“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”

-Warren Buffett

Do you know someone who was born poor but out of sheer hustle, thrift, and hard work reached the top of financial pyramid? I am willing to bet that in all probability, that person had a Shani in the second house.

While many have condemned this placement, I beg to differ. I usually like this placement because it is the fairy tale of ‘Rags to Riches” in my books. In order to prove my point, I am going to make an exception here.

I usually don’t like to share celebrity horoscopes, most of them are usually fabricated and without knowing a person intimately, you can’t judge if the chart is right or wrong. Celebrity chart analyses have done more harm to astrology than most other things.

However, I will make an exception in this case, just to show natives how powerful this placement is. I hereby present 2 horoscopes which epitomise the Shani in the second house principle:

1. Warren Buffett: I was with my Whatsapp group of geniuses (they keep my skills sharp) and I was telling them that Shani and Rahu are two planets which give the greatest riches. They were throwing horoscopes at me and I was showing them the patterns. Somebody asked me what would Warren Buffet have. I had not seen the horoscope till that time, I speculated that he would have perhaps an exalted mercury in the first house and exalted Shani in second house. Within minutes one of them dug out the horoscope and I was eerily close. While I was wrong in guessing the ascendant, (it was Scorpio instead of Virgo). He did have an exalted mercury in eleventh house and good old Shani in second.

2. Dhirubhai Ambani: If West had Warren Buffett, India had Dhirubhai Ambani. The man who used to be a petrol pump attendant and rose on to become one of the richest men in India. He again followed the fairy tale of going from poverty to heights of power and money.

I used these two charts to emphasize the point that Shani is not always “restrictive” and “bad” there are times when Shani can bring great success and growth.

It is a blessing from gods of wealth to have Shani in the second house. Two of the richest men who ever lived, had this combination. Both had striking similarities. Both were born to humble parents and after a slow but steady (Shani) start in financial life, they were able to amass riches beyond the comprehension of common man.

And there are reasons for it.

Worry for SECURITY: I am almost always delighted to see this combination and tell my clients not to worry about money. As they have the blessing. However, for these people, money represents what they want the most in life SECURITY. They remain insecure about not having enough money and keep on amassing the riches. Most of them stubbornly refuse to open their fist and keep clinging to every dollar that comes their way.

Living below the means: Amongst the given examples, Dhirbuhai had a very have Sagittarius with Sun in 1st and Venus in the 12th house, hence he lived a lavish life in his later years. However, for a very long time he lived modestly and his teenage sons had to share their trousers even when he was getting richer by the day. Buffet’s frugality is very well known in the world. Despite being one of the richest men alive, he owns an old car that he drives himself, and usually eats cheap McDonald’s meals. Simply put, wasting money is not the favourite pass time with these people.

Insecure to the hilt: While Shani in second house working out of his higher principle, can make a person rich beyond comparison, when working through his lower principle, he can give birth to some really miserly and insecure types. This kind of people, if pushed too far would be happy to sell their soul in order to gain a pile of cash. Some end up selling their moral values and can be very cunning liars and harsh speakers.

A person I know did not mind charging exorbitant interest on the money loaned to his own son. His excuse revolved around “Having security for old age”.

Tough Childhood: These people are often always born in modest households and learn early in life that lack of money is the root of all evil. There comes a day, when overwhelmed by the circumstances, they vow to become rich and never again fall to poverty. And then they fanatically pursue their agenda, with a frugality and ruthlessness that can only come to someone with a tough childhood. This becomes their strength as well as their weakness as they don’t know where to stop.

Problem with Children: While this is a great place to have Shani, it comes with its own issues. Such people’s insistence on frugality and the iron hand with which they run their household’s finances often gives them one or two rebellious children, who make their lives tough.

Shani in the second almost always keeps problems in family relationships, especially the children. Ironically children don’t have to face the kind of poverty which the father did (thanks to their father’s efforts). However, precisely because of this, they often fail to appreciate the frugality and toughness of the father who has protected them from the jaws of poverty. They don’t appreciate the toughness and thrift, as they were never lacking for anything.

They resent the “Make it do or do without it” attitude. They resent it when the father, who can easily afford the bigger car or latest phone, still denies them these luxuries. The father wants them to toughen up and often lectures them about the hardships he faced. It is always better if both sides come to a middle point. Where the child appreciates what he has got and the parent learns to relax a little and let the young ones enjoy a bit more without making them feel guilty about every need. After all, thanks to you, they don’t have to go through the poverty grind, be happy about it, rich man. You did well.

Compulsive Savers: These people have an obsession for money to the point that they would cut back on necessities in order to save for “rainy day”. I know a lady with this placement who went all out, she extorted and saved a big chunk of her husband’s earnings. She won’t allow anything above “fuel money” to her children during their college days, and even when they started earning, she would extort all their money, and put it in her own savings account. A husband of one lady with this combination, showed me her pass book when we were discussing Shani in her 2nd house. Over last five years, her account had only “deposit” entries and not even a single withdrawal. She has an exalted Shani in the second house with a Virgo ascendant making this placement very intense. Talk to her and she would tell you how poor she is and how insecure her old age can be (both are lies).

Addictions: This is one negative trait associated with this placement. In my research, I was astonished to see that while 2nd house Shani gave the natives ambition and discipline to make money, there was one weakness that was often displayed, alcoholism or other addictions. Shani’s negative side is manifested in this manner in the second house, signifying mouth and eating. Being a tamasic planet, Shani in this house enjoys his glass of wine. The native would do well to keep this addiction under control as this may threaten their stability, reputation, and financial status.

Harsh Speech: Shani as we know, is not a very friendly planet, unlike Mercury or Venus, he does not believe in being diplomatic or “sugar coating” things, unless the person has a very strong mercury or Venus, the second house Shani would give him harsh and cold speech which is often loaded with “facts” and “bitter truths”. However, unlike Mars or Rahu, Shani does not intentionally go ballistic (Shani does not want headaches or enmities). His speech is not blunt but coarse, and hits to the point with facts. I often advise these people to tell the truth but in a less hurtful manner, moreover they are not above lying to get their way. Shani in 2nd can lie and cheat whenever it suits them, especially for monetary purposes,

I also advise these people to keep their diet very satvick (no non-veg and if possible, keep alcohol to a minimum). Lying would also make this Shani bad.

One advice | have for these natives: Learn to share your wealth with the less fortunate. You would want this kind of wealth in the next life as well, right? So PLEASE start giving today, even if it is a little, please start sharing your wealth with the less fortunate, that’s the best way of becoming eternally wealthy. Remember: What goes around comes around. You can’t take your money with you beyond this body, but Good Karma will be deposited in your celestial bank accounts. Which you can withdraw upon later. But meanness, stinginess, and ill-gotten wealth would be lost within a few years, once the body dies. Remember this and act accordingly. These natives are children of destiny, almost always born poor and then rise to riches later in life. However, they should take care not to sell their soul for money, as it will come to them, it is their destiny. Also, they should go easy on the family. Believe it or not, there are a few things more important than money. Though Shani in 2nd may find it hard to believe it.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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