Those who know a thing or two about learning astrology or any art for that matter; know the importance of finding that one Master you resonate with. For my dad it was the great Jagan Nath Bhasin. For me, it was someone else.

Despite his sheer genius (my Dad has a Bhadra Yoga and a Hansa Yoga…try beating that in intellectual capacity), he struggled with the so called “astrology books” written by all kinds of funny “pundits”. After years of frustrating search, my dad finally found his Master in the Legendry Jagan Nath Bhasin, who I would rank among the best of the last generation. South India had BV Raman and KN Rao, but for North Indians who were living in dark ages of astrology back then, Bhashin Sir was a light house. Dad loved him and often used to say “While I admire HN Katve (another great), it is JN Bhasin I most resonate with”. Bhasin Sir I bet had a heavy Jupiter and Mercury much like his follower, my father.

I was a totally different animal with Rahu + Guru (Chandal Yoga…yeah baby) I was more of a rebel in terms of knowledge and often questioned ancient scriptures instead of believing them blindly.

QUEST FOR TRUTH was my aim for reading astrology and I wouldn’t settle for anything less than the truth. Questioning religion, society, and spirituality since teenage often got me into soup. I had a tough time finding an astrologer whose ideas resonated with me, somebody who had the guts to say that the truth was stolen, that the scriptures were corrupted.

After a long search, I finally found my ROCK STAR…who was much more than an astrologer. He is an enlightened being who gives out much more than mere astrological.


This was the guy who was saying what I had been often thinking and getting criticized for, here is a small list:

  • The ancient scriptures were corrupted
  • Rahu Ketu and Saturn aren’t “bad” planets.
  • Deepak Chopra is a charlatan
  • School are for brainwashing
  • Jobs are for slaves (My mother often whipped me for last two)
  • Manglik and Guna Milan are hoaxes (Hell yeah…!)

Discovering Prash was like taking the Red pill, finally discovering that I wasn’t insane and that I was actually going in the right direction.

I was blown over by seeing his YouTube interview and ordered every book he had ever written and what a delight it was.

Prash was the only astrologer who had the guts to say that the EARTH IS FLAT, I bow to his honesty and courage.

In the pseudo “scientific age”, he was beating the drums of ancient truth and getting trolled for it, but he couldn’t care less.

People criticized him, made fun of him, trolled him on the net, but then they read his books in secret and learned from his techniques. His book on Nakshatra started a revolution and today we have many who just rehash his stuff and call themselves “Nakshatra Astrologers”.

In the age where everyone is out to ask questions like “When will I get a job” and “when will I get married” here was an astrologer telling people that the aim of life was to connect to nature and Divine.

At the times when selling stones is end all and be all of astrology, this man was telling people to walk barefoot and touch the trees.

In the age where “West” is the boss, he was telling that USA is a third world country in terms of nutrition.

In times when the latest “self help” books from the West would find many takers in India, Prash was insisting that Vedic ways were the best.

In times when “Indian Spiritual Wisdom” is being prostituted to the West, he had the guts to call Deepak Chopra a charlatan.

In times when Indians are rampantly involved in honor killing in the name of “Indian Culture” Prash attacked the idea of arrange marriages

This man is a revolution, a divine being that we can only aspire to learn from.

I would strongly recommend readers to visit Parash’s website:

Prash: I am a very small fry, you are a Master. If by the grace of God, you ever get to read this, I shall consider myself blessed. Please accept this small service from your fan, admirer and follower. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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