I have repeated many a times that 90% of the people who come to me are going through a Rahu, Ketu or a Saturn period. Clients are often shocked to read this and some laugh nervously when they talk about it. Well, honestly, I did not use any sorcery or sixth sense, I used plain old logic and pattern study. In my view, the sorrows of humanity were divided in between these three planets. It is mostly during a period of these three when a person is out looking for an astrologer. Understanding Shani, Rahu and Ketu is something that every astrologer should focus on.

I have mentioned elsewhere that these three planets belong to three great divine deities.

Rahu is the Left Hand of Mother Divine (Look at that demon head)

Ketu is the Left Hand of Ganesha (Look at that torso)

Saturn is the Left Hand of Shiva (Look at Shiva and we will talk about it in detail later)

However, out of these three, Saturn is the one who calls the shots, after all he is the BOSS of Kaliyuga.

In my experience I have seen that Saturn is one planet that can make or break the horoscope. He can make paupers out of kings and kings out of paupers. A well placed Saturn alone is sufficient to rescue an otherwise tough horoscope, while a poorly placed Saturn would delay and deny most pleasures of life.

The fear mongering and hoax called Sade-Saati: Thanks to his power and his ability to afflict pain, Saturn has been a victim of fear mongering and has been made villain by the medieval pundits. Especially with the advent of Christianity, Saturn was literally demonized. The word Satan is a distorted form of Saturn.

This fear mongering went on for several hundred years and things like “Sade Saati” were invented to keep people in perpetual fear, for the record Sade Saati is a hoax. It does NOT impact the individuals it impacts the world at large.

Thanks to this distortion people started to fear Saturn and we have seen the results. India, the ancient land of great knowledge, power and affluence, was reduced to a slave as it forgot the lessons of Saturn. However, thankfully, the Truth is making a comeback, more and more people are waking up to the good side of Saturn and are recognizing its benefits. Thanks to a very popular TV serial (though it gives exaggerated version of things) but it helped people understand and appreciate the beauty of this planet. I am doing my bit with this article.


One of the best descriptions has been given in the ancient story of Saturn and King Vikramaditya where pundits in the court are describing all planets. The one who is a Saturn expert says something like this:

“Saturn is the supreme terrifier among the planets. All beings fear him for he rules bereavements and misfortunes. If pleased, he will give you a Kingdom, but if irate, he will snatch everything away from you in a moment. Even king Indra and gods panic when Saturn is nearby for over the ages many thousands of Indras have been overtaken by the power of Time…. (My comments: See the power of this planet)

Lord Saturn is tall, black, long limbed, and emaciated, with reddish brown eyes, large teeth and nails, prominent veins, a sunken stomach, a long beard, matted locks, and profuse, coarse, and stiff body hair. He is lame and his limbs are rigid. His constitution is Vata. Intensely harsh, he is cruel in authority, and his gaze which is directed downward is utterly terrifying…(My comments: Doesn’t it sound like description of Shiva in a bad mood…?)

“He is an outcaste who worships Kaal Bhariava…”

“He is also known as the Slow, the Endless, the End Causer, the Steady, the Controller. (My comments: Read this line again.)

So now you see how Saturn is a representation of Shiva in a bad mood… Shiva as Bholenaath (the sweet gullible lord) represent moon which is sweet and childlike. Shiva as Bhairava (the terrifier)… represents Shani when he is out to do justice in his bad ass avatar.

The anti-thesis of Sun:

So now you know who is the boss of the Solar System, it is not the daddy Sun, it is the Son of Sun, Saturn who calls the shots in Kaliyuga. Just like Shiva is the supreme God of Universe, Shani is the boss of Solar System.

They named the Solar System after the Sun, after all Sun likes to be the poster boy and likes things to be named after him. But now we know who holds the power over Solar System, the “behind the curtain” boss is Saturn.

He is the farthest and coldest of all planets. The planet of harsh realities lives in far away corners of our solar system. In many ways he is the anti-thesis of his father Sun.

  • While Sun is hot, Saturn is cold.
  • Sun prefers to be the center, Saturn takes the quiet corners (look at their placement in the solar system)
  • Sun likes to lead from the front, Saturn prefers to pull strings behind the curtain
  • Sun is the show off “look at me” kind of guy who would take a fancy car on installments to push is ego, Saturn is the quite billionaire who would shop for cheap clothes at bargain store.
  • Sun loves to be the poster boy, Saturn likes to be the unseen puppeteer
  • Sun is the egomaniac, Saturn is the bad ass.
  • Sun is the media friendly CEO who prefers to be published on cover of Forbes, Saturn is the little known executive with real power who controls the balance sheet and uses the CEO as a rubber stamp and mouth piece.
  • Sun is about “Me, myself, and I” Saturn is about “Justice for all”
  • Sun is exalted in Aries the sign of self and ego, Saturn is exalted in Libra the Sing of others and justice. They are debilitated in each others’ exaltation signs.
  • Sun is about showing off but not delivering-typical photo op, Saturn is about getting things done and not mentioning it.
  • Sun is about taking names, Saturn is about kicking ass

I can go on and on, but guess by now, you know who is the real deal.

Lord of Justice:

This is where all my love for Saturn reaches the brim. I am a Saturn child with Saturn in the 9th house, I can neither stand injustice nor do injustice. I love the tough judge who can give a strong and just decision, never mind the political or other costs. Justice must be done.

Saturn the lord of justice, rules the court, judges and lawyers. Being a typical Saturn child, I usually cheer when courts pull up governments, it is like Saturn (rightfully) beating the crap out of Sun.  For the record the government is Sun and Politicians are Rahu, (God I hate Sun + Rahu combination). Thank god we have courts and Saturn.

Saturn through his sheer power and crusade for justice has tormented many high and mighty especially the kings have been his victims, and given their excesses, I would they had truly earned it.

Similarly Saturn delivers our karma to us. It does torment, but it only torments as much as we deserve nothing less and nothing more. Saturn it would not do injustice to even his enemies.

A SATURN SECRET YOU SHOULD KNOW: Saturn – Your Tough Teacher and Best Friend:

Yes, I just said that. Saturn is a friend of humanity. Man is the only being that has the knowledge and ability to know Karma and even change it. While all other planets give good or bad results in almost a fixed manner, Saturn is the MOST FLEXIBLE of all planets when it comes to altering the Karma. It not only lets you make yourself better, but also cleans up a boatload of bad karma.

I am a Saturn child and have been through a Saturn MD in my childhood, and yes it was tough. But as I have matured (Saturn maturity age is 36, and I have crossed it), I have started to appreciate the greatness of Saturn and understand it better.

Through readings, meditations, and grace of God, I have discovered a few things about this planet. One of these things is the secret that made me fall in love with this planet all over again. I think it would go a long way in pacifying the fears of all. Here it goes:

“Saturn is like a tough father figure, a stern but well-meaning teacher that would give you a tough test, but would push in a little help and a hint or two when you need it the most. Not enough to make things easy but just enough to encourage you to go on…!”

Read the above paragraph once again and realize the fatherly love of Saturn for humanity. No other planet would take so much pain for humanity, I repeat, no other planet would take so much pain for humanity.

Don’t we all have that one teacher who was stern, no-nonsense, rejected almost every request for a break or a “fun period” but when the exams came, you thanked him for all his efforts. He risked even your hatred in order to do what was right for you in the LONG TERM. You still remember him with fondness and bless his soul, don’t you? That’s how Saturn is.

Hope you like him more now.


While I would do an entire article on propiating Saturn using the astrological remedies. However, this Karmic planet has a thing for values and Karmic remedies.

During the Saturn period and overall in general, sticking to the below Saturn Values would be the best way to make Saturn favorable:

  • Hard Work: I have almost always asked my clients to increase their working hours in a Saturn Dasha, and expect less reward for their efforts. While some are disappointed, others who take this as a Karma Yoga, find this principle liberating. However, the toughest time I have is with the “eternal students” who spent entire time of Jupiter dasha dominating the classroom, but then find themselves in a drag when it comes to Saturn dasha. I have often advised them to “get a job” in a Saturn period as it would ease their Saturn and make life easier, and surprisingly, it always does. Even a part-time job would do, but for the sake of god, and yourself start working hard, Saturn loves a Karma Yogi.
  • DISCIPLINE: Saturn doesn’t fool around and neither should you, especially if you are going through a Saturn period. Get up on time and reach office on time. Do your honest day’s work and keep up with the gym routine. Be busy enough and Saturn would not bother you much. He would smile observing you working your guts off, and would say to himself “Humm…that one is learning”
  • Minimalism: Saturn means minimalism. It would squeeze you in terms of resources. And it would expect you to squeeze every resource and stretch every penny. Taking a vow of voluntary poverty and keeping a rigid cap on personal expenditure is always a good idea. Less is more is the Saturn way, and trust me it is the way to peace.
  • Reality: This is one reason the new age people aren’t very fond of Saturn. It wants people to face REALITY…The bunch of new agers who believe in “The Secret” are still waiting for the million dollar check to drop can’t stand the “don’t fool yourself” rhetoric of Saturn. They call it “Pessimism” and “Negative thinking”. Hey Saturn is just asking you to face and accept the reality only then are you going to improve it. Running away from reality and escapism doesn’t work, not with Saturn.
  • Justice: Justice is always a good idea, no matter which MD you are going through. But it is a mandate during your Saturn MD. Treat everyone right, especially the people who are in a lowly position. Treat your waiters, drivers, and laborers right, pay their dues on time and give a good tip. Do not embezzle someone’s money and like in India they say, don’t take the curse from the poor, remember Saturn is their defender. What goes around, comes around and Saturn is the planet that makes sure this happens. And as we all know, Saturn delivers.

Hope this article was able to dispel a few myths and make you like Lord Saturn a little more. He is tough but he is just.

Remember: Those who love the most are the ones who don’t shy away from delivering tough love. Saturn loves you enough.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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