Disclaimer: I am not a puritan when it comes to a person’s eating or drinking habits. While I am a converted vegetarian by choice and support vegetarianism, even veganism, I have always emphasized that WHAT YOU DO IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT YOU EAT. 

“Why do you people tell us to feed dogs, cows and crows?” Asked one of my initial clients.

“Because it is not safe to feed lions, snakes, and scorpions.” I answered with a chuckle.

While this was a joke from my side, it actually led me to chase the truth behind this.

It took me several months of study and then it took me a long time to decide if I should or shouldn’t put this on this blog, as this sounded a little too fantastic.  However, I have seen people benefit from it immensely and ultimately decided to put it up for everyone to read:


Now this is no coincidence that half the astrological signs have something to do with the animals. Almost all of our Hindu gods are associated with one or the other animal, e.g. Ganesha with Elephants, Shiva with Snakes, Durga with Lions and so on. But that’s a discussion for another day. Let me not digress.

So I did my research and with a hypothesis in place and I found it on the mark for four signs.  So with my due apology to the other eight (though I will give them something as well), I think I will put my thoughts around this.

I have seen this work well for four signs:

Taurus: Relate to cows and bulls. People with a Taurus ascendant, Taurus Sun and especially a Taurus moon have a part of their soul attached with cows and bulls.  So for such people, I strongly recommend feeding cows, taking care of cows. I have a friend with a Taurus moon, who feeds cows regularly. He loves them so much that sat a vigil around a dead calf for good seven hours to ensure that the dogs don’t eat it up and it gets a proper burial. My wife has a Taurus ascendant she loves feeding the cows. For these people consuming cow’s milk (not buffalo but cow milk) is good. However, under no circumstances should they consume beef.  I have a few clients from the western world whom I have made give up on beef and they are happy that they did.

They should love and serve the bovine creatures and should never do anything that hurts cows.  Lord Krishna had a Taurus moon and Taurus ascendant and he was the archetypical Gopala, the man who love and took care of cows. Follow the example of the wisest man who ever lived. Serve the cows.

Pisces: Relate to fish

Another very obvious connection one is that of Pisces and fish. I started this experiment three years ago, when a close friend of mine with a Pisces ascendant was feeling upset.  I advised him to bring in a few fish in an aquarium.  He immediately fell in love with the fish.  After that he even gifted me a big aquarium, which is still with me.  Then I went on to try this with other clients who had a heavy Pisces, all of them reported feeling of enhanced well being and happiness after feeding the fish and looking at them. However, for such people eating the fish is a big no-no. So if you have a heavy Pisces in your chart, I would totally recommend buying an aquarium and feeding the fish, not eating it.

Aries & Capricorn: Relate to goats and sheep

This is something that I learned from personal experience. I have a Capricorn sun and a Capricorn ascendant.  Even in the old days when I used to be a non vegetarian, I was always uneasy with mutton.  Now I have discovered the reason why. People with heavy Aries and Capricorn have a part of their soul related to the goat and the sheep.  They should under no circumstances eat or consume goat meat or mutton.  Instead they should be kind to these animals. They can even switch to goat milk.

Here is my first advise to all:

Vegetarianism is a good idea. I converted to vegetarianism on ethical grounds because I did not want to be a part of the oppression and torture of innocent animals. Later, I learned about the bad karma involved in this. I am happy with the results and aspire to become a vegan soon. We humans are supposed to be vegetarians.

Now for the signs, which are left out I will try and cover them as quickly as possible.

Aquarius, Libra and Gemini should avoid eating anything that can fly as their air signs.  They would do well to feed birds.  

Then people with a heavy Sagittarius should feed dogs and horses.  I know horses are not that common to find, but they can feed dogs.

People with heavy Leo can feed dogs and cats.  (Not sure if they can find lions to feed, J not safe either, better stick to good old dogs and cats).

People with heavy Cancer and Scorpio should feed ants and fish. While they feed crabs and scorpions respectively but again getting a crab trapped for this purpose would be bad karma and a scorpion is never a safe pet. So ants it is. Feeding fish would work well for these two water signs as well. And yes heavy Virgos can feed their cats (Sorry didn’t mean to reveal this secret, but some Virgos did not know it ? ).

In the end I would like to say that it doesn’t matter which animal you serve, KARMA always comes back to help.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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