DISCLAIMER: I am undergoing a Ketu Mahadasha since 2014. The humiliation and pain that I went through is enough to knock arrogance out of most people. So if I sound boastful or arrogant anywhere, my apologies in advance.

90% people to come with a Rahu Ketu or Saturn problem, and I recommend the remedies right from yantra of the planet to donation and japa related to it. And by the grace of god, I have been successful and get good feedback most of the times.

However, I have a tough time with a few clients. They can be put

#1 The Magic Bullet seekers: I understand and empathize with pain of people undergoing bad period. However, my problem comes when people throw logic out of the window in their desperation and want magic. They want a remedy that would ease their pain immediately. My response is “There is no magic bullet” things take their own time. They will get better but it takes time. This is Karma not instant noodle. Ever read an ad from a Babaji saying “Get rid of all your problems in 24 hours…?” I don’t do that J. If anyone says that, grab your wallet and run…!

#2 The Women Scorned: “What’s the use of talking to you if you can’t get my boyfriend back…(I seriously heard that…!) An occasional boy does come and I find it easy to handle him in a man-to-man talk. However, most of the times it is the woman scorned who approaches me for help in “getting her love back”. I often flip at this. I am not a part of the Vashikaran Mafia and will never be…there is not enough money in the world to make me dabble with dark arts or frauds). NOBODY should get into the hands of Vashikaran Mafia (Yes you dumped girlfriend, I am talking to you, stay away from them.) They are at best cheats, and at worst, real practitioners of black magic. Trust me you don’t want to go close to them. And there is HELL to pay in terms of bad karma.

#3 The Sarkari Seekers: Then there is the inevitable “Government Job” aspirant (especially from North India).

I often joke there are two conditions to get Indian citizenship:

  1. You should have played cricket
  2. You should have prepared for a government job

If answer to any of the above is no, government of India would cancel your citizenship J.

When I hear this question I don’t ask for birth details. I ask for their reservation status. The moment I hear “General Category” I my answer is “No you won’t get a government job”.

I have not personally met a single person from General Category in last 25 years who has got a government job. They get a rude shock, I am sure they have already spent thousands in poojas, stones, yantras, etc. with pundits and astrologers giving them “guarantee” of a government job.

I hear vehement protests “But…but I have an exalted sun…” or “I have a strong 10th house…” and so on…I smile in amusement and sadness and tell them “That LOGICALLY means you will get into business”. They kick and scream (in my view, government job addiction is the only thing that can rival heroine addiction) their protests often end in “Give me something”…! I shake my head in disbelief and disappointment.

I could see how gullible and desperate people in above categories are and how easy it is to fool them. I can seriously make a fortune selling stuff to them. But I don’t want bad karma on myself and restlessness in my soul.

I take pride in putting “LOGICAL” IN ASTROLOGICAL. And while I do sell yantras and gemstones and they do work, I don’t want to sell fake promises or be dishonest.


  • Just like doctors, astrologer are useful but they can’t do magic. They can help with slow, steady logical recovery but it is all science and logic, cause and effect. Astrological remedies work for sure, but there is no magic bullet. A yantra or a japa or a donation would surely helps you cope better but won’t erase the thing outright from day one. If I had the magic bullet I would have skipped my Ketu dasha, no? #BeingLogical
  • You don’t need a gemstone to get a government job, you need RESERVATION. Save your money if don’t go to astrologers, I have told you answer is no. And save your life, don’t waste your 10 years trying to achieve something which is so badly stacked against you). #BeingLogical
  • Stay away from Vashikaran mafia: Nobody can get your “love” back if he or she is not interested in you, and be very afraid of the men who claim that they can, at best they are cheats and at worst, demon players. There are a billion people, you are sure to find someone else who respects you and reciprocates your feelings. #BeingLogical

My apologies if I have hurt any sentiments. Trust me it is easy to scam desperate people and that’s how most astrologers operate. I am doing an HONEST and LOGICAL service. Please don’t hate me.

And for god’s sake please don’t fall for scams out of desperation. Logical is not bad, it is in fact good.


  • Being Logical: Bad days will pass: Everything passes, so would your bad days. Have patience.
  • Being Logical: There are 7 billion people in the world: At least one of them would understand you and would be compatible with you and can easily replace your ex.
  • Being Logical: This is not 1970s anymore. There are other more exciting and better jobs and businesses than a lowly “Government Job” where you waste your youth in a dingy office surrounded by incompetent people.

So people embrace reality, become practical and PUT LOGICAL IN ASTROLOGICAL.

God Bless,

  1. Vijay Kumar

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