Okay, I know I have created massive amount of content on Ketu Mahadasha, and most of it is terrifying.

Having gone through this period myself, using my experience, I created articles and videos that people resonated with, and it brought me a lot of clients, recognition, and I virtually built a career around this.

However, looking back, I can tell you that it need not be all doom and gloom. There are ways that it can in fact be good for you. 

Ketu Mahadasha is often associated with detachment, spirituality, and Karmic clean up. It is usually a time of  painful changes and transformations. However, it can also be a time of great transformation and can do some real good stuff for you.

Here are 10 ways that Ketu Mahadasha can be good for you:

Ketu Mahadasha Removes the Cancers of your life and soul:

I have called Ketu the “Cancer Surgeon” of the zodiac. In this period one is often forced to let go things that he values the most, however, that things has become the cancer his life. It could be a job, a relationship or even a parent or a spouse. All that has become useless and toxic in your life, will be taken away, no matter how much you wish to stick with it. Ketu performs cancer surgery, but does it without anaesthesia. It is never pretty and comfortable when it is happening but in the end you would be happy that it happened.

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Ketu Mahadasha Liberates You:

Most of us die at 25 but are buried at 75. This may be true for most of the people, but Ketu Mahadasha gives us another chance at life. Most people stuck in a dead-end job and a toxic marriage would not dare come out of it due to several reasons, however, Ketu Mahadasha drags them out of their situation and makes them liberated so that they can get a second shot at life and can make a new career or live a better life with a new partner.  

Ketu Mahadasha can give you Spiritual Awakening:

After a hard-core intellectual/logical period of Mercury Mahadasha, one is welcomed to the mystical realm of Ketu Mahadasha. The native realizes that logic does NOT work in his life, and takes refuge of the ULTIMATE. One gets involved in spiritual practices such as yoga, reading scriptures, and meditation (Pro Tip: Trying heartfulness meditation can be a great relief). Often visiting places of pilgrimage is a part of Ketu Mahadasha These practices help the native’s spiritual awakening. Many people can have experiences that others cannot fathom.

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Ketu Mahadasha helps you develop your intuition:

When headless Ketu stops the normal functions of your brain, you have no choice but to live by intuition and your intuition becomes stronger. One is more likely to have insights that come from beyond the conscious mind. Remember Ketu is the Node of Moon. Your subconscious would play a much bigger role in Ketu Mahadasha. When mercury logic deserts you Ketu tuition takes over and help you make better decisions. Remember Ketu has no head it has only heart so you need to listen to your heart.

Ketu Mahadasha makes you more saintly:

In Mahadasha of a planet you start to look feel and act and behave like the Mahadasha lord. In  Mercury Mahadasha you behave like Mercury. You are sharp and logical, and a tad selfish and unpredictable. There is a word for it “Mercurial”. In Ketu you become more like “Ketu” you are much more spiritual, intuitive, unselfish and detached, almost saintly, and a much better person. You are a man of God. It is not such a bad things really.

Ketu Mahadasha helpsyou overcome your fears:

In Ketu Mahadasha are forced to confront your fears. Identity crisis is a mandatory part of this Mahadasha. Ketu shows you that everything is temporary. Most fears are about losing something, a career, a relationship, health, or some such thing. Every prized possession is going to come under threat during Ketu Mahadasha. Once you realize that you are much more than “Assistant Manager of IT” or “Wife of Mr. Sharma” When job and marriage both are gone, you are not longer afraid as you survived those losses which terrified you the most.

Ketu Mahadasha can help you to find your purpose in life:

Okay before you run for career counselling, I said “PURPOSE” and not “CAREER”. See these are two different things. Mercury hustles for money, Ketu follows the soul’s calling, even if it does not pay the top buck, or is most financially rewarding, it is fulfilling and one is much happier and at peace. Ketu will take away your existing career and will put you into something that your soul would resonate with. Personally speaking, this liberated corporate slave cannot thank Ketu Deva enough for putting him on this path, which is so full of blessings.

Ketu Mahadasha will give you Karmic Clean Up:

Ketu is a Karmic planet and believe is doing a “clean up” for a lot of your bad Karma. As a soul one feels much lighter and much less bogged down after going through Ketu Mahadasha. You know that you have “paid you dues” and can relax more at an internal level. You are much more conscious about your Karma, and like a person wearing newly washed clothes you try to be extra careful not to dirty yourself.

Ketu Mahadasha can be a challenging period, but it can also be a time of great growth and opportunity. If you are open to the changes that Ketu brings, you can emerge from this period a stronger, wiser, and more evolved person.

Ketu Mahadasha gives you a shield against Venus indulgence

Venus Mahadasha follows Ketu Mahadasha. Venus brings relationships, luxury, and fun for most people. In short, Maya will enter your life once again. But people who have lived through Ketu Mahadasha in their youth or later ages, are far too immune to cling to the trappings of Venus.

Ketu Mahadasha leads to detachment

Like the Buddha said, attachment is the root of all suffering. Ketu being the surgeon he is, attacks this root. Once Ketu Mahadasha is done with you, you are much more detached, and learn that everything is temporary, you no longer cling to anything, right from careers to spouse to children. You have learned everything is temporary and are comfortable with the fact that ALL THIS would be LOST at the end of this very short journey called “life”, few things would be lost during the journey, and that’s okay. You learn to say goodbye cheerfully. Some day we all would have to say a big final goodbye, teachings of Ketu make it much easier to say it with a smile.

Jai Ketu Dev…

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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