This one comes from my very dear friend Vishal Sharma. He is a corporate guy, blockchain expert, writer, astrology enthusiast and gem of a man. He has been very helpful in some of my most intense researches and has taken time to appear on few of my video conferences.

He has his unique view on transits, and wrote a great piece about transitions (ON WHATSAPP. that shows his genius), which I thought should be shared with people at large. All credit to him for this one:

Hi All, I wanted to share some thoughts and get some views. Transits is something which always has eluded me. Although in the group we have a general consensus that transits don’t work much. But I have always mentioned I would love to further do a general research on the topic for my own understanding. Some thoughts I wanted to share to exercise our collective thinking:

  • When we plot a lagna chart for a child’s birth, we basically take the gochar (transit) of that moment and freeze it for the child. If the gochar at that moment has an impact to influence his life, the current gochar might have some impact.
  • Moon transits have absolutely worked in my case. Vijay sir also has felt moon transits do impact. That’s probably because of two things, moon is our mind. The single most thing that controls us. plus, moon changes house every 2.5 days. So the outcomes are very Visible within days. We usually are always preoccupied with the most pressing problem at hand (usually within a day or two). The changes in the outcomes show us a clear contrast. Hence we say n on transit works. But if we apply the corollary to larger planets they move slow and change houses slowly. So probably they too have an impact but in a very slow and steady manner. Plus, they have their own natural significance and lordship which they will bring to the house they sit in.
  • I am a firm believer in Prashna Kundali. At times the Prashna Kundli has been more helpful on solving issues than the lagna. if we put up a Prashna right now to judge let’s say about career, what we are essentially doing is looking at the gochar (transit) right now and analysing how it affects career. Then we can corelate that back to our lagna charts etc. So Prashna is tightly coupled to gochar.
  • Mercury transits just like moon also have been very active for me. Especially mercury retrograde periods. Huge amount of miscommunications in all areas of life. Channels of communications break. Confusion and chaos. Suddenly post retrograde, a sense of calm as If nothing happened.
  • I have still not researched how sun, Venus and Mars transits work in my life. But if anyone has, please share.
  • Finally, the most evident thing which I encounter — Poorima. These days are very bad for my wife, some more than the other. She is a Poornima birth. Her mind becomes hyperactive. Some days I will notice the usual husband bashing happening for no reason. Or major depression event out of nowhere. More often than not, I check transits and it’s Poornima. What better motivation for a husband to research on transits?

I wanted to share these thoughts for constructive thoughts and experiences. Maybe there are some hidden experiences which will help all of us to lean in this unknown world of transits. Please share your thoughts.

By: Vishal Sharma

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