I have written an article already about liquor and non-vegetarian food, and I always insist that what you do is more important than what you eat. I have met meat eaters who were some of the nicest people in the world and I have met vegetarians who could eat a man alive (figuratively of course). I don’t judge a man by what he eats, I judge a man by what he does.

Personally, I used to be a meat eater but converted to vegetarianism few years ago due to ethical reasons (thank you Ramana Maharishi). After that my life and health have improved for the better, and I do not wish go back to meat eating ever again, never felt the urge, until last week.

Last week the craving for meat hit me like a train. I had a tough time resisting it and I decided to call my friend Pankaj Jain, who happens to be one of the most exalted souls I know. He has been my “go to” person in a spiritual crisis. Pankaj and I are a study in contrast I am a typical Punjabi with a “no holds barred” lifestyle, while he is a staunch Jain who doesn’t eat after sun down. However, we have been good friends for almost 20 years.

To his credit, he never asked me to give up meat, or make any kind of change to myself. His philosophy is that change should come from “within” only then can it be permanent. When I gave up meat of my own will he was happy and told me that it would stay.

Thus when I felt the craving I decided to call him up and tell me.

“Have you been travelling lately?” He asked.

“Oh yes, how do you know?”

“I think you went to a negative place and brought some negative energy with you.”

“Bro, where are your freaking feet…? I want to touch them. Last week I travelled to the most cursed of all cities, Delhi. And I was with a bunch of meat eaters for good two days. Since then I have been feeling this craving” I said in astonishment.

“You brought something which has been urging you to eat meat.”

“Am I haunted?”

“No, it is not a spirit, but just some negative energy.”

“How do I get rid of it?”

“You need some positive energy to wash it off. Visit a good temple, may be go to the Sanganer Temple” (This is a great place. One of our favorite spiritual places.)

I was amazed.  “ Wow. Hope that helps, I seriously don’t want to go back to eating meat.”

“Don’t worry, if you really don’t want to eat meat from the inside, you would get rid of this carving very soon. Otherwise it would overpower you. Visiting the temple would help all the same.”

Well, frankly I did not have to visit the temple, just understanding what was really happening, made the craving disappear. It was like a magic. Now I find the thought of that craving funny.

As an astrologer I tread the thin line between the physical and the magical every day and not a lot surprises me now. I know that there is a lot that we can’t see with our eyes, but those things do exist. Energy is of course one of them.

So here is my advice to all the readers: STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PLACES….!

The places like slaughterhouses, gambling dens, jails, haunted houses, and so on, they all carry a bad vibe. While places like temples, gardens, and holy places carry a very positive energy.

Wherever you go, the energies would rub on you and you never know what you would bring back with you. That’s why our ancient seers tried to make “energy recharge” a part of weekly routine. E.g. visiting temples on a fixed day, feeding cows on a fixed day etc. so that you can keep getting your dose of positive energies at regular intervals and you don’t fall prey to negative energies. So keep up those routines and keep checking your energies.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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