I want you to say this aloud: Ketu is one planet that is anti-body and pro-soul.

Ketu “the ascetic” does not wish the native to indulge with the world or even the body. His target is the soul and for that he can even destroy the body.

Never mind the new age “get healthy” spirituality, and 1001 yoga poses, most of the great spiritual saints have never been very healthy. Reason: The body for them was just a wrapping around the real thing, the soul. Ketu, the Karaka of Saints underlines this fact.

Vivekananda and Osho had diabetes, Ashtavakra had the most deformed body ever, Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharishi battelled cancer. Hardly any spiritual giant was very healthy in the “bodily manner”…let’s just say that body was not their priority. They were totally focused on the soul and with time their soul became too big for the fragile human body.  

Ketu Mahadasha is the most spiritual period a person can go through. One of the biggest signs is the loss of “body consciousness”. The native feels disengaged from the body and is often lost in thoughts and intuitions of other wordily type.

The first thing that jumps out of the window when Ketu enters your life, is body consciousness. Natives very quickly let go of their looks and dressing sense. They suddenly start to look old, disengaged and have a foggy, lost look about them.

Often men grow beards, women look disheveled, they don’t care about dressing up the body. Even if they try, they look uncomfortable in the “formal” dress up. Usually they wear loose clothes and “pajayama” is the new normal for them.

However, the bigger threat is not the dressing sense, but the destruction that visits the body.  

In order to teach the native about the mortality and fragility of the body, Ketu can give rise to several diseases.

Here are the most common diseases that often ail the native during Ketu Mahadasha:

  1. Diabetes: This is number one disease that I have seen associated with Ketu. One of the greatest pleasures in human life is good food. Ketu the ascetic, would force the person to give up his favorite food and drinks by making him unable to absorb the same. In my view, Ketu is the greatest karaka of diabetes. He wants the native to become like a monk, eating simple food and refraining from excess. If one doesn’t voluntarily take this vow of simplicity, Ketu has a weapon called diabetes which would make one behave.
  • Headache and Lethargy: A persistent headache and lethargy is a hallmark of a Ketu period. Ketu being a headless planet, usually attacks the native’s mind. His mind is not able to think straight and there is always a mental fog. There is headache and lethargy that surrounds a person as Ketu does not want him to think or use his “head” to engage with the world. Thus, one becomes more interested in occult and spirituality. However, he has little to no energy or intellect left to interact with the external world.
  • Depression: Ketu is a time of internal victories and external defeats. Two almost certain things that happen in Ketu Mahadasha are job loss and marital disharmony (up to and including divorce). The two things that matter the most to the modern human. The loss of these two coupled with regular lethargy can usher in the demon known as depression, especially for natives with a Damaged Moon. As someone who has been under depression during this period, I know what it can do to a person. PLEASE get proper treatment.
  • Weight Gain: This is a disease. Or rather a harbinger of diseases. One becomes lethargic and does not work out. The lack of body consciousness can lead to weight gain. Rahu makes people lose weight, Ketu makes them gain weight. That is usually true, and much so during their Mahadasha. Weight gain can lead way to several diseases that Ketu can throw at a person.
  • Sleep apnea: Weight gain, diabetes, and Ketu’s attack on the “head” often leads to this little known but very dangerous disease. Sleep apnea “cuts off” the supply of oxygen to the brain and the ability of the brain to function drops ridiculously. This is a very dangerous disease, if you snore, please get yourself checked for this and take required treatment.
  • Injury to extremities: I have also seen, injury or disease to extremities, especially one’s hands and legs. Ketu is Chidrakarka and the ruler of handicaps. I have seen people get things like plantar-fasciitis some bone related issues, or often an injury that can make it difficult for them to use their hands/legs.
  • Corona and other allergies: Surprise…? Not really. Corona is a very Ketu – Shani disease. Ketu generally weakens the person’s immunity and one becomes vulnerable to all kinds of allergies, especially from temperature changes. This is the worst during Ketu Mahadasha – Shani Antardasha period. I had written long back that people undergoing this period must take good amount of immunity boosters.

One has to remember that Ketu is not a body-conscious planet. It is strongly advised that you keep your external activities to a minimum.

Eat light and spend time in meditation.

Take plenty of rest and sattvic, light, and saintly food like fruits, juices and pulses.

This would keep your body and head light and will help you with spiritual practices, which is what Ketu wants you to do.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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