It is a well-known fact of astrology that a person starts to look, feel, act and behave like the Mahadasha Lord. This is true for all nine planets up to an including Ketu however, during Ketu Mahadasha, it becomes very difficult for a person to handle his life because of the inherent paradox of Ketu.

Remember Ketu is a Sanyasi planet that does not like to be engaged with the world. He is interested in inner cleaning and inner growth. He is not at all bothered with external world and its trappings of Maya. I have often said that had Ketu been a person, he would have been a Jain Muni. A Jain Muni is the epitome of renunciation and internal focus. He gives up everything in his life up to and including his clothes, in order to seek spiritual progress. This would give you an idea about how Ketu expects the native to behave during his Mahadasha.

This is where he problem is, we are not programmed to behave like that. We have created a very Shani-Rahu kind of world where people are more bothered about external growth, family, money, and material comforts. Ketu Mahadasha, as expected, brings problems in these areas, especially money and marital relationships.

As a natural human instinct, the natives try HARDER…and that is a BIG mistake during Ketu Mahadasha, because Ketu gets irritated when a person tries to make efforts to win in the external world being a sanyasi planet that Ketu is, it is going to punish a person for trying too hard in the external world.

Ketu is a renunciate and will bring similar circumstances to the native. Most of the people undergoing Ketu Mahadasha are almost sure to face unemployment or job losses and marital disharmony. If you try harder, it will make it even more painful. When natives try hard to retain their job or maintain their relationships, Ketu goes tongs and hammer set them and make their life very difficult.

That is why it is very strongly advised that during Ketu Mahadasha you should let go of the external world. Whatever the case just don’t try. You cannot win against Ketu. Better cooperate with the inevitable.

If you focus on internal growth and spiritual progress, Ketu will give you sufficient to manage your affairs. However, if you try very hard, subscribing to the misleading materialistic philosophy of “Try-try again” and “The harder I work the luckier I get.” Let me promise you that the harder you will work the UN-luckier you will get through Ketu Mahadasha.

So if you are undergoing a Ketu period, it is best to surrender and learn to LET GO. you cannot fight against a Divine Being who is billions of years old, who is empowered by God to give you the result of your karma.

The inherent paradox is that if you let go, Ketu will make it easy for you and would give you enough to take care of your basic needs. This can be a period of peace and inner redemption, however, if you would try to conquer the external world, you will face the wrath of Ketu. So whatever you do in a Ketu Mahadasha, DON’T TRY…!

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