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This was the question confronting me when I wanted to publish this on the blog. With people stealing my content left-right-and centre, I was sceptical about putting up one of the best research articles on the blog, but as they say, it is better to earn good Karma.

Also, I was inspired by Sh. Dharmesh Mehta Ji who shared his wisdom across, up to and including my youtube channel, and imparted his wisdom to us all, I thought I would do well to follow his example and share some things that I know can help people at large.


It has been received well


It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t Lost the things that money can’t buy.
-George Lorimer

If there is a placement I find tough, it is this one. Most difficult placement to have. It gives the double whammy of financial troubles coupled with a rough life. However, it promises great liberation and enlightenment if managed properly.

2 ND house represents family, money, treasury, savings, inheritance, and mouth. All things Ketu doesn’t want to be bothered with. He is a Monk that doesn’t care for money, and remember he doesn’t even have a mouth.

8 TH represents occult, death, hidden things, dark side of nature. Rahu here is a double edged sword, while one can discover secrets of the universe, he can also get engulfed by the dark side of this house.

In a world obsessed with financial rewards, this is the worst placement to have. Mars and Ketu are the worst planets to have in the second house. Remember Ketu is the monk and a monk finds the treasury useless. In fact, Ketu is no ordinary monk, he is a Digambar Jaina Muni (the naked monk who wants nothing but liberation). For him money is something he finds appalling. While Rahu in 2nd amasses wealth like a gagster-politician, Ketu is very likely to turn its back towards it

I have never seen a poor man with Rahu in 2nd. Ketu in 2nd I am yet to see a person who is good at handling money. Even if other combinations get them money, they are almost always ill at ease in terms of managing it.

Bad finances: These people are usually very unlucky with money. No matter how hard they try, they can never save money. Something or the other would go wrong and they would end up losing their savings. Most of the times, it is not even their fault, but they end up losing it.

They tend to be penny wise and pound foolish. They can keep weighing options for weeks trying to save a few bucks, however, they can make a big purchase on a whim and not think twice before burning up that kind of money.

If they have a bank account, chances are that it would remain empty most of the times. I have advised such people to save in the name of wife/children as they are more likely to work and “give to others” in this life.

In fact, I tell them almost NEVER to use cash and live on digital money. For some reason, Ketu is not so detrimental to digital money. But it would absolutely burn up cash in their pockets.

Diabetes: Ketu in the 2nd is one of the strongest indicators of diabetes in the chart. These natives have a limited capacity to digest food. Ketu being the Jain Muni, wants to keep these people from eating too much and avoid rich food. I always advise such clients to eat clean and healthy, tons of fruits and vegetables, especially juices. Non-veg food should be avoided by them as this enrages Ketu, which is a very sattvic planet. This would bring them diseases and make an irate Ketu cause more harm to their financial position.

No Inheritance: At least once in life, I have seen such natives lose everything. Any kind of inheritance is mostly ruined and they tend to get little or nothing from their ancestors. On top of that, if they get anything, they are most likely to lose it in a misadventure.

Losses in gambling, speculations, and shares: I am totally against most people even investing a penny in share market, which is the third biggest fraud (after government and organised religion). If there is one combination that should NEVER spend a penny on speculative activities like gambling, betting, and shares, that is Ketu in the 2 nd .

Bad Math: Unless they have a very strong Mercury, they are likely to have bad mathematics. Ketu is not about counting; it is about feeling. Second house is the house of math and Ketu doesn’t really like this subject. What would you do with math if you don’t care to count anything in life and focus only on the ONE supreme. Two is not required by Ketu.

Harsh speech: Remember, Ketu has a dog connection. These people can actually “bark” at others when angry. Unless there are good aspects on 2nd house, esp. Venus and Jupiter, Ketu is most likely to give them harsh speech. They can also be pretty sarcastic with others.

Bad childhood: Ketu in the first half usually gives a bad childhood, however, it is particularly tough in the second house. These children often grow up seeing their parents struggle for money and go through a lot of ups and downs in life.

Humiliation for money: Money teaches them a lesson or two in life. The theory is that these people were rich in past lives and abused their wealth and humiliated others. Karma is the famous b***h as we know, so next life, they are born with Ketu in 2 nd . They face humiliations a few times regarding money. It is always better for them to accept things with humility and surrender. They MUST be detached from money else they would be humiliated throughout their life. The key here is to have the ability to say no to money.

Financed and Dominated by partner: They are dominated by their partners. Rahu in the 8th ensures that they get some money from their partner’s side and are often made to realise that. Men with this combination are often dominated by their wives, who bring a good chuck of money from their parents. The good idea would be not to take that money. Say no to things like dowry.

Family break up: They almost never live in a joint family and are often separated from their parents. Second house of family is laid waste by the monk Ketu. Remember, the first thing a monk often does is to leave the family.

Teeth issue: Second house is the house of teeth and mouth. Ketu wreaks havoc here. It is rare for a person with Ketu in 2 nd to have no issues with teeth. From root canal to wisdom teeth pull out, to other diseases, Ketu does a lot of damage.

Often wander: There are people who live and die in the same house. Not Ketu in 2nd people. They are most likely to leave the house, town, state and even nations. They would wander far away from their roots, and at times would change several residences.

Can leave a legacy after death: While we have talked a lot about the bad Stuff, there are some good things that this combination brings with it. Rahu in 8th gives them a legacy which often makes them famous after their death. Once in a while we come across a person who leaves behind a book or a painting which gets millions, or a soldier who gets an award posthumously. Chances are that they had this combination.

Detached Spiritual outlook: Once these people learn to detach themselves (which is something they learn soon, given the hard knocks this combination gives them), they can live a surprisingly self- sufficient life, full of spirituality and contentment with what they have. CONTENTMENT is the key in this combination. NOT being greedy will bring them all good things, even money. Donation of FOOD is a very good remedy for this combination

Scientific and psychic researchers: These people almost always have prophetic and psychic abilities.
They are often the masters of occult and hidden. Rahu in the 8th gives them a super power when it comes to finding out the “hidden” they can dive deep, using their passion for finding secrets of the universe, and their superb intuition guides them. Einstein is a good example of this combination.

This is a combination even the most evolved souls find hard to manage. They have to learn
contentment with what they have and one must learn to keep their needs to a minimum. They should look at their wealth as a “trust” that would be used for the family and other people. They should have a minimalistic lifestyle and should focus more on pursuit of knowledge and research.

Money should NOT be the focus of their life, that’s the only way to live a good life.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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