Things NOT to do in a Ketu Mahadasha (#5 will shock you).

People often ask me which dasha I have seen give most difficult results, and there are the usual suspects, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. However, out of these three, I have seen Ketu do the maximum damage to most individuals.

Reason being that we modern humans, especially the ones belonging to India, have been raised in a very “ShaniRahu” kind of world, so we know how to behave during these periods. However, Ketu is the polar opposite of these two, and is most difficult to understand and adopt to. We Desis with our “try-try again” and “work hard” ethic borrowed from our western masters, get the real shock when Ketu comes.

In order to understand “Ketu-The Liberator”, we need to throw away the mental chains of slavery that we have been wearing for centuries. When the British colonized India, they gave us “work is worship, duty is god” kind of mottos. Ketu throws these out of the window as soon as he starts working on us, and brings the truth in front of us, we control very little.

We need a BIG PARADIGM shift in order to go through Ketu Mahadasha with our sanity intact:  

Here are 5 things that we do as default, and we MUST not do in Ketu Mahadasha:

  • Don’t Cling to jobs: Okay so as I said, work is not worship and duty is not God. I have been guilty of clinging to my job, and ultimately ended up in a hospital after all the stress, pressure, and humiliation that was thrown my way. I still remember the day I resigned, and I bless my stars for that. I would have still been a corporate slave if I hadn’t quit. If you cling to your job too tightly, be ready for a firing or a hospitalization. The westerners told use quitters never win, well in this case, they were wrong.
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  • Don’t cling to relationships: Ketu being a sanyasi planet does not believe in keeping relationships intact. Ketu usually takes away all the relationships that have become toxic, laborious, or binding in this incarnation. I have seen very, few marriages in Ketu periods, but for sure maximum number of divorces and breakups happen during Ketu period. Clinging to someone who wants to leave you during the period would only bring heartburn and hurt. Not only romantic relationships but also blood relationships and friendships are tested. A friend who sticks with you thought the end of Ketu dasha is a real friend. To be willing to let go any relation, no matter how close to you, is the only way to go. Sticking to them (especially for Cancer Moon people) will bring pain and humiliation. Letting go would bring peace and serenity.
  • Don’t be resentful: “Why me” is a very human expression. When Ketu hammers you, you feel very resentful. The victories that mercury gave you were also because of your Karma, you did not ask “Why me” during that time. Similarly, what Ketu is doing is again your Krama’s backlash. Don’t blame planets for this, rather accept this as fruits of your Karma, and accept with stoic attitude. Resentments will only make it worse.
  • Don’t be ambitious: If we say that we are greedy, it is politically incorrect, but when we say we are “ambitious” suddenly we are rock stars. I have written at length that AMBITION is nothing but GREED in a corporate suit and greed or ambition is ra Rahu. In Ketu if you run after your material ambitions, you are sure to fall really hard. Any big bets, any risky move is sure to crash and burn. It is better to be CONTENT with what you have. Any kind of ambitious moves are sure to backfire in the long run.
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  • Don’t work harder: Yes you read me right. But what about “The harder I work the luckier I get”? Ask anyone in Ketu Mahadasha, and you would know that the rule is “The harder you work, the UNLUCKIER you get.” But wouldn’t I get the fruits of my Karma, of my hard work, well not all the time. Let’s say that you plough your filed perfectly, but do it during a wrong season, would you get any crop, not at all. Similarly there are times when hard work is required, especially Shani periods. I always tell my clients undergoing Shani Mahadasha, to work really hard, but Ketu Mahadasha, people, I tell them to WORK LESS. And funny thing is that it works.
Leave hard work for Shani

Ketu Mahadasha , is the time to turn your back to the world and look inside, for a change, move away from the Western madness and look into the Vedic wisdom. You would find that life becomes easier and happier. No success and no achievement in the world can surpass inner peace and sagacity. That Ketu Mahadasha can give you in loads. All the best.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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