Disclaimer: My allegiance is only to the TRUTH weather it comes from ancient scriptures or modern labs.

I am not your typical pundit ji, I have multiple degrees including an MBA and 18 years of corporate experience under my belt. So guess I don’t qualify as the crazy conspiracy theorist either. However, I have my fair share of unpopular questions and facts.


What if the so called rationality and science is mostly a bunch of lies invented to keep you away from the truth?

After all, not too long ago, “science” believed sun was a ball of coal, fire was made of a particular kind of matter, and dog urine was good for skin (seriously, Google all this). Western “science” gave us all these wonderful notions.

Indian scriptures, they are all a bunch of baloney, are they? It was the White man’s burden to civilize us brutes stuck in the dark ages. Never mind a few man made famines, slave trade, and merciless oppression.

For the record, the movement of planets was predicted by our sages thousands of years ago through Vedic Astrology, a system which works with precision till date without a single fault over thousands of years. All this happened without any telescopes mind you. Doesn’t this sound a little weird?

The westerners “civilized” us and saved us from our ignorance, or did they steal our knowledge and used it while it was kept away from us?

Here are some well known facts:

  • Some of the Founding Fathers of the USA, especially Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were astrologers themselves, who just about perfectly timed the signing of declaration of independence. Similarly while laying the foundation stone of critical buildings the timings were crucially followed.
  • You can’t be more western than the Germans, right? Surprise…Surprise…Hitler used astrologers and they had suggested him to stop the war in 1943, he refused and turned against the astrologers and started a purge. The astrologers he persecuted had correctly predicted German defeat if the war continued beyond 1943 (
  • Carl Jung, the greatest psychoanalyst whose analysis forms the very foundation of western psychology far more than Freud, was a staunch believer of astrology and his work on archetypes actually evolved out of his study of astrology.
  • Time of oath for most presidents of even the developed nations, is almost always suggested by astrologers.
  • Corporate investors often look at the chart of the executives and company before investing.
  • Napoleon once said ‘I know he’s a good general, but is he lucky?’ The man knew the power of luck on his side.
  • “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do” Said JP Morgan who would never invest without consulting his astrologer. Rationalists love to work for his companies.


We dismissed the divine science of astrology. Best minds went to work for other fields leaving it in the hands of semiliterate ritualistic pundits who started pimping astrology and came up with things like these:

  • “Vashikaran to get love back in two hours” and
  • “Sarkari Naukari (Government Job) getting pujas”
  • “Puja for finding buried treasures”

(Easy sex and easy money, what else do we need? #BeingIndian).

We divorced LOGICAL from ASTROLOGICAL….!

Whatever non-sense came in the name of rationality was gladly accepted by Indians which had been robbed of their pride.

  • We Lakshmi-worshipping people tried silly communism foolish socialism, and government control which failed miserably.
  • Instead of God we depended upon Government to provide, and we all know the results.
  • We forgot the Vedic times when everyone was happy in their “Karma” the work nature had made them for. Today we push our kids mindlessly into “line with job scope”. As a result we have the biggest army of educated but unemployed graduates.
  • Ancient education system that was excellent and focused on bringing the best out of every child, turned into western “Factory” churning out uniform kind of employable slaves.

India which was rich and prosperous fell in the hands of barbarians and was enslaved and now has been brainwashed into slavery.

The reason, going away from the truth of Vedic knowledge. Thanks to the Internet, and the intelligent and wise men like Sh. KN Rao and Masters like Prash Trivedi, we are finally rediscovering this science and reclaiming OUR KNOWLEDGE.  Once again we are searching for the higher truth.

Here is my motto: SEEK THE TRUTH, weather it comes from ancient scriptures or modern labs.


-The Bible

Guess the westerners read this book a lot. May be you should too.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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