As an astrologer, I talk to people suffering from all kinds of difficulties day in and day out. Like any human being, most of them are focused on the problem area in their life. Could be money, relationships, health or anything else. It is never fun to lose one’s job, relationship, go through a divorce, or face a collapsing business. Life can be tough.

While I empathize with them and my heart goes out to each and every one of them, but at times I want to shake them out of their self pity and make them count their blessings. 

To be HONEST, I used to be a big time cribber (Cancer Moon) and the “Poor Me” narrative would come out off and on, especially in my Ketu-Venus and Ketu-Rahu periods. Well THAT was BAAAAD and I think that was the time when I had the right to crib. Thankfully that is no longer the case.  I don’t bitch that much anymore. Credit for this goes to one of my friends.

I remember talking to her a few months ago, cribbing about my problems (What do you expect? I am going through a Ketu dasha). After listening to me for a few minutes she gave me a reality check that I haven’t forgotten since:

She said “Remember when you were facing all the health issue, you had just quit your job, your businesses were struggling. Money, health, family, career, everything was shaky. That was the time when you had the right to crib. Today you are just being a sorry bitch, whining about a non-issue.”

This hit me like a train.

She was right, things weren’t so bad after all. Then she said something that I would always remember:

“We have 90% things in our life that are right and 10% things which are wrong, but 90% of the times we focus on the 10% bad part.”

It was one of my “AHA” moments. She had slapped me out of my misery. I applauded her and thanked her for one of the best lessons in my life.

After that day I try not to get involved in the “pity party” and keep things in perspective. In addition, I have made it a point to count my blessings and thank the Universe for all the good things in life. This exercise jolts me out of my bad mood most of the times.

Now imagine playing God for a moment, you give everyone what they deserve and then some more (you are a good guy). But hardly anyone comes to thank you, ever. Everyone comes with a list of demands and complaints, and whenever anything goes wrong, they come and blame you (A la – “Aaj Khush toh bhaut hoge na tum…!” Amitabh Bacchan crap).


For a change, when you go to a temple, for a change, thank God for what you have and don’t ask for anything, and for the sake of God (literally) don’t complain.

God is not your slave or debtor, he doesn’t owe you anything. Trust me after all the crap that we have done, there is very little that we “deserve”. If you ask me, we humans deserve to be punished as a race. However God has been kind. If I were God, I would have actually wiped out human race for the sheer ingratitude and foolishness of what they have done to each other and the planet Earth.

So show some gratitude.

Here’s a small list of things that I thank the universe for:

  1. Grace of my celestial parents Baba Sai and Mother Divine. I would have died several times without their divine intervention in my life.
  1. Knowledge of divine science of astrology. It is fun and enlightening and has become more or less a full time career. Brought me money and great friends.
  1. Learning the ancient wisdom from scriptures like the Mahabharata (there are perks of being an Indian). There is more wisdom in one epic than all self help books combined.
  1. I do what I love. Now that’s what I call a LIFE. I have no bosses and no pitches any more. Don’t remember the last time I opened an excel sheet or a PowerPoint slide. F U Microsoft…!
  1. Liberation from corporate slavery. My biggest nightmare is going back to a job. Seriously guys, money can’t buy happiness. I can’t tell how happy I am even when I am earning roughly half of what I used to earn. I am NEVER going back to a job, even if someone puts a gun to my head. Death over job is my new motto.
  1. Living in a free country with democracy: Google North Korea if you want to see how bad things can be. Those who crib about being born in India should watch youtube videos about life in Pakistan or Bangladesh.
  1. Living a WOLF LIFE (a concept that I would explain in later stages) but putting it simply, I do what I love and I don’t take crap. I live a free lifestyle and am enjoying every moment of it.
  1. Love and appreciation that I get from most of my clients and readers (there is an occasional hater, but hey we are focusing on 90% this time)
  1. A Whatsapp group of highly intelligent people which guides me from time to time and give me great inputs (I get a lot of request for joining but sorry-joining is by invitation only, and founding member decide who gets to join. Exclusivity…!)
  1. Regaining my health (Imagine living with a rock in your head for 4 years and then when it goes away, you feel like the Hulk)
  1. A genius business mentor and partner. (He has saved me from so many bad decisions) I consult him before taking any business move, and the man gets it right every time.
  1. A great team that supports me with fierce loyalty and love (Thank you guys…love you all).
  1. Writing skills. I sucked at math, that’s a regret that I really have. But hey, my English teachers always loved me. Without my writing skills I might not have been anywhere close to where I am.
  1. Getting through first half of my Ketu dasha. I am a survivor. Nothings scares a person who has survived first half of Ketu dasha. I am virtually fearless.
  1. Living in the age of INTERNET – It is insanely great to have a tool that can bring you money, fame, friends, and almost anything you desire, with a lot less time effort and investment. And with Jio and all booming this tool, life is exciting.
  1. My surprising popularity. My website has hit the top 3% at an India level in Alexa. I reached 1 Million views on Quora this week. That’s insane. I frankly think that I am overrated. The kind of love and popularity that I get is ridiculous, and God knows I am thankful for this.

I can go on and on and I plan to have a personal list of 99 things. However, I am a very private person and would not want to share a lot of details online.

I challenge you to try at least 11 points for yourself the more the merrier. Looking at this list and thanking God for this would bring your more positivity than a bottle of anti depressants.

If you are smart and lucky enough to reach 99+ send me an email and would be happy to write about you on my blog.

There are people who have the right to complain, but if you are reading this article, it means that you are mentally and physically capable, are educated in English and have access to the Internet. THANK GOD FOR IT…!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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