I normally don’t write such article saying “Do this on such a day and you would become rich.” Heavens help me if I ever suggest remedies including lemons and cloves. Given the cost of lemons, if you can afford them today, you don’t need remedies, you are already rich.

Jokes apart, those things don’t really happen, but yes, some days are more auspicious for certain activities, and we should try and make the most of them. This is a fact of nature. Just like planting crops in the right season, you tend to get a good yield. If you do them right, good things happen in the long run, if you mess them up, you can suffer (talking from a personal experience…e.g. never make Ma Lakshmi angry on Diwali)

Akshay Trititya is an auspicious day, especially for commercial transactions and buying new things but there is a catch, loans and credit cards should NOT be used no matter what. What goes around comes around is simple Law of Karma, but Karma is on steroids on some days, this is one of such days.

So here are my suggestions:

  • Do some charity: A charity done on this day will bring you some great results. Bring smile on the faces of those who have very little, and nature blesses you with more of that. And like is said, Karma is in a different mood today, make the most of it. Give, as much as you can, give with a good heart and smile on your face. Bible says “God loves a cheerful giver.” Be one, at least for today.
  • Buy something auspicious: People buy gold, silver, etc. but if nothing else buy a small non-perishable item e.g. a household good, or a white good. But whatever you buy, don’t buy anything on loan (except a house), and in case of a house, please don’t start construction today.
  • Invest some money: Well, I am not a fan of stock market, I would rather that you invest some money in bank FD or somewhere safe. DON’T gamble or speculate on this day. Investing in gold and silver is also considered auspicious.
  • DON’T take loan or use your credit card: Whatever you do, don’t take loan from anybody and for the sake of your generations to come, don’t use your credit card. I often joke that credit card is like keeping a live snake in your wallet, some day you are not careful, and it bites you. There is no way you can bite the snake. Avoid using it today, or ever. By the way today could be a good day to CUT YOUR CREDIT CARD AND SEND IT BACK to the bank that plans to enslave you.
  • Don’t waste anything: With Sun in 1st and Ketu in 2nd am somewhat of an authority on wasting things, especially money. I have no right giving gyan on savings to other people. But for your own sake, at least for today, avoid wasting any kind of money. The aftershocks of whatever you do today will keep chasing you for at least a few months.
  • Do some puja: This is a great day to worship the Gods, especially Ma Lakshmi, a form of divinity whose grace we need every day, God knows this nation needs her grace.

May Ma Lakshmi bless us all

God Bless.

G. Vijay Kumar

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