I have said in previous article the Mahadasha-Antardasha is the Killer app of Vedic astrology. This is the biggest reason that Western astrology would never be able to match the prowess of Vedic astrology. Second biggest is their flawed tropical zodiac method. But for me, Mahadasha-Antardasha takes the cake.

Mahadasha-Antardasha gives stunning predictions for the native’s chart

However, any such thing is absolutely lacking in the Western astrology. They use a very poor cousin of Mahadasha —Antardasha concept, transits. Western astrology is very big on transits. While we do have the concept of transits in Vedic Astrology as well, I am personally not a big fan. In my view, they usually have a minor influence on the native. In my experience, Mahadasha-Antardasha has 90-95% impact on the native. Give me a good Mahadasha-Antardasha, and I don’t care how the transit looks.

Transits happen for all ~8 Billion people on the earth. Even If you go by the logic that transits impact X Rashi and Y Lagna in a typical way during their stay in a particular sign, there are approximately 66.66 Million people who share same Rashi or same Lagna. You bet your bottom dollar they won’t be impacted in the same way.

However, Mahadasha and Antardasha are unique to the native.

I usually take an example to explain this: “Transits are like the world economy: They happen for everybody. Mahadasha-Antardasha is like your own job.”

If the world economy is rising, but you lose your job you don’t care. Similarly, if the world economy is going into recession but you get a promotion, you don’t care either.

I wrote way back in 2018 that transits don’t matter much, up to and including the fabled Sade-Sati. I was brutally trolled online and was targeted for ridicule. However, today there are people making videos on the same concept, using a language similar to mine. But I am happy at least the truth is coming out.

So while transits do have an impact at a general level but the most powerful and accurate impact a person can have will happen through his Mahadasha and Antardasha. This is something that we all must remember.

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