Ever since my Ketu Mahadasha was about to start. I have been visiting temples all over the nation. I have travelled to temples in Maharashtra to Haryana, to Rajasthan. Have been fortunate enough to visit Shirdi, Kurukshtra, Devi Koop, Ghrishnashewar, Shani Shignapur, Bheemashankar, and several other places.

However, one of my personal favourites is Shivad Gushmeshwar temple, situated near Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is known to be one of the Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.

This is a hidden gem, far away from the brutal jaws of unchecked capitalism, which seems to have taken hold of most big temples, where you have thousands of shops, hundreds of eateries. and an army of beggars.

Thankfully Shivad temple is a far cry from all these evils. There are very few shops, hardly any eateries, and mercifully, no beggars. May be being hidden in a small village helps.

The Shivlinga of this temple is quite unique, as it is submerged in water and stays underground, a few pictures are given for all to see.

The vibe of the place is nice, clean, and holy, and I try to visit it as frequently as I can. During my last visit I had a Rudrabhishek Puja done and got to talk to the Pundit of the place, Acharya Dubey Ji, he was a very kind soul and gave us a good tour of the temple.

He also honoured me with a small Kandhawar (Saropa) around my neck, and gave his blessings. He allowed me to do some photography in the temple and write this small write up regarding the temple. I want more people to Visit this place.

This temple is a nice little holy place, which has been guarding our culture since hundreds of years. They also teach Vedic hymns to young children (witnessed two young kids chanting mantras flawlessly during our Abhishek pooja).

This temple has a tough history, it suffered attacks from foreign invaders, (you can see a few pics), it withstood the test of times, but still struggles to survive, corona did its damage to this temple’s economy as well. We all have a responsibility to manage such pristine holy places, very few of them exist today.

If you ever plan to Visit Jaipur, take some time to visit Shivad (ensure that you have an expert driver, last 20 minutes of drive through village lanes can be tough). But the feel and vibe of the place, and especially the unique Shivling is totally worth the time and trouble.

The vibe of the place is relaxed and lightening. The people innocent and nice, the experience, blissful and pristine. Do visit before more and more people discover it, and it is mobbed by millions, I can tell you that it has the potential, and someday it would become very famous.

Being a Jyotiriinga, a puja done here would do well for your Shani and Moon. God knows most of us need to help our moon.

Below, are a few pictures, website address, contact numbers and number of Acharya Dubey Ji in case you wish to get a puja done at this holy place:


Small informal museum, displaying ruins of the temple destructed by invaders found during excavation of temple premises: This shows how ancient this temple is:


You can contact me on the number given below in case you wish to visit, get a puja done, or need any information.


Pundit Dubey Ji has asked me to do this service to the temple. Just for the record, we do not make any money from this.

Har Har Mahadev…!

G. Vijay Kumar

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