“What is real? How do you define real?”

-Morpheus (The Matrix)

“How would it happen?” Cried my highly educated but unemployed client whom I had told that he would get a job soon. “I can’t see any job coming.” he said with despair. I smiled and questioned back “Did you see the job loss coming?” That stunned him into silence. “I’m just being a real” he said feebly.

In response, I launched into one of my philosophical lectures. “What is real? At times I question if our reality is real? How do you define reality? What we see in the front of our eyes?; or what goes on in the background, with the stars pulling the strings?” I then force fed him my theories about matrix and Karma (poor thing).

However, after the call I went into one of my deep thoughtful Saturn inspired moods which make me ponder the nature of reality.  Living as an astrologer is fun, but it can be confusing, downright surreal.

Like Morpheus warning Neo about the red pill, my dad tried his best to protect me from astrology “You would have one leg in the supernatural all the time.” he had warned me. Many years and thousands of horoscopes later, I realized his wisdom.

Reality appears to be more and more unreal. You realize that most of the times, what we go through, what we think we are doing, and even who we think we are is actually a game of planets and we are the puppets.

Try this cheat sheet to see the power of astrology:

  • Find me a thin person with moon in the 7th house (very hard to find)
  • Find me a fat person with Rahu in the 1st house (very hard to find)
  • Find me a coward with Mars in 1st house (very hard to find)
  • Find me an immature person with Saturn in the 1st house (they don’t exist)

I can go on and on with my list, but I would rather not leak secrets which can be misused.

Once you have spent enough time with astrology, you start to see life with a stoic detachment. You know that change is the only constant for conditions, as well as people.

That washed out widow you saw undergoing depression in Ketu might turn into a ravishing beauty involved in a romantic relationship during Venus period. The rebel without a cause teenager of Rahu might evolve into a learned scholar in Jupiter period. That intellectual boy wonder who ruled the classrooms and boardrooms in Mercury period may become “God’s Fool” who can’t think straight, in Ketu period. The last one happened to yours truly with all Ketu fury.  

I have a personal incident which I would use to explain the dance of stars and game of Karma.

I was an arrogant prick during Mercury period. I was proud of my academic and corporate achievements. I was the star of HR, the uncrowned king of middle management for my department. Then there was a training guy, a humble and sweet fellow, let’s call him “Mr. A”. Mr. A shared the same designation as I, but was weak and shaky and often made mistakes. I used to hammer the living hell out of him on a weekly basis. This happened for years, then I got my next promotion and moved on. I lost track of Mr. A.

Fast forward six years, I was standing in my company’s head office looking for a redeployment opportunity (Corporate translation: Trying to beg for a job). I was tricked out of my current position by a scheming vengeful boss who had made my life miserable.

Guess who I met at the head office, Mr. A…!

He had moved from Training to HR (these two useless departments keep exchanging useless resources ? ). He was the HR of the business I was trying to get into. (Karma isn’t your regular bitch, it’s a bloodhound.)

To his credit, Mr. A did not hold a grudge, and tried his best to get me a role. He checked with me thrice “It is a tough role under a tough boss, would you be able to handle it?” I smiled at the sheer irony of situation and said, “I will try my best.” I felt as if I were in a parallel universe this was surreal, WTF, this was unreal.

While I was hugely embarrassed and slightly amused at the turn of events, I felt a strange detachment. That day sowed seeds of doubt in my mind about the reality of reality itself.

After years of astrological research and thousands of horoscopes, I have reached this conclusion: OUR REALITY IS NOT REAL…!

Thanks to this realization and my ego break (Thank You Mr. Ketu) I have become more compassionate, more stoic, and a little more fatalist. I don’t panic if something goes wrong, neither am I wildly excited if something goes right.

My own life feels so scripted. I know when my times are good and when they are bad, it is like watching a movie based upon a book you have already read. You still want to go through it, but then you know how most of the stuff would pan out.

With this realization comes another question, how to escape the matrix? How to go beyond the web of Karma.

Honest confession: I am not an “enlightened one”. In fact I would consider myself an “endarkend one”. I am just going to share something that I learned by the Grace of Guru and God. I am no expert at applying it.

Here is my learning: Stop getting attached to your successes and failures. Stop celebrating successes and taking credits for them. Stop beating yourself up for losses and bemoaning them. They are not you. Success is not you, failure is not you. Body is not you, mind is not you. Even your karma is not you.

You just bear witness (easier said than done). By being the witness, Karma slides off your back without entangling you in its web. May be that’s something closer to the Nishkaam Karma…!

Don’t be attached to the unreal ever changing “reality” just seek the eternal truth. Remember reality and truth, are two different things. Free your mind.

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.


Now that’s how you escape the matrix.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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