, and a person surrenders himself, his pride is dissolved, and he becomes more spiritual.  

In my view one can turn this into a “purifying” and liberating experience. Remember EGO IS THE ENEMY and dissolving of ego can be a great blessing.

Special Note: Out of Shani, Rahu, and Ketu, Shani dasha is hardest to go through as long as one clings to his EGO. 

Ketu lives through spirituality.

Rahu lives through passion.

Shani lives through REALITY: Despite destruction of Ego, one cannot disengage in a Ketu manner. Shani will not let you ignore the material realities. Remember no matter how spiritual you become, hard work and material reality cannot be avoided in Shani Mahadasha. 

6. Shani Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha: An Uneasy Calm: 


Shani Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha : Calm before the Storm

Shani doesn’t hate moon with the intensity with which he hates Sun with, but hey, the guy always has an “improvement program” for almost every planet. 

Moon, the Karaka of Mind, is the most fickle planet, he is used to taking what he desires and and acting on his whims. But now, he enters the court of unforgiving Lord of Justice.

Desires of moon are put on a hold by Shani and he is forced to realise that his whims are not always the command. Thankfully, one usually gives up the delusions of grandeur and ego during Shani-Sun. Thus the Moon period is not that hard, at least at the external level. 

However emotionally, this can be a restrictive and frustrating period. One knows and accepts that his desires won’t be fulfilled and this can lead to mental depression and frustration. The native can become half-hearted about everything in life. Shani Moon can put the motherly relationships under stress. At times the mother can be a source of worries and troubles. 

This period is sad but largely uneventful. Status quo is maintained and an uneasy calm rules the life.

Shani Mahadasha Remedy-for this period: It is better to remain disciplined and accept reality with a sense of resignation and enjoy the calm before the storm. Also, praying to Shiva will help as Shiva rules both Shani and Moon.  

7. Shani Mahadasha – Mars Antardasha: The Perfect Storm: 

Shani Mahadasha – Mars Antardasha: the perfect storm

The clam before the storm, is shattered by entry of Mars, the God of War. 

If any planet can stand up to Shani, it is Mars (Read this Article). When these two tough guys go head to head, it makes the perfect storm. Mars gives native the courage and energy to fight back, but not without side effects . The moon ennui is replaced by Mars aggression and one is ready for a fight back. There is a lot of action and some dangerous adventures.

This can again cause family disharmony, however this time, the native is usually the trouble maker. He can become hyper-aggressive.  He can get into fights and quarrels with one and all (he is so done with taking crap from everyone that he believes he has the right to give it back, Mars you see.)

Family quarrels, road accidents, even street fights are a frequent occurrence. Some harm or injury can happen, especially if one has an affiliated Mars or Shani in the chart. 

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I often advise the clients to worship Lord Hanuman during this time . One should also work out regularly and donate blood. 

8. Shani Mahadasha-Rahu Antardasha: Cops and Robbers-Desperate Times:  

Shani Mahadasha – Rahu Antardasha : Cops and Robbers

This period of these two malefics is usually about delays, denials, frustration and limitations. 

When a gangster meets a tough cop, the results cannot be soothing.  

Outlaw Rahu wants to break every rule in the book. Shani the incorruptible cop, shoves his rule book down his throat.

Restless Rahu wants to run amock, Shani locks him up in jail. 

Entitled Rahu wants it and wants it NOW, Shani delays and denies. 

Whenever these two get in conflict, Shani wins, remember Shani ALWAYS wins. (Read about Shani-Rahu relationship). 

Rahu energy makes the native desperate “I want it and I want it NOW” is a Rahu motto…Shani the disciplinarian, frustrates his efforts, almost always delaying or denying the desired rewards. Many people get into “desperation” and often try “desperate (unlawful) measures” which can further deepen their problems, as Shani is ever ready to punish.  

Shani locks up the rebellious Rahu in the jail, metaphorically, and in severe cases, even literally. Often people go to jail or get punished during this period. 

Rahu’s inner desperation to have his way against the system pushes the native against the hard realities of the world pushed at him by Shani. These two together literally “crush” the individual. The best way to handle this is to keep one’s head down and keep working. One must wait for the right to come. This can be an oddly frustrating period. Keep soldiering through this period, with not expecting a lot, keeping your head down and marching ahead one step at a time.

One should be particularly careful during Shani-Rahu-Ketu period.

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: It would do well for a person to have patience and follow his spiritual remedies.  Remember “Desperate measures” are sure to backfire.  It is always better to follow the old school values of HARD WORK, PATIENCE, AND FOCUS. The native should keep his head down and his expectations ultra-realistic, and his conduct extra careful. 


9. Shani Mahadasha – Jupiter (Guru) Antardasha: SEE-SAW: (IT’S COMPLICATED)

Shani Mahadasha – Jupiter Antardasha: The See-Saw Battle

If one period baffles me of all Mahadasha and Antardasha combinations, it is Shani – Jupiter. My father used to say “Only God can predict what happens during this period, astrologers can’t”.

I will try my best to share what I know, but remember I have already given a disclaimer.

Most people I interviewed during my research, found it hard to categorise this period as either good or bad. For some people, it starts good, ends bad, for some it starts bad ends good. For most it is a bitter-sweet period, with contrasting results. 

Jupiter is in many ways like a counter balancing force to Shani. Jupiter is perhaps the only planet that has the size and power to match Shani. Jupiter brings the much needed positivity and tries to interrupt the harsh negativity of Shani. Now this means war. 

When two entities matched in size and power, lock horns, it is time for a SEE-SAW battle.  Often the native rides a SEE-SAW of happiness and despair, going from one to the other continuously. 

Some things that looked “good” initially, turns out be bad, some initially “bad” things turn out to be good. 

Confusing, right (I can empathise with you). Let me try a few examples: 

  • One may get married to the “one true love”, only to discover that it was a big mistake, and then file for a divorce.
  • One may get fired from a job, only to find a much better one. 
  • One may launch a business and do well initially, only to file bankruptcy few months later. 
  • One may do well in stock market for a while, only to suffer huge losses in the end. 

Confusing, right? That’s Jupiter-Shani for you. 

One’s faith, philosophy, and core beliefs are severely tested and often keep chaning.

One can make big decisions due to irrational optimism, only to suffer the consequences later on. Or out of sheer fear, one can miss on a good opportunity, only to regret it later.

Native can go broke playing “all or nothing” and suffer the consequences of taking risks, a leap of faith can end in a broken jaw. 

Or more frequently,  he can “sell his soul” for security. He can abandon his dreams for “practical reasons”, he can sacrifice his present for a  “bright future”, or cling to a job that kills his soul but “puts food on the table.”

Shani Mahadasha Remedy: I always suggest MODERATION-MODERATOIN-MODERATION during the period. Because you don’t know how anything would turn out, so don’t make any life defining decisions like heavy investments, marriage, or property purchase. NO big moves (I warn you that you would be tempted. But PLEASE don’t.) For most natives, this period usually ends in a disaster. 

When two warring pilots are fighting over control, you can’t expect a smooth ending, this period usually ends in a Crash Landing. 

Brace your seatbelts and embrace yourself for a…


Transition from Shani Mahadasha to Mercury Mahadasha

The toughest Dasha Sandhi: First 9 months of Mercury Mahadasha

With dasha change, conditions change in life, and with Mahadasha change, the entire canvas of the life changes. Usually it is a violent process.

However, the most violent Dasha Sandhi is the transition from Shani Mahadasha to Mercury Antardasha.

Shani gives you the final “TRANSFORMATIONAL” hammering for precisely 9 months. AND A NEW YOU IS BORN….!

Then, Shani allows Mercury to take over, and bless you with the the smart MERCURY INTELLECT that allows you to make smart decisions, and hence find success. 

But always remember that your REAL GIFT lies just under that Mercury brain, it is SHANI’S STEEL in your spine and soul…

And just like Shani, you now have become… BHOT HARD…!


Jai Shani Dev…! 

Jai Bajarang Bali…!

Har Har Mahadev….!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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  • Very informative post. Thanks a lot sir. I’m Tula ascendant and moon sign is also Tula. My shani mahadasha starting from today. In my birth chart Saturn , mercury and sun is in third house. Please guide

      • Hi sir , u r amazing. I read your ketu transit bcz my mom is going through this n it was bang on..n m going to face Shani mahadasha from 2026 so wanted to prepare myself 🤭🤣 n really it’s beautifully well written.. hat’s off to u n ur knowledge. Sir, can u help me to know I m libra sunsign , moon Taurus n Virgo lagna n Saturn is in 8th house so how it’s gonna be for me. Plz help me

    • Obviously you have taken Mars and Mars periods inferiorly ask any virgo and libra lagna people and they will tell how destructive and punishing are mars dashas you only took saturn, Rahu, ketu into your reasearch articles you must also include Mars because in my opinion he is even more cruel and straightforward planet in terms of giving malefic effects. There’s reason ancient sages kept mars dashas only to 7 years considering his intense nature because unlike 19 year shani dasha which can still manageable thanks to the forgiving nature of shani and material survival mars dasha is short, brief but very intense and you can imagine why our sages kept his dasha to such minimum because you don’t want to endure his long periods like shani.

  • First 3 years ..Surprisingly first word came to my mind is yeh kya chakki mein fans gaya hoon?

    My lifestyle changed from easy going and glamorous surrounding to tough, village surrounding.

    Slowly all people,relatives,friends,situations started cooing to life.All asking indirectly for SEWA,return for those good times, ..Cash or kind.EMI bharo….Ya bhugto

    Going on almost half way through and in Venus period.,,😊

    As written any good thing happening gives now full happiness.Like a labour enjoys every bit of his roti post a hard day.

    I must say there are beautiful moments of insights, flashes of spirituality, some happy moments,removal of all not needed things, people,thoughts and entry of good people, scripture, pooja and divotion.(in gratitude for this)

    But bottom line .. Again every day randomly shook by reality..(Madhosh hosh mein aa feeling ).And one jhataka to.ego necessarily by factors explained.

    Dekhte hain. Aage aage kitna chakki bachi hain,☺️

    Jai Shiv..

      • Sir , as a Tula Lagna native, I’m getting crushed by Guru Mahadasha…being 3 & 6th lord he’s not giving much of “good times”

  • Great Article ..I don’t have words to praise . Going through Saturn Mahadasha did a consultation with you Sir 2 years ago after that life has changed completely. Now seeing life very differently . And Saturn has shown me my true place that I am nothing but just a puppet whose strings are controlled by Lord Saturn .Learnt a lot about life and even Learnt astrology .Thanks to you

    • Thank you for your kind words. But Shani is not really a puppeteer he is a Krama Deva…work hard and he would give you more space.

  • Amazing read and an eye opener !!! I was born in Saturn Mahadasha – Jupiter Antardasha. I am a post term baby (born almost a week later than the due date) which now totally makes sense. I was a year old when I went through an accident which could have cost me my life in this same dasha which otherwise was actually good.
    The article you wrote is very insightful and well researched. It was a great read. Thank you.
    Om Sai Ram

    • Thank you Neha Ji for sharing. your experience. This research actually took a lot of effort and most eye opening was the Shani Jupiter part.

  • I am taurus ascendent person .Shani in fifth house with Venus,Mercury,moon and Jupiter.currently Jupiter mahadasha is going on till will be my shani mahadasha.

    • Taurus is a lucky ascendant. However, Shani fifth is a mixed position. But still being Taurus ascendant you should have a reasonably good time.

  • Well worth the wait for 2 years Vijayji, nicely scripted. God bless you for all your efforts in your Shukra Dasha. Will await for your next book when you are ready, no stress from you followers.

    Best wishes,

  • Your page is wonderful sir… I always wait for your next article… Daily I take a look here… This post is truly wonderful and almost true in my case… my saturn is 8th house in Aquarius 0.55 degre… I have been in Saturn mahadasha since 2001 when I was 8 years old…… Extremely hard period it was… Ruined my childhood.. today it is over by my chart… But little disappointed that I have to wait for 9 more months… My mercury is in 4th house in Libra 29.5 degree.. with a loose conjunction of Jupiter of 10.5 degree. Not so much although.. but hoping for the better life ahead… 🤗🤗

  • Namaskar Sir
    Thank you very much for the very detailed, researched and helpful details.
    For Taurus Lagna (Ketu in Lagna), Gemini Rashi (Mars, Moon in Rashi), Saturn in Capricorn 9th from Lagna, 8th from Moon
    would you consider explaining briefly if Pathaga Sthana Athipathi applies and how this impacts the person (positive or negative)
    However if you prefer me to contact you separately for consultation, I will contact you separately (I have had consultation from you prior to this so I am familiar with the process)
    Thank you very much Sir

    • thank you for your kind words. Sthan adipathi placement is a very detailed and complicated topic. I would see if i can write about it someday.

  • Oh what a great article sir!
    I’m currently running Jupiter-Jupiter period
    Hope my Jupiter-Saturn in 2021 turns out to be good. Fingers crossed. Haha

  • Thank you so much for this ! CAN we now have a venus mahadasha post ? We need your guidance. I will pray for it to happen…♡

        • Shani Mahadasha article left me E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D….. 😀 Might write about Venus once i enter Venus dasha myself. If i have promised, I am going to keep my word. Sorry for forgetting.

  • Very nicely explained…..your articles provide very useful insights to deal with good or bad times undergoing these planetary dashas……..
    Sir i want to ask just two questions….
    1- Do malefic planets howsoever strong in a birthchart still retain their maleficence?
    2- Does the 7th house of birthchart get activated after marriage and what is the role of Navmasha in marriage?

  • Really great article filled with jweals of Knowledge and Experience. Sir, I have Shani in 12th house in Pieces in close Conjunction with Sun. Ketu is also there but bit far in degree. The despositer Jupiter in 9th house.

    I know it is a difficult position for Saturn, but I always get a feeling and intution that my Saturn is good placed. How trustworthy these intutions can be Sir?? Currently running Rahu, Saturn Mahadasha is far so don’t really know 😛

    • All placements have some good and some bad. Sahni 12 is a challenging placement, but it can also lead to spiritual progress. Good that you are focusing on the positive side of it.

  • “They should also get rid of their ego and their illusions of their own greatness” – This hit the nail! I am not going through Shani mahadasha yet but just completed Sade Sati. I am not especially proud or never felt greatness and all, but I have a subconscious ego and boy did that get crushed! Now everytime I pray to lord Shani or Shiva I ask them to crush my ego and anger, and let my mind & feet be on the ground.
    Excellent article! Keep’em coming! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Om Shanaischaraya Namah!

  • Prolific writing with awesome examples!

    I am one your ardent followers periodically checking the site to see if any article is out, and I was waiting for this article. Such depth in writing is rare and very practical. Thank you for bringing simplicity to a mystical subject like astrology.

  • Hi Nicely written article.. Am Scorpio ascendant with Saturn in 12th and Mars in 3rd house… Materially Saturn mahadasha has been OK with Ups and downs however personally Saturn Ketu (Ketu in 2nd was best period for me where I could advance spiritually and taste lords blessings.. I have felt being spiritual (pray to lord Krishna) can really offset all bad effects of any planet.. (Example : My moon Rahu in 8th is the major trouble giver but lords blessings have always allowed me to overcome that)

    • Thank you for your kind words. These are tough combinations that you have written. I am happy that you found the path of spirituality…Lord is the answer.

      • Yes maybe Jupiter sun mercury and Venus combined in 1st house has helped.. Though exalted Saturn in 12 th has not been bad materially..

  • Namaste,
    Have never commented on a blog ever, but this one I had to. This one hit home.At the end of my Shani Mahadasha (4 1/2 months left) & man, have I been humbled.
    Did reasonably well during the last half of Jupiter Mahadasha. Life was tough working 14 hours a
    day, 7 days a week but was making money.
    Then Shani mahdasha started also went through Sade Sati around the same time ( started a few months before Mahadasha)

    Shani- Shani : Motorbike accident. 2 broken ribs. Lost my father to heart attack. Went through Stress Anxiety, Insomnia & had to get a Coronary Angiogram done at the same hospital to rule out blockages(I lived overseas but had to get it done at home in India as I could take 1 week off ,not possible at work).Luckily no blockages, but blood markers were way off.Was seeing a Cardiologist & a Psychiatrist every alternate Wednesday (used to call it my double date back then).
    A doctor who I had gone for a second opinion couldn’t believe that I as a young man of 30 could have so many issues. He believed when he saw my tests and reports from my cardiologist who was higher in hierarchy.

    Shani-Mercury : Income reduced, health sort of got better. I have an exalted Mercury and am a Gemini ascendant.

    Shani-Ketu : Income reduced further. Lost a lot of weight too( almost 25kgs, not complaining about that though)

    Shani-Venus : King of bad times. Can vouch for that. Gave up my job, relocated to India to trade currencies & lost a lot of money ( mine and other people too). Messed up my left knee. Took a great decision to not marry ( a great decision in hindsight)

    Shani-Sun : Had 2 herniated discs in my cervical spine ( due to above currency trading 15 hours a day staring at the computer)
    Opened another business in India. That was the worst 6 months of my life.
    Also messed my right knee.

    Shani-Moon : Got my old job back overseas so I can pay off money of other people that I lost trading currencies in Shani-Venus period. Nothing much, just stress and anxiety in this period . Have Shani & Moon conjunction in my Lagna .

    Shani- Mars : Anger and frustrations. Nothing much compared to other time, so can’t complain much.

    Shani-Rahu : Took a short cut to lose weight ( typical Rahu & I am an Ardra Nakshatra native).
    Hurt my back, 3 herniated discs in my lumbar spine. Got my neck spasms back too as physiotheraphy for lumber back is antagonistic to theraphy for lumbar spine. Lost gait due to back pain and knee pains resurfaced too. Also Sciatic pain, pain in plantar fasciitis and a 18 year old wrist injury (another motorbike accident in Jupiter Mahadasha) resurfaced. Lived with pain in 6-8 areas of the body and in pain for atleast 8-10 hours everyday.
    Credit to Rahu, he helped me cope with pain and disease & I was still working 9-11 hours,7 days a week( Rahu is my 6th house of disease & did I say I am an Ardra Nakshatra native).
    Took my sarcasm, humour and whining to a new whole new level.

    Shani-Jupiter : Hurt my left shoulder. Apart from that life has been slow. Still stuck at the last 10-15% of paying people’s money. Almost there. Got a few months left.

    Had a consulation with yourself last month and you mentioned ” acche din aane waale hai” & you mentioned that the firt 9 months of Mercury will be hard.Also agree with your saying of me having to work 4 times for result.
    Am doing your prescribed remedies.Thank you.

    Looking forward to good times. Wish i had a fast forward button to skip the last months of this Shani Dasha and first 9 months of Mercury Dasha.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to complain, deleted this message twice, but something compelled me to share it.
    Warm regards.

    • Thank you SOOO MUCH for sharing this. This kind of validates my research. Wish you all the best for your mercury dasha

  • I have Shani in first house Tula lagna. Saturn Mahadasha is going to start from August 2020. I am observing powerful changes in my life in a systematic spiritual manner. I am not getting a feeling that Shani Mahadasha will be hard and tough. I am getting a sense that it will be beautiful. I am 35 and extreme hardships of life has made me like a stone from inside. I love Shiva.

  • Ji, Very loooong and gooood article Ji… always a pleasure watching your articles and to be honest a lot of your web readers wouldnt be expecting a major article from you and i am sure they are all treated with this surprise release of yours.

    Ji, my doubt is Shani is the karaka for 8th and 12th house. So if its exalted in 8th or 12th house in a chart, can we expect a better Shani dasa/antardasa periods and may i get ur views please?

  • Hi sir,

    I have a question about Dasha sandhi if you don’t mind. Is it always a duration of 9 months for every dasha transition ? For example to Ketu to Venus ? Thank you in advance.

  • NamasteSir,

    Wonderful article, as always! I have found your lucid explanations very helpful.

    Please please write an article on RETROGRADE SHANI: What is it, what is its impact on different ascendant and different houses. How is Vakri Shani Mahadasha?


    • Frankly in my opinion, retrograde has been blown out of proportion. It is said to make Shani a little harsher…but no major difference.

  • pls help understand, (particularly for marriage) – Saturn with Venus and Mercury for Taurus ascendant in fourth house (Leo), with Venus Dasha about to begin?

    • Can put pressure on marriage. However, Venus dasa won’t be bad. Would ahve to look at the entire chart before commenting any further.

      • Sir.,
        Very well researched and painstaking article.
        It shows the efforts you have put in to it and although you have mentioned divine presence for writing such article but it seems mighty Saturn has toiled you hard for it.
        But believe me,it is worth.For many of us definately.

        I am a little bit disappointed with lessor comments for this high quality content, specially when it was long eagerly awaited.But am sure it has been widely read and people will react and post their comment as per Shaney Shaney Shanicharya way.

        On comparing it with Ketu and Rahu dasha articles,while they were swashbuckling of Sehwag and poetric flow of VVS Laxman batting,this one is a ESSAY like Dravid batting having the tenacity and long reaping essential benefits.
        The most amazing part which I felt besides its research orientation is Genuinity(Moulikta in Hindi).very aptly you have mentioned quote only from Greatness of Saturn but this article is having practical aspects which are difficult to comprehend from that Great book.
        This is Greatness of this article.

        • thank you sooo much for such kind words. Yes Shani Deva made me toil very, very, very hard. Years of research and many early morning hours…phew…i was too frustrated to see it stuck on google page 7.

          Based upon my digital team’s advice , I have trimmed it to a great extent, trying to make a “Sachin” out of it. Still remains my longest article but is much more readable now :D. Hope this reaches maximum people.

    • Not necessarily but it has been a pattern…it almost always consists of violent changes. Yes it lasts only 9 months

      • I am currently going through a name change.. from ketu to venus dasha and its so hard for me right now but i would like to believe its for my good… thank you for your answer

  • Reading this article felt like reliving the story of my life of 25yrs as of now. Thanks for sharing such content, definitely going to apply your suggestions.

  • Hi sir,

    They say Saturn dasha Venus antardasha will be very bad if both planets are good. Like a king becomes pauper and vice versa. What are your views on it.

  • I am thula lagna with Saturn and Jupiter in third house . my Shani dasa starts on June 2022 how will it be . Will it be better than my guru dasa.

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