Dear Parents:

In my line of work, I deal with a lot of troubled marriage cases. In order to fix the system,we need to know what is wrong with it. And yours truly is an expert and blunt andHONEST truth.

After going through hundreds of good and bad marriage analyses, I have some advicefor ensuring that your children can have a happy and successful marriage:

1. Your children are not your slaves. They are adult human beings with a functioningbrain. You MUST NOT force them in a marriage.

2. Love marriage and inter-caste marriage is not a sin. If the person is good andsuitable for your child, please bless the union instead of breaking their hearts andcrushing their souls for the sake of "Samaaj".

3. Marriage and children should be optional: NOT everyone is supposed to getmarried and have children. I will share horror stories in future articles.

4. If your son is gay, don't marry him to a girl. (Yes this is shockingly common). Youwill ruin two lives and incur loads of sin.

5. Sad but true: Earnings of boy and looks of girl matter, but ensure that the person isa GOOD HUMAN BEING never mind a fat paycheck or a pretty face.

6. It is Ok if they marry in their 30s, humans don't come with an expiry date

7. "l got my daughter married before you" is not an Olympic event, stop competing.

8. "My daughter is a princess, but my daughter-in-law should be a maid" is desihypocrisy at its peak.

9. Raise responsible boys and girls not "Papa kipari" and "Ma kalaal", they will makesomeone else miserable.

10. Tell your daughter wedding day is not the biggest day, it is the days after that.which matter.

11."Kya Burai Hai" is NOT a valid argument to push your child to marry the latestavailable idiot. He/She is looking for a mate, not toothbrush.

12.I am a vocal advocate of love marriages. Don't talk to a stranger, but marryone, is a bad idea.

13.Never marry your daughter in a family that asks for dowry.

14.I am totally against the big fat Indian wedding, you have loads of bill andbunch of angry relatives in the end. Parents burn millions in one night and thebride and groom become old man and woman paying EMI's for their car andflat. (Aisehogavikaas...?) Do a court marriage, give a small party and gift all thesaved money to the newlyweds, your grandchildren will thank you.

15. Don't expect the newlywed couple to get up at 6 in the morning. Do I need totell you why?

16. Joint families are a big pain in the wrong side. The day your son gets married,throw him out of the house. Peace will remain uninterrupted

17.Have enough savings for your old age, don't give to anyone before yourdeath, but don't expect your children to provide for you.

18.A boy who is not earning MUST not get married. No he won't "reform" aftermarriage. Don't ruin a girl's life, in order to look good in front of society (orSamaaj...yeah I said that)

So far, I gave some common sense advice, but now we come to astrology, hey after all:

19.Manglik is more of a HOAX than a reality. It is actually Sun and Ketu who domost damage. But people won't tell you that.

20. Here is a big fat one: GUNA MILAN SUCKS...! (Yeah I said that, bite me...!). Ifthis scam worked, Hindu arranged marriages would have no divorces. Yet they arethe biggest contributors.

21.If your child is a hopeless nerd like me, who doesn't have a hope in hell for alove marriage, then yes arranged marriage is acceptable. However, in that case youMUST NOT rely on Guna Milan, please get a HOROSCOPE COMPATIBILITYchecked, (preferably by yours truly-hey I have a business to run), but if not by me,by someone who knows basics like, Cancer Moon and Aries Moon are not a goodmatch (Guna Milan says it is), these two would eat each other alive. I know howthis works. But this should be done only in case of arranged marriage. In case oflove marriage, you should only get it checked for any remedies. Not for giving a yesor a no.

Hope the above gave you some useful insights. Let me know in comments below.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar


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