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Edit: OMG This article on “Rahu Mahadasha” landed on Google Page #1. Thank you all for your love. This article went viral on the Internet and got me so much love, especially from people going through Rahu Mahadasha Thank you God, my clients and readers, and thank you Rahu Deva. Most of all thanks to my Divine Parents, Baba Sai and Mother Divine. 

Edit: Month-Feb Year 2020: Most people (including me) find it hard to believe that I wrote this article in a single sitting. People often ask how, and I can only say “The Grace of Guru and GodMost of all Mother Divine”.   All my knowledge, including this article, is  a loaf of bread tossed by Ma in my begging bowl so that I can take care of my duties as a householder. Praise be to Baba and Ma. I  am a foolish brat who gets way more than he deserves, just because They love  me so much. I bow to Them and beg Them to never forget me. 

90% of the people who come to me for a consultation come because of a Rahu-Ketu or a Saturn period (Mahadasha or Antardasha). This article is for those who are going through a Rahu Mahadasha. 

“Rahu tumhe picture dikhayega” (Rahu will make you watch a movie) This is what I tell most of my clients

When I wrote my Ketu Mahadasha article, I had no idea that it would go viral and I would get reactions from places as far as Netherlands. After that my clientele, especially the esteemed whatsapp group asked me to write about Rahu Mahadasha. This was a challenge because Rahu isn’t a one track planet like Ketu. Ketu is totally unbiased and it gives similar results to almost everyone. However, Rahu does play favorites and can give different kinds of results to different people depending upon its placement in the Langa chart and Navamasa. Hence a disclaimer is in order: This might not apply to 100% of the people.

So I would use two types of categories in this article, “Favorable Rahu” and “Unfavorable Rahu”. In my experience, I have seen Rahu give great results in house 2, 10, and 11. It gives bad results in 8, 12, and 4, in rest of the houses it is not that bad, however, even in those it would give difficult results during its Mahadasha, more often than not. So keeping that I mind, let’s start.

“Rahu tumhe picture dikhayega” (Rahu will make you watch a movie) This is what I tell most of my clients, and this is what happens. Depending upon their Karma, Rahu can make them watch a happy movie full of growth and rapid rise, or can make them see a horror movie (this happens to the majority). However, in most of the cases, in the end, all that Rahu promises turns out to be smokes and mirrors.  At the end of the Rahu Mahadasha, one realizes that all that he or she has been chasing was nothing but a mirage. Those who get bad results laugh at the futility of their worries, and those who get good results often are disillusioned by the worthlessness of the pursuit.

Understanding Rahu:

As per scriptures, after the churning of ocean, when Amrita (nectar of immortality) came out, both demons and gods got into a fight for this. In order to protect common beings, and preventing demons from becoming immortal, Lord Vishnu decided to interfere. He took Avatar as most beautiful of all women, Mohini and bewitched the demons, who were captivated by her beauty. Tricking the demons, the Lord distributed Amrita to Gods and poison to the demons. Humanity has to thank Lord Vishnu for this, imagine  hundreds of demonic planets in your chart. Out of the mercy in his heart for the common beings, the Lord resorted to tricking the demons.

Under the spell of Mohini’s beauty, most of the demons swallowed poison, however, one of them, the most intelligent and alert, demon named Swarbhanu was focused on his goal and he was the only one who realized what Mohini was doing. He transformed himself into a god and took a drop of Amrita (the nectar of immortality) by fooling Lord Vishu himself. However, the Lord was beaconed by Sun and Moon about this, and He immediately used his weapon, Sudarshan Chakra, and beheaded Swarbhanu. But by then Swarbhanu had take a drop of Amrita and had become immortalized.

His body was divided into two, but he did not die. The severed head became Rahu and the headless torso became Ketu. They were eventually accepted in the solar system and were given status of planets. This story is the best hint towards understanding the nature of Rahu.

Rahu is the personification of desire, the primordial rebel and rule breaker, who went against the “authority” and got what he wanted using “any means necessary”. Rahu is never shy of using all kinds of means in order to attain his goals. He is smart, cunning, daring, and focused to the point of obsession.

Rahu is also vengeful and it is said that during the eclipse, Rahu swallows the Sun and the Moon in order to avenge himself.

Despite all the fear mongering around him, Rahu is not all that bad, in fact the richest and most successful people in the world have a well placed Rahu and Saturn.  Anyone who wants more, has some influence of Rahu, it could be more wealth, more power, more knowledge or even more charity, whatever the desire, Rahu is behind that. When someone wrote the iconic dialogue of cult classic movie Wall Street, “Greed is good” I can bet that the person was under influence of Rahu. For the record, the villain of Wall Street Gordon Gekko, one of the most famous movie character ever, in my view had a Rahu + Mercury together making him the evil genius that he was.

 Rahu has a rebellious streak that comes in handy off and on. When Sun the ruler becomes a Tyrant, Rahu the rebel takes up arms against him and restores the balance. All revolutions in the world were promoted by Rahu. All the growth and development was inspired by Rahu. All the scientific breakthroughs, up to and including the Internet, using which you are reading this article, were brought to mankind by Rahu.

Being a bodiless head, Rahu has insatiable hunger. It normally boosts the significations non-living significations of the house however, it damages the living significations. E.g. while Rahu in 2nd house brings a lot of wealth, but also creates conflicts with the family.

The role of Rahu is very important in a mans’ life because wherever Rahu sits, that becomes your goal in this life. Thus Rahu in 2nd house of wealth or 11th house of gains, or 10th house of Karma is great for the native, especially in Kaliyuga. Understanding this planet and using its energies properly can open the doors of dramatic growth and development. Even a Rahu in 8th which I consider the worst placement if utilized properly can open up great secrets of the universe for a man. During Rahu Mahadasha, the significations of the house house of Rahu take predominance. Also, the native starts to behave like Rahu. Let’s find out. 

The following things often happen during the Rahu Mahadasha:

  1. Rahu Mahadasha and Desperate Me: 

During the Mahadasha of the planet, you become GRAHA ROOP i.e. you start behaving like the planet whose Mahadasha you are facing. During Rahu period, people become desperate, chase illusions, become selfish and cynical, they are almost possessed by passion and have rebellious streak. This can bring them pleasure or pain depending upon the placement of Rahu.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha and Desire and Illusions:

I have called the Rahu mahadasha “A palace of illusions”. Rahu Mahadasha activates this desire and a person discovers his passion, it could be money, power, fame or even knowledge. Whatever he desires, during Rahu period, the breathless chase for that goal would start, and everything else would become secondary. One may keep chasing one thing after the other, in a possessed manner, throughout the Rahu dasha, and never be satiated no matter what.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha and Rebellion: 

A rebellious streak enters a person. Just like Rahu, he no longer wants to abide by the laws of the “authority” and is often on the path to conflict with the authority. Most people who voluntarily break the laws and try to get away with it, are often under the influence of Rahu. I always pity those parents whose children are running a Rahu period in their teenage, Rahu rebellion mixed with raging hormones can make one a “Rebel without a cause” and they would have a revolution every day at their house.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha and Breaking the rules: 

One is often temped to break the rules and norms and use immoral and even illegal means to fulfill his desires. One goes on breaking the taboos, right from extra marital affairs, to interracial sex, to use of drugs and alcohol, to eating meat. People may end up marrying someone out of their caste, religion, nationality, and even race. There is only one rule that prevails in a Rahu period: Break the rules.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha and Mental health issues: 

A poor moon in the chart, especially the combination of Moon + Rahu indicates depression and mental health issues, this gets intensified during Rahu period. Rahu passions take over and a man’s discernment is often thrown out of the window. The illusions that one sees can range from passionate pursuit for imaginary riches to obsession with a person of opposite sex, to seeing ghosts and spirits, all these can be real or imaginary, mostly imaginary. One should be very careful of mental health, especially during Rahu-Moon period.

  1. Fascination with the dark side: 

I have seen people become fascinated with the dark sides of things, right from corruption in the financial world, to unethical power plays in politics, to occult in the spiritual world. Everything that is dark and dangerous has a fascination. Even the spiritually inclined people start dabbling with the dark side of nature using practices like Tantra, Hathyoga, Aghora and other left hand paths.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha and Marriage: 

Marriage. For the record, the planet of marriage is NOT Venus or Jupiter, the planet of marriage is Rahu. Especially modern marriages which are full of desires, illusions and passion but often end in tragedy and disillusion, are ruled by Rahu. Any period of Rahu is conducive for marriages. 70% of marriages happen in a Rahu period and 70% of divorces happen in a Ketu period. (Go check your own time).

8. Rahu Mahadasha and Foreign element: 

I have almost always seen a foreign element enter a person’s life and there is a fascination with everything foreign in the Rahu period. People often travel far and wide and go the foreign lands during Rahu period especially during Rahu-Mercury, Rahu-Venus and Rahu-Moon.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha and Weight loss: 

If you want to lose weight, no period like Rahu period. May be it has something to do with Rahu being an insatiable head who can eat all that he wants, but will never be fed. I mostly see skinny people with Rahu in the first house, they are the tall lanky types most of the times. Normally people don’t put on weight in Rahu period. Funny part, I have almost always seen the same people trying to lose weight in the subsequent Jupiter Mahadasha.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha and Disillusion: 

Rahu period normally ends in disillusion for most of the people. Once the Rahu “movie” is over, they realize that there was no hero, no villain, nothing, just a few lights dancing on a screen. It was all smokes and mirrors. You realize that all the time you have been chasing illusions. Almost always a person feels dejected and disillusioned at the end of Rahu period. However, the good part is that during Jupiter period one gets a chance to redeem himself and become wise after the wild goose chase of Rahu.


Rahu Mahadasha -Rahu Antardasha 2812
Rahu Mahadasha – Jupiter Antardasha2424
Rahu  Mahadasha – Saturn Antardasha 2106
Rahu Mahadasha – Mercury Antardasha 2618
Rahu Mahadasha – Ketu Antardasha 1018
Rahu Mahadasha -Venus Antardasha 300
Rahu Mahadasha – Sun Antardasha01024
Rahu Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha160
Rahu Mahadasha – Mars Antardasha1018

Rahu Mahadasha is a long one and often takes it time to show its results. Unlike Ketu who starts hammering from the word go, Rahu is patient, it sits and waits for the right opportunity and then strikes with passion, like a COILED SNAKE. Its results are slow in the making but they pop up all of a sudden. And this happens in almost every sub period.

Let’s examine its activities in all the sub periods:

  1. Rahu Mahadasha-Rahu Antardasha Period: Rebellion, Illusion, passion-Disappointment: 

I often joke with my clients that Rahu dasha especially with an unfavorable Rahu, can be summed up in the lyrics of hit song of 90s, “Chain ik pal nahi-aur koi hal nahi” (meaning I don’t have peace for a moment and there is no solution to this.)  Restlessness is the hallmark of Rahu. This is the time when a man is under absolute influence of Rahu and becomes “Rahu Roop”. He discovers a new passion, often as a result of some frustration from system, and he rebels against the status quo, and this starts the wild Rahu chase. Rahu brings a radical change in the person’s mindset and environment. I have a friend with Mars in 1st and Rahu in 2nd house (lucky guy). During his Mars Mahadasha, he was a patriot of the first order. He would pay his taxes and then a little more to help the government and people of this great nation. One year into Rahu period, and he was complaining about the “loot in the name of taxes” by the “useless incompetent government” of this “horribly corrupt nation”. I smiled at his statement and quipped, that’s it wasn’t him but Rahu talking. Rahu in the 2nd made him obsessed with money, something that he never really cared for in the past, but now that Rahu was active, money was the center of his universe. 

However, Rahu-Rahu period is often marked by a blind breathless chase that often ends in a disappointment. It could be anything from failing in an exam for which one prepared for years, to losing on a business that one had worked for tirelessly. Rahu-Rahu often ends in a disappointment. The good part is that Jupiter comes next to heal the wounds and give the much needed lucky breaks.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha-Jupiter Antardasha: Wise and restless: 

This is normally a contradiction of a period but more often than not, it is a good time for the native. While Rahu keeps on with the breathless chase, Jupiter brings the much needed good luck, joviality, and expansion. Even people with an unfavorable Rahu, find this period to be a period of relief as Jupiter brings the badly needed balance to Rahu’s restless energy. A man is not a wild passionate animal that he was in a Rahu Mahadasha-Rahu Antardasha period. He becomes mature, wiser and comparatively rational individual. However, often this luck and wisdom is used in order to push the Rahu agenda further. This can also prove to be a period of marriage as Rahu and Jupiter together bring strong chances of marriage, especially for females.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha-Shani Antardasha: Cops and Robbers: Denials and Frustration: 

This period of these two malefics can be a period of frustration and limitations. When the gangster Rahu meets a tough cop Shani, the results cannot be a happy one.  Rahu, the outlaw, runs amuck during Rahu Mahadasha – Jupiter Antardasha, and usually gets what he wants, but the party ends when Shani enters. Shani, the Cop of Kaliyuga is here to teach a lesson to the rebellious Rahu. While Rahu wants everything “right now” and wants to break every rule in the book. Saturn shoves his rule book down the throat of Rahu and makes everything happen in a s-l-o-w Saturn manner. This can be extremely frustrating  for the native. Especially if you have a tough Saturn or Rahu placement in the chart. Many people get into “desperation” and often try “desperate measure” which can further deepen their problems. Often one has to pay for excesses done during Rahu Mahadasha – Rahu Antardasha and Rahu Mahadsaha – Jupiter Antardasha period as Judge Shani pronounces his sentence. Saturn locks up the rebellious Rahu in the jail of social norms. Often people go to jail/get punished during this period for frauds and excesses done during Rahu-Rahu and Rahu-Jupiter. While this tug of war of two mighty divine beings is bad enough for anyone going through this, this is further complicated when the third Bad Boy joins the game, Ketu. These three opposing energies can weak havoc on a person. One should be particularly careful during Rahu-Shani-Ketu period which thankfully lasts for only two months. But these two months can feel like two years for the native.

It would do well for a person to have patience.  Remember “Desperate measures” are sure to backfire. Keeping patiences and focus is strongly recommended.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha-Mercury Antardasha: Dangerous minds: Scheming and Scamming: 

Finally, the rebel Rahu comes out of the Jail of Jailor Shani and outside stands his best friend Mercury, to welcome him with open arms, and a scheme. They have a lot to do, really. Rahu has all that pent up passion and frustration and he is dying for some action. Mercury brings him the necessary intellectual horsepower to pull up a fast one, which these two are champions of. Often they are out to scheme and scam the world and this is what Rahu loves. This is often a time of intelligent breakthroughs, creativity, and yes scams. However, an unfavorable Rahu can wreak havoc, can scare the person out of his wits. This is one period in which the position of Rahu and his relation with Mercury has to be considered in detail before reaching any conclusion. But most people find it much better than a Rahu Mahadasha – Shani Antardasha period.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha-Ketu Antardasha period: The Train Wreck: Creative destruction. 

This is one of the toughest periods anyone can go through in life. This has been called the period of “Karmic Retribution” (using the words of my favourite astrologer Prash Trivedi) and it is believed that free will of a person is at its minimum during this period and the hand of destiny takes over. There is only one guarantee, whatever one has planned will not happen. Even the best laid plans backfire.  Normally the fall out is akin to a train wreck, like a train that has been derailed, a man goes differently than what he had planned and is dragged off the comfort and security of his train tracks and falls into rough and tumble of something else. Often I have seen people get some kind of disease which doctors find hard to diagnose. In the times of Corona, I would advise people undergoing this period to be extra careful.Usually a person gets this period only once in life. Rahu and Ketu can never sit together in a chart (Thank God for that). They come together only once in a lifetime and they being two parts of one body signify a sort of completion. This is the period of destruction and re-generation. During this time, the old life ends, new one begins. Change of career path is almost a certainty.  This is normally seen to put the man on the path of his destiny, albeit in a typical brutal Ketu manner. It is better to lie low and let the storm pass over, most importantly, to cooperate with the inevitable. For the record, Ketu Mahadasha-Rahu Antardasha would have similar effects.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha -Venus Antardasha: Gangster and his Moll: LOVE SEX AND SCANDALS: 

Well this is one period of indulgence. Rahu loves to be with Shukra, both like each other and intensify their energies put together. Breaking the taboos and taking luxury to the extreme level where it often crosses into the boundary of sin.  This is the time when even the most prudish of people are found at brothels, the most sober of men start drink directly from the bottle, the most loyal spouses get into extra-marital affairs and apparently normal people take to taboo breaking activities. If you are booking your tickets for Thailand or Vegas, chances are that you are undergoing a Rahu-Venus period. Most scandals, especially the sexual types happen during this period. I HAVE SEEN MEN BEING ACCUSED OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND GET INTO SCANDALS AND LEGAL TROUBLES DURING THIS TIME.   Be very patient and keep doing your spiritual remedies, praying to Mother Divine would be especially helpful, as both Venus and Rahu are two hands of the Mother. Often people looking to get married (especially men) get married during this period as these two together boost a person’s chances to get sexual union, and if Venus is in a good and strong position one can get a a good match.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha-Sun-Antardasha: Egomania: The King can do no wrong: 

Oh boy does this one burns bright. Contrary to the commonly held belief, Rahu does not hate the Sun, it loves Sun, (it hates Moon though, and we will come to that later). Sun is Rahu’s role model and he wants to become Sun. When Rahu’s obsessive self-righteous streak meets with the royal, arrogant, and self-righteous attitude of sun, you have a bonafide jerk, as ego is boosted to the maximum. When King and Rebel join forces, you have a dictatorship at hand. One feels that he is entitled to everything he desires and then some more. As the individual becomes more arrogant and conceit, this self-righteous egomania leads to many broken relationships, bad blood, enmity, and frequent troubles with authority (the native feels that he is the most supreme authority of all and he can never be wrong). While Ketu Mahadasha – Sun Antardasha breaks the ego, Rahu Mahadasha – Sun Antardasha boosts it and makes way for a downfall of a person as he is about to hit one of the most dangerous period of all, Rahu Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha: The horror movie: Haunting, fear, and depression: 

If anything scares me after Ketu-Venus, it is this period of Rahu-Moon. After all the egomania in Rahu-Sun, the Rahu-Moon period is the ultimate downfall for a person. This is the time when all the foolishness done in Rahu-Venus and Rahu-Sun comes to haunt a person. Rahu hates Moon with a menacing vengeance and Moon, the softest of all planets which is the Karaka of mind is scared to death by Rahu. I have seen depression in most people with a Moon + Rahu combination. Funny thing about this period is that there is almost no actual damage, however, the mental torture and fear is enough to put the toughest of men under depression. Maybe, because Rahu has no hands, it does not do much damage in the real world. However, Rahu scares the and fearful Moon to madness. Most of the mad people in the world have a weak moon often impacted by Rahu (e.g. Fredric Nietzsche had a debilitated Moon sitting with Rahu) this philosophical genius ultimately lost his mind.

This is the period when one should try to maintain his sanity and not be afraid. This is the time of downfall and scares. He realizes the futility of all obsession and passion and this is the lowest point in the Rahu period. Taking refuge of Shiva and Kaali would be the best idea during this time.

I especially designed a beautiful Kali –  Shiva pendant for people with  Moon – Rahu or Moon – Shani troubles or people undergoing Rahu Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha. (Shameless self promotion: You can contact us to buy the same at the numbers given above)

One should keep reminding himself that  80% of what he fears is not going to materialise. I often cite an example about this period: “Rahu Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha” is like going to the washroom in the dark of the night after watching a horror movie. You know that the MOVIE IS NOT REAL. You know that there was an actress playing the witch and there is no witch in reality. Your experience tells you there has never been a witch in your washroom ever in your life, and there is no reason why she should be there today. You know for sure THERE IS NO GHOST…BUT THE FEAR IS IN THE MIND….!

Knowing that the threat is not real, is half the battle won during this period. The native should keep his nerves and wait for this horror movie to get over.

He would regain his courage in the Rahu Mahadasha – Mars Antardasha period.

  1. Rahu Mahadasha – Mars Antardasha: The Battlefield: Fight Fury and Redemption: 

God is kind, and that’s the reason he always puts a redemptive period at the end of every difficult Mahadahsa. Shani Mahadasha ends with Jupiter Antardasha, when one rises boundaries, shakes off depression, discovers himself and becomes positive. Ketu Mahadasha ends with Mercury Antardasha when one regains his “head” and starts planning for the future. And finally Rahu Mahadasha ends with Mars Antardasha, when one regains confidence and courage. Rahu Mahadasha -Moon Antardasha often breaks a person mentally and he becomes a mass of scared, quivering flesh. Rahu Mahadasha – Mars Antardasha brings confidence and fire back in the native and he is able to fight his way back to redemption. Using this fire and fury he is able to cut out all the illusions, route the enemies away, fight his fears, and remove the obstacles in his path. The palace of illusion created by Rahu disappears and he stands in middle of a battlefield with a sword in his hand.

Praying to Lord Hanuman and Mother Durga/Kali would do really well during this period and would help a person channelize the energies of this fire towards higher goals and fight a good fight.

So while a well placed Rahu may give great riches and success, it normally ends in disillusion. An unfavorable Rahu may lead to difficulties and horrors, but in the end there is a feeling of emptiness and redemption.

Edit March 2020: Rahu tries to play a repeat of his own story with the native During the Rahu Mahadasha.  Just like his own desperate quest for immortality eventually ended in a curse of eternal  dissatisfaction, the native is lead to some sort of disillusionment and despair  at the end. However, thankfully, just like Rahu was redeemed by the Grace of God, and was given a planetary status, by the very end of Rahu Mahadasha, once the torture and fears of Rahu Mahadasha – Moon Antardasha is over, there is some sort of redemption during Rahu Mahadasha – Mars Antardasha and all is not doom and gloom.

Moreover, then, there is the Jupiter dasha to look forward to. But before you start celebrating, there is one last hurdle called DASHA SANDHI…!

Dasha Sandhi:

 The first 9 months of Jupiter Mahadasha are considered Dasha Sandhi, and it is almost always a difficult period. Jupiter takes over the charge of life from Rahu, however, Rahu would take the native for one last ride putting him through the storm of dasha sandhi. I tell my clients to “Hang On” as dasha sandhi is usually “Creative destruction” the chaos of Dasha Sandhi would pave the way for good things to come in the future. 

Once Dasha Sandhi is over, Jupiter starts to take total control, wisdom is regained, and by the Grace of Guru, the illusions and restlessness of Rahu Mahadasha is removed and one attains positivity and peace. Behind illusion of Rahu, the child of Maya, resides the great Truth that once can see through the grace of Guru.

Jai Guru Dev.

God Bless,

G. Vijay kumar

PS: Rahu Remedies: It is suggested that one prays to Ma Kali, Guru Deva, does Rahu Mantra and Keeps Rahu Yantra and Wear Shiva-Kali Pendant.

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