Today is Shani Amavasya. I wanted to give my readers something that would help them with Shani. Given that I recently finished an interview on my Youtube channel with EK DhiIip Kumar Ji on Shani, it was tough to top it up.

So I thought I would share my personal favourite Shani remedies with the worId at Iarge. Now there can be miIIions of remedies right from donation to mantras, but I personaIIy prefer behaviouraI remedies, as they are most effective, particuIarIy with the pIanet of Karma, Shani. So here is my Iist of Top 10 remedies for a Shani Mahadasha

Work hard: People say offer oil to Shani. I say offer sweat equity. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to visit Shani temple after the gym. Instead I am asking you to do the good oId HARD WORK, at whatever task brings you livelihood. You would have to work at it and work Iong hours. UsuaIIy Shani brings Iong working hours for a person and Iots of work Ioad. Shani is not very fond of inteIIectuaI and creative types. He Ioves the hard working 12-18 hour shift puIIing workers.

Become a minimalist: Well Jupiter was a planet of plenty and expansion, Shani is a planet of Scarcity and minimalism. Become a minimalist before you HAVE TO. .! Shani is not fond of people who spend 10 where they could have spent 9. If you don’t control your expenses, Shani would. In most cases, Shani restricts the flow of resources to the individual. People end up losing money, or the cash flow is severely restricted. In some cases, they move from a 4-bhk to a 2-bhk because of a transfer or whatever reason. iPhone is downgraded to android and even a second-hand set. You better cut back on your excesses, before Shani gets a chance to do something about it

Take less risk: Shani loves a person who could make his or her money through the good old hard-working way. He is not fond of those who can bet the farm and speculate at the stock market. You MUST avoid all kinds of speculations and all Kinds of risk. A general rule with Shani is that you would regret taking a risk. Anything that could go wrong would go wrong. Better hedge your bets and don’t count your chicken before they hatch

Give 25% more time and effort to everything: Be it an office report or launch of a new business. PLEASE allocate at least 25% more time and resources, and may I add 40% more sweat. Things would NOT be easy for you during Shani periods. Your luck is not going to support you in this period. You would have to hustle for everything

Expect less rewards: If you are doing well, expect a 60-70% reward to come to you, rest would be Shani’s TDS. It is not that Shani will keep them in his swiss account, these amounts would be transferred to your next lives and might come to you when you need them the most. The tough task master Shani will make you save for a rainy day, even if you don’t want to.

Get out of Intellectual ivory tower: If you think you can simply “think” and “read” your way to success, that’s not happening. I have seen natives’ intelligence fall when they go from Jupiter Mahadasha to Shani Mahadasha.

Be kind and fair to people under you: It is extremely important to be fair to the people around you, especially those who work under you, or those who are below you in social hierarchy. Please be kind and fair to your downline and Shani would be kind to you (he is always fair, even to his enemies.)

Spend time alone: Shani loves to be alone. Most of the shy people often have a very strong Shani in their charts. Spend time alone and you would feel at ease. Moreover, you would stop hurting other people, mostly the Shani Mahadasha people can be harsh of speech, and can give their special black brand of truth to them in the face, no matter who gets hurt. Shani Mahadasha people anyway don’t enjoy public gatherings.

Be comfortable with Grind work: Shani loves the grind. The creative types often don’t find him a happy companion. A writer might be chided about his grammatical approach and a painter might have to “painfully” learn the nitty-gritty If he has to go ahead (I just noticed the word painter starts with ‘pain’). So there you go. Those in office or schools would get tons of home work and would have to do repetitive tasks like filling in excel sheets and writing tables. PLEASE don’t try to run away from these things. You can GO THROUGH Shani but you can’t go around it.

Stop being “only student”: This is my personal favourite and dedicated to all the students who are preparing for CA or Government job or some such thing which can take years of hard work. Usually the brilliant minds of Jupiter Mahadasha, struggle to put 2 and 2 together during Shani Mahadasha. The first thing that goes out of the life is the Jupiter brilliance and the “grunt” work of Shani replaces the intellectual effortlessness of Jupiter. Here is a magic remedy if you want to successfully complete your exam: There is no guarantee but it would definitely help. TAKE A PART TIME OR FULL TIME JOB. Shani loves workers, he hates students. If you think you can just study and get grace of Shani, you are sadly mistaken. Taking up a job will not only let you become self-reliant (Atmanirbhar is the word I was looking for- Shani loves such people), it would also bring you grace of Shani and would occupy the “worry hours” that you spend thinking about your exams. Shani will let you pass if you sweat enough and earn your bread. If you simply sit on your desk, consuming your parents’ money, don’t expect Shani to go easy on you. Doing at least a part time job would endear you to this tough task master. Whatever you do, please DO TAKE UP SOME KIND OF WORK.

Taking up the above — suggested mannerism will make Shani Mahadasha a fruitful period (it won’t make it easy, there is no such thing like an easy Shani Mahadasha). But yes working hard, will earn you brownie points.

Recently a video went viral of a McDonald’s employee running in the night. He did not have time to run during the day, as he has a full-time job, and he wants to keep himself fit by running. THAT’S the kind of guy Shani is most likely to help. BE THAT GUY.

Jai Shani Dev…!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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