So this is going to be a Shani remedy, but not the usual one. I am not going to tell you to donate oi, dal etc. All these remedies have a place and I am happy that more and more people do them. However, this remedy that I am suggesting is badly needed but rarely done.

This remedy comes from my learnings of Sikhism.

Being born a Punjabi and having spent a few years in Punjab, I have been greatly influenced by Sikh culture. Lot of Sikh friends and frequent visits to Gurdwaras was a way of life. When I was a child, my grandfather would take me to a Gurudwara every morning. I have never considered any difference between a Gurudwara and a Hindu temple. I visit both places with equal respect and devotion.

However, there is one stark contrast between the two, and it still breaks my heart

Have you ever seen a dirty Gurudwara? I guess the answer is no.

However, many of our Hindu temples cluttered, especially the small ones. Our temples are home to our gods whom we worship, hence, it is our duty to keep them clean. Cleanliness is one of the best Shani remedies ever.

So next time you want to donate something to the temple, instead of usual puja material, make an exception: On a Saturday and DONATE A DUSTBIN to a temple…! If possible, do some cleaning as well. Like our Sikh brothers do in the Gurudwara.

I can guarantee that the cleaning would make our gods happy, and our hard task master Shani Dev would be particularly delighted.

Shani likes hygiene, he is the ruler of cleaners, and is very happy with people who keep their places organised and spotless, particularly the house of Gods. Let us start there. Anyone going through a difficult Shani Mahadasha or Antardasha period should try this remedy.

Let me make a challenge-let me put my money where my mouth is: for the next 1 month, till June 1, 2022, I will MATCH every client who does this. If you donate 1 dustbin to one temple, I will match it, and donate one to another.

Send me a picture of the dustbin you donated on my whatsapp number @ 7678228364 and I will match it.

Let’s see how many can we do together?

Together, let’s make our temples cleaner and hygienic. Let’s improve our Karma and make our Gods happy.

Shani Dev would like it.

Jai Shani Dev…!

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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