Dark Side of Cancer: What you don’t know about it

GVK (G. Vijay Kumar): So which are the difficult moons. As per me, Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces are the worst moons to have and we will discuss in detail.  You know, Linda Goodman give their good side, we will give their bad side.

Out of the house of moon:  6, 8, 12, as expected, are bad placements, 7th is also a terrible placement.  Third and most important part is the association of Moon with other planets, we will also discuss that in detail.

While moon is considered debilitated in Scorpio, i consider Cancer Moon (Moon in Cancer) to be the toughest, especially for women.

Two movie symbols I would use for this session. Do you remember the character of Joker? He is a symbol of a cancer moon.

No the Joker played by Heath Ledger in the movie “The Dark Knight”, that charachter was Scorpion, destructive, bold, calculating, scheming, ruthless, with little remorse.

You know the best symbol of a Cancer moon (Moon in Cancer) is the “Joker” in the movie played by Joaquin Phoenix, I am talking about the 2019 movie. In the movie this poor character named “Arthur” who finally flipped was a “Cancer moon” he did not want much, all he wanted was a little love, that he did not get, and one day he went mad.    

Then he had complicated relationship with his mother, whom he ended up killing. Cancer moon either loves the mother or hates her, at times both. This was a case of both. This character was a Cancer Moon (Moon in Cancer) + Rahu gone bad. When he broke, he lost his mind and created anarchy. Still you feel sorry for him. The anarchy he created was not a planned destruction but the sheer rupture of his pain that overran his rationality and appealed to the other wounded souls and put the city in chaos. The Cancer moon when in pain smiles at the chaos and destruction while he cries inside.  

Cancer is complicated, these are the guys who run charities, orphanages help other people but can cry themselves to sleep. These men are babies at heart, emotionally they stop growing at the age of 8, they are emotionally stunted.  If you have married a Cancer Moon man, you have adopted him.  He doesn’t need a wife he needs a mother need a lot of “Babu Shona” type of love. And of course, Cancer men love their alcohol. These guys can get drunk and can create mess. They practically invented binge drinking and drunk dialing. Most of the time if they have taste for alcohol, you can’t get them to quit, but at least get them to drink reasonably and have a fixed quantity.

Love under stress:

I have seen this in a lot of my Cancer moon (Moon in Cancer) and whenever they are hurt, the look very vulnerable like hurt babies, for some reason women rush to their rescue.  Half of cancer moon love stories start like this. They would have their “hurt baby” face on, and some woman would feel that surge of motherly protection towards them. She will get attached to him, he will get attached to her, and story starts. 

Women can play damsel in distress. She would look so haggard and helpless, a typical damsel in distress. Men rush to her rescue and feel like the brave “White Knight” and she will swoon and their testosterone would rise and boom you have a love story.

Mommy issues: They almost always they bring trouble at the time of birth for their mother.  They would always have extreme relations with the mother. Either they are totally devoted or have extreme hatered towards the mother. They have very high standards and if the mother meets them, they would never let her go.

Living in memories: These guys live in the past. They do a re-run of their memories and keep getting happy, sad, excited, or happy by re-running their memories. Perpetually living in the time gone by.

Cry Babies: Cancer moon gets into panic very easily and they are ever insecure. Always big babies, little problems can have them be gloomy and bawling.   I have seen very mature people behave in a childish way when they are insecure, up to and including yours truly. 

Protectors of the Tribe: There is one side that has been grossly underrated in the Cancer sign, the warrior and protector of the tribe. These guys are hardcore patriots and dedicated to the point of martyrdom for their nation, tribe, people, and of course, family. So if you want to see a man who can kill and die for his people and his ideals, these guys would outshine loyal taurus and even the dangerous Scorpios. Many of them, especially males, often hide a small weapon in house, just in case.

Addition : Remember MOON IS ALSO THE PROTECTOR: Two greatest warriors ever, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna had a Moon in 1st. Rama was a double Cancer. With Cancer ascendant with Moon in 1st.

When fighting for a worthy case, and to protect the innocent, these people can actually take on the high and mighty and fight to the bitter end. The warrior Side of Moon is my personal favourite. Often the most underrated part of Moon and Cancer. However, it takes a lot to bring this side out.

Usually, they hate the possibility of violence, but if it happens, you would find them ready and even capable, but it has to be a worthy cause. Every Cancer Moon man resonates with the Lines of Ram Prasad Bismil:

“Khoon se khelenge holi, agar Vatan Mushkil mein hai”

(We would play holi with blood if our motherland is in trouble)

However, it takes a mighty lot for a Cancer Moon to come in this violent mode, it has to be a threat to the family or the tribe. But never underestimate the power of a protective Moon (you have been warned). Suddenly that tikka loving beer guzzling clumsy teddy bear can turn into a grizzly bear…and eat your face off. However, that is a very-very rare sight.

Usually they would donate to charities, write angry emails and tweets, cry a few tears, and at most take part in protests when agitated.

They take everything in the world seriously. They feel bad for women and children oppressed, feel outraged at stoies of the the powerful hurting the weak, and feel like picking up guns and fighting “enemies of us”. I always tell them, STOP WATCHING THE BLOODY NEWS. It would give them agitation, anger and in extreme cases, violent ideas. I have learned it that news is all negativity cherry picked in words. 

They should stay away from news, bad politics, religious fanaticism, and copious amounts of alcohol. They you should have a fixed portion, a fixed portion of food, a fixed portion of alcohol…everything in moderation. 

Cancer Moon / Ascendant women are the Most Dumped Women:

Cancer Moon or Cancer Ascendant woman is is the most dumped girl in the universe. Yet to find a cancer moon girl without a broken heart. Biggest problem is that they can be very possessive and that scares the guys away. They want marriage commitment from the day one. The crazy possessive girlfriend meme is the Cancer women gone bad.

So I have tip ladies, keep the man following you, you don’t follow the men, they will ran away, right boys? 

Men will be men. 

These ladies are super eager to get married, and if they ever get divorced, that can make it even more desperate.

Second biggest problem is that they can snoop up on their men. 

They can go crazy if they suspect their lovers. The possessiveness and snooping can go to the next level. I know personally girls who have hacked their boyfriend’s e-mail and keep checking them.  I know two ladies who have put spyware in the phoen of their boyfriends.  In short, she is difficult to live with.  She is very sweet, but she can be difficult to live with. 

After marriage comes the surprising twist: Once the becomes a mother, the mate can become expandable. Now she has to take the nutrition and resources from the man, for herself and her children.

And again you know Moon goddess can be child swallower.  Now we need to understand, why and how.  I have seen Cancer women with an incredible amount of clinking and dependence on their children. They don’t let their children go away for studies. They control married sons and manipulate daughters’ minds. In some cases, the cancer moon mother can delirabrately destroy a child’s marriage for selfish reasons.  Cancer women absolutely love their children, but extreme attachment can ruin the child’s life. Another point, they are very good at guilt tripping their children. They have tons of guilt and would gladly pass it on to the child and make him or her feel guilty for not being a good son or daughter, who takes care of mama. They may not have a debit card or even a ration card, but would always have a victim card. “ Achcha aaj ye ho gaya tu mera itna bhi khayal nahi rakh sakte, ya tum shaadi se pahle aise the ab tum aise ho gaye ho, tumhe mujh par taras nahi aata”

They also have tons of guilt and want to be loved and approved of by others. For this reason the women keep clinging to abusive relationship.  They prefer the known devil. It can get into an abusive relationship, especially if the man has a strong Rahu, because this woman would never let go of the relationship easily.

Cancer moon usually gets Ketu period once in their mid ages, and that brings them the much needed rehabilitation. They do less “Sayapa” and take less tenstions and learn the most important less “HOW TO LET GO”. Once the learn how to let go, half the problem is sorted.

Here is a remedy for cancer moon/lagna: LEARN TO MOTHER YOURSELF. Learn to Heal yourself.

Learn to mother yourself, be your own mother, you need to care for yourself, give yourself the books you want, the food you want, the liquor you want, (of course in limit), visit the parlour or spa, take some “ME TIME” with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, spend time in your bath tub (they love long bath and have a fetish for great soaps, and can obsess over bath tubs). Whatever you do you need to pamper yourself if there is no one else.  If you become your own mother, 50% problem is sorted, because you wouldn’t need the other person. Like a great man once said, BE ATMANIRBHAR…!

Tushar Kohli: Mera ek chota sa moon cancer pe observation hai, can I share it?

I found people with Cancer lagna or Moon in Cancer, for them the throne bahut important hoti hai.  Matlab it all revolves around ki vo gaddi pe hain ki nahi.  At least domestically at home, they want to be in charge.  I have seen them. 

GVK: Yes they want the control domestically, office it is more of a Capricorn thing.  Makar I have seen very conscious about office struggle. While Cancer is usually the backroom operator.  Their struggle for power is their but but not in in a direct Capricorn way. They wouldn’t go for it straight.  Cancer does nothing straight. Two steps here and two steps there, always. That’s why they have long romantic drama in their lives.

But the ability to heal themselves is the most powerful. If they learn to heal themselves, they can be the healer to the world. But first they should get over their “cry baby” and “poor me” drama, and they can literally heal the world.

Next, we would come to the much maligned sign scorpio, and we would learn why it is not all that bad.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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