I was wondering if I should share this or not, after all, asa businessman I didn'twant to share one of my personal favourite business techniques, but then thereare times when you need to go beyond the immediate benefit.

This one is dedicated to all those who are struggling in their jobs, wonderingwhether to launch a business or stay on as an employee. Lord help you if youwere born with this yoga in India.

In India we have a "job security" culture, if you are a North Indian, you want asecure (preferably Sarkari) job, and if you are a South Indian, you want an ITjob that gives you a visa to the States, or at the very least. to the Gulf.

Beyond this, there are no careers, at least in most parents' eyes. I often saythat a good Indian child would have to do three things:

  1. Study Science
  2. Play Cricket
  3. Prepare for a government job

If you don't do any of these three, you are not a true Indian citizen.

Now this leaves one very big lacune in the system and the nation. We have toomany job seekers, what we need is more job creators i.e. entrepreneurs, Godknows we have more than enough Babus and Babu wannabes. Millions ofIndians any given day are preparing for a government job, or are at leastagitating for one. 99.999% of them would be disappointed after wasting yearsof their lives. Furthermore, a much bigger number is joining the ranks of theunemployed, every day.

Government cannot be expected to create enough jobs for such a massivepopulation, what we need is a robust system of creating EMPLOYERS...entrepreneurs who can create enough jobs for such a big population.

How do we identify which kids have been blessed with the ability to createjobs and run their own things?

Well here this humble astrologer is going to step in and share this post. The #1indicator of a business and entrepreneurship is SUN IN THE 1stHOUSE...!

How do I know this? I see thousands upon thousands of chart every year. Thisis one yoga that is hardwired to be their own boss. I know this really wellbecause I was born with it...literally...and launched my first start up at the ageof 9…!

Anti-Climax: My mother shut down my business on day 1 and I wasencouraged to "Become a doctor first and then an IAS" (l was born inUP what do you expect?).

And here I am blissfully running my own small show, neither an IAS nor adoctor, but a humble astrologer who is as happy as a loon, enjoying my life,lording over my small castle.

Sun in 1stwill not work for the others for very long, they have that inner soulcalling to work for themselves. It is not an ego thing; this is their soul's wakeup call.

So my friend if you have Sun in the 1stlisten to your inner voice, you are nothere for being a slave, you will be a king...even if of a very small kingdom...youwill find a way.

And if you are a parent with a child with Sun in the 1stdon't worry about hisjob, he won't need one, he is born to create jobs. God knows we need suchchildren. Encourage his entrepreneurship and guide him with things regardingto business and money management (he will not be very fond of details). Lethim run a small business of his own, no matter how humble, help his strengthbloom. He will make you proud, and you will thank yourself later, and so wouldmany others who would work for him later in life.

Don't worry about him...he is not going to seek a job...he is going to create afew...be proud of him...heaven knows we need him.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

PHONE: 7678228364

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