First of all a disclaimer: I am a converted vegetarian (almost a vegan) and I firmly believe that we have no right to take life of an innocent speechless animal for our taste buds. The views expressed here are my own and I don’t wish any religious or moral brigade attack me, so if I have hurt your sentiments, my apologies in advance.  

“Sir I eat non-veg and drink alcohol” a client sheepishly told me. For the record, he was one of the nicest people I have even known. Cared for people, donated to charity, loved kids and old people, and was nice to almost everyone. I could imagine him turning pink with embarrassment while accepting his mortal flaws, which are totally legal, and as compared to most other vices, virtually harmless.

And I replied “No worries remember…WHAT YOU DO IS  MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT YOU EAT” and went on to give him a 20-minute lecture in my typical way. In the end he was delighted and relieved. May be he hit the bar after that.

I remember this question coming up again and again in my consultations, especially from my clients in Punjab. And I often laugh it away. I have told may clients “I know my name sounds south India, but am a Punjabi, I have never stopped anyone from drinking. I am a Punjabi first, astrologer later…!” I get a loud laugh (with a hint of relief).

Hence, I thought that I should document my thoughts around this topic.

So here’s the Karmic break up of things:

  • KARMA AND ALCOHOL: In drinking alcohol, you destroy some microbes, but that you do even while drinking milk. So no avoidable killing is involved here. As long as you are not driving, indulging in hurtful activities, domestic violence or becoming a menace after drinking, drinking is not a sin. Yes but if you can’t afford it, if you indulge in hurtful behavior, if your health doesn’t allow, stay away. Simple.
  • KARMA AND NON-VEG: Well this is a tricky one. Whenever people ask me, being honest every time I have to tell them NON-VEG IS BAD KARMA. You take a life of someone who is weaker and speechless. There are some counter questions e.g. Jesus used to eat meat so did my Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi. My answer, they took life because they could give it back if they wished. Moreover, they did so in order to BLESS the dead animal. The body is mortal and will die some day, if an enlightened being like Sai or Jesus decides to take a part of that flesh, that being is sure to be saved and be given a better birth, even enlightenment. However, we cannot even ensure that we give a better state to even a microbe. Hence we are better not messing with the killing and eating business.

WHENEVER WE EAT A PART OF THE ANIMAL WE TAKE A PART OF HIS/HER KARMA, I bet you it won’t be fun as it is only because of bad karma that they suffered a painful existence only to meet an inglorious death at the hands of a butcher. Moreover, the pain, anger, and helplessness they felt at their last moments, are sure to get a karmic retribution against the killer and the eater.

It has been a few years that I have given up non-veg and don’t intend to eat ever in my life. However, I have seen that some of the nicest people I have met have been non-vegetarians (including my best friend), and some of the worst people I have met were vegetarians.

I know a few “vegetarians” who could “eat people alive” (figuratively of course). These “vegetarians” who are opposed to “violence against animals”, would not hesitate twice before ruining a family man’s life, killing a junior’s career, sacrificing the weaker person for their corporate gains or proverbial “throwing a man under the bus” of their ambition. To me these people are real cannibals and soul suckers.

If I know my astrology and Karmic studies well, there is a special place reserved for such people in hell, a section much worse than the non-veg eaters’ sections. For I know that Karma would have its retribution. In case you didn’t know, this guy was a vegetarian:

So guys, Karma literally eats diet for breakfast…going vegetarian is good, but if you can’t do that, it is all right as well.

Whatever you do, keep your Karma clean…that is much more important than keeping your diet clean. 

God bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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  1. Nice to read about karmas, but how in other religions I had seen people they eat coz it is written in there holy book. Is it true.

    1. Yes it is true. As per some religion, animals were created by god so that man could eat them. Like I have repeatedly said SCRIPTURES HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED. Eating meat goes against the basic respect of life and logic. Ask them why did god create lions, then? to eat men? If a new species of aliens comes and starts eating us and our children, how would we feel?

      Thankfully, with increase in awareness educated people, especially in the west are going vegetarian and even vegan. And they are getting amazing health benefits. I myself feel much better since I have given up meat.

  2. I became a vegetarian too some years back and never plan to start eating meat again after watching some documentaries on animal cruelty. Through my Rahu maha dasha started a year back and need to see what changes and desires come to me in this dasha!

    One point however on Hitler that apparently some scholars hold that him being vegetarian may not be true and this image was propagated by SS and Nazi propaganda machine for a holier image projection, especially since concentration camps were kept under wraps and the news were not brought to light till Soviets broke through the eastern front and came upon them as German army retreated.

  3. Veg people are indirectly involved in killing millions of ants and insect while they consume wheat and rice. pesticides and toxic fertilizers kill small insect in masses to support veg people diet.
    Adding rice and wheat is adding to bad karma for all Veg people

    1. for the sake of logic, all this is out of their direct control…also for non veg people this is fed to the animals who are ulitmately consumed by meat eaters. I rest my case.

      1. //all this is out of their direct control//

        its still in control. I request all veg people to eat only fruits like what was practiced 10000 years ago by Rishis to be relly bad karma free.
        Wheat and rice and cultivation practice only started 5000 years ago to support mass veg people population increase and killing millions to ants and insects.
        So we still have choice but veg people can survive on fruits alone which is best veg diet.

  4. Yes which means God is encouraging us to be non veg directly or indirectly otherwise human species and many other species will be extinct.

  5. Wow! As i read on my heart dropped when i read the bit about taking the animals karma as we consume their heart. But the ending threw me off. It’s like the twist in movies and then ends adruptly with the Hitler’s trump card.
    Really enjoying your articles.
    May i consult you on behalf of someone please.

  6. Hello sir,

    I can’t agree with you more. I stopped eating meat for about 5 years for the very seriously reason. But almost 2 years into my Rahu dasha I fell sick and ended up with vitamin and protein deficiency. That was when I was advised to eat meat again, although there are ways to get protein and vitamins through vegan diet, it is easier with non – veg diet.

    Still I hope one day I will be back to my no meat life style. I do believe it is necessary for spiritual progress.

  7. Let alone karma, eating non-veg increases the negative energy from the dead animals body.. Which in turn intensifies your misery according to your birthchart.. You do good for yourself not for anyone.

  8. The standard American diet is plant based with approx. 75% plant based foods and 25% animal based foods.

    Knowing that we have been lied to about everything, I have flipped that on its head and limit my plant based foods to 25% of my diet with the rest of my diet rich in meat, eggs and high quality raw milk dairy.

    I have never been healthier, mentally or physically. I feel sorry for vegetarians and vegans.

    1. What you do is far more important than what you eat. I am against animal cruelty and became vegetarian for ethical reasons. However, overall science agrees that raw natural plant food is much better. Fruits are perfect food.

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