I often reply because this is what we deserve, this is what we have done. Most people are often surprised and vehemently deny any hand in such a thing (everyone is going to heaven it seems).

Cutting to the core, I ask them one question:


Whatever reply I get is often a half baked truth varying from “knowledge” to “personality” to “size of thinking”.

Notorious for my brutal honestly, I drop the bomb, “Let’s be honest…Power and Money”, that’s all we care about, don’t we?

Some honest ones nod in serious thought, while others keep denying or become defensive, I end the conversation with the latter. Those who are intelligent and honest enough to consider this, get a lecture on ancient wisdom involving my favorite badass mythological character. Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman has been often portrayed being a little more than a wrestler with amazing strength, but I guess the spiritual insight and “social skills” of Hanuman is what we need to follow if we want a good world.

Let’s talk something we Suraj Badjatiya worshiping hypocritical Indians claim to be the best at, let’s talk family and relatives. Just be honest with yourself in this example.

Imagine that a poor but goodhearted relative comes to you with nothing but his shabby clothes on, the best emotion you could feel for him would be pity. Honestly, most of the times we feel irritation, unease and worse. Our society, especially we pseudo-spiritual Indians would get rid of him as quickly as possible. Who wants to hang out with a “Loser”. Some would go out of their way to humiliate him even. I have seen this happen too many times in Indian families. (Haven’t we all witnessed this?).  That’s the relative your mother warned you NOT to be like, right?

On the other hand let’s say you are in presence of your strongest, richest, and most powerful man in the family, most of the times your reaction would be awe and submission. By default you assume that he is “successful” and “wise” and you go all gaga over him. I have often seen rich relatives being given preferential treatment despite their being real jerks. (Haven’t we all witnessed this? Yeh mera India…) They humiliate and show down upon all others, and worst part is they get away with it and a small army of slaves come out to explain away their bad behavior. Their arrogance is explained away as their honesty, their bad behavior is their “clear heartedness” and remember what mummy told us “they are not bad at heart, look what they have achieved”. That’s who your mother wants you to be, doesn’t she? He is the role model after all.

We were given such role models by our mothers and then we ask what’s wrong with the world?

Here is what we can learn from Lord Hanuman-The anti-thesis of this approach:

When a poor but GOOD HEARTED man came to him, he loved him and offered his services.

When an EVIL HEARTED  man who was at the peak of his power tried to act mean with Sita, Lord Hanuman retaliated by routing his garden, killing a few of his men, insulting him in front of his assembly, and setting his golden city on fire, and kicking ass all around.


In days and time where money and power are everything. The rich and powerful can do no wrong and poor and powerless can do no right, the world is going to go to hell. Till the time we don’t judge a man by his heart but by his wallet, power, and money, the world would remain a mad house.

Most of the people from childhood would try to amass power and money by any means necessary. Most mothers would teach their sons how to become a Ravan and an army of Ravans would rule generation after generation. Till the time this continues to happen, humanity would continue to be lost.

In my view, the biggest reason that Rama won and Ravan lost was Lord Hanuman.

Even today there is no dearth of poor Ramas and rich Ravans, what’s missing is the army of Hanumans to make the good guys win.

There are still many hidden Hanumans who want to rebel against the tyranny of power, want to hit back at rich relatives and powerful bosses, and want to save the poor uncle or the innocent junior. But they keep quiet. Bad idea…!

The hidden Hanumans need to come out and burn a Lanka or two, let there be some smoke. Let the Ramas get the help they need and let the Ravanas know that there is a price to pay for evil and arrogance, no matter how rich and powerful they are.

If an army of hidden Hanuman comes out, evil would vanish within days.

In case you are a hidden Hanuman at heart, but don’t have the required courage yet, I would strongly recommend reciting Hanuman chalisa daily and reading Sundar Kaand once a week.

Do this for at least 40 days who knows which Lanka you might set on fire.

Jai Shree Ram….!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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