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I did a webinar with help of two close friends, Vishal and Tushar.

After a research spanning over 18 (including very-very intense last three months). we came up with all things that can go wrong with the moon, and how to solve it

This includes:

Legends of the Moon: Learning about how this planet can be so great and so damaging

Moon in tough signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (and the other side of these signs)

Moon in tough houses: Moon in 6th, 7th, 8th, and 12th

Moon in difficult combinations:Yes, there are the usual suspects, Shani Rahu Ketu, but there is a surprise entry, VENUS.

Remedies for a difficult moon: Depending upon the problems in the chart

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For those who like me, prefer reading, I got the webinar transcribed and am sharing at this site.

So here we go:

G. Vijay Kumar: Special thanks to Vishal, Tushar, and Reetika. Without these three I could not have done this and special thanks to Tushar, he is our technical guy. He has done a very good job. Another thing I would like to say and thanks again to Tushar for pointing this out. You should not be hating people with this combination.

You know it very clearly states Dark Side of the Moon. This time we are not going to talk about happiness and pastries and children and all that. This session will be about how damaging this planet (Moon) can be and how to control it and the particular combination with this damage can be really intense. Thanks to Linda Goodman, lot of people know a lot about moon but ye cheeziyada possesses nahikiyahai, the dark side and there is a very deadly dark side and you people willrealize by the time we reach to the end of it. Harcheezkeliye hum by default jo humShani, Rahu, Ketu kobiameKartehain, up extent is right, but ye jo chautha planet hai, he can be much more damaging when he is in a bad mood, or it is in a bad place. So we will start with this. So people with this combination, they deserve our empathy and sympathy and support and for the record out of four the people who worked on It three of us have a very damaged moon. So barring Vishal, the lucky one, all three of us have a very damaged moon. So please do not hate us okay, and whenever you see these combinations try to help these people. Moon will bless you. So let’s start, it is werewolves and witches Dark Side of the Moon and one last thing I would like to add, you know, people have a very romantic notion of moon and especially the sign Cancer, which you all know I love to hate and particularly Pisces, so this time we will go to their dark sides as well. So please do not get disturbed, arre mere bare maineaisaboldiya… nahi this is for one particular combination. There can be several other combinations which can ride over this but ye thodabahutusmedega impact and most important thing is we can always try and overcome this stuff. So this session is all about dark side. Okay, so let’s start.

So this is what you said already that chart has to be analysed as a whole and it do not judge a person by moon placement only as more to a person than that.

So first thing moon is the most important planet and you know there is a reason by Ram and Krishna, both chose one planet in their first house and that was moon. Of course it was in a combination, Krishna had a Moon Ketu, and Ram had a Moon Jupiter. So why is this the most important planet. So ekbaarkisi ne mere se poocha, if you could take a rebirth, which planet would you like to choose the placement in your chart and I said, boss exalted moon preferably in the tenth house. They were like Shani, Rahu, Ketu…mainekahanahi, if moon is okay, I can be poor and still happy. So what I have learned, Sun is how you deal with the world, Moon is how deal with your own self and your inner circle. You know for example, a person with a very strong Moon will have very motherly feelings toward his inner circle and towards his children and how he or she feels that is very important. To vo jo feeling nature hai, that is your moon. To aapduinya main kyakarteho that is your Sun, you know, youcan be a badass boss, going to the office and you know doing everything or raatkohosaktahai app kisipuraaniyaadpedaarupeekarkeroye that could be your moon. So moon is your inner life and how you deal with yourself and the inner world. Sun is your external world, baharkiduniya, office wala. Moon is your house ka and your inner circle.

Anything Vishal, Tushar you guys want to add.

Vishal: I wanted to say something. Moon, jab main moon kitarafdekntahoonna, I feel moon is like the patra, so every planetgives, Shani gives pain, Jupiter gives happiness, Venus gives pleasures, comforts, Moon takes and when moon takes, itprocesses and it gives it back to Us. Aurvo jo processing hai moon ka that actually decides how we are going to react to something in life. So if we take pain from Shani or if we take pain from Rahu or confusion from Rahu, but how will react to it. Remember that kahavatthi 90% attitude, 10% problem. That is a very moon kind of statement and I will give you an example. Few days later, I was reading about Mahesh Manjrekar, the director, so he just had cancer and you know he went through this treatment, now he is fine, but nobody while he was doing movies and stuff, directing and all, nobody knew that he had cancer and he was very okay about it. He just went through the routine treatments and then came out fine.

Taurus moon haiuska?

I did not check that but I am saying the attitude he carried towards life is what a strong moon can give you and on the other side, remember KangnaRanawat in the movie Queen seating on the car bonnet and crying, yelling.

Absolutely, meraitna life kharabhogaya, so that is typical moon Kirk rashiwala.

Correct, so moon is how you actually some days you know, you wake up and you go outside and everything seems bad, aapkawahigharhai, wahi balcony hai, aap balcony kebahardekhraheho, but everything seems bad, lagtahaiyaar ye kya life hai, ye kyaduniyahaisaamne, but on the next day you go and stand in your balcony you feel absolutely wonderful that is all your moon because moon is your emotional body. We have seven bodies, right. Physical body, itric body usme jo emotional body hai, that is our moon. Sometimes the moon actually helps like a placebo effect also. People with strong moon and I am one of them, people with strong moon have a tendency to tell themselves, everything is fine, it will be okay and that kind of has that placebo effect in you and then you start thinking, things are okay. It is not that secretwalafunda, keachachaachachabolo to achachaachchahhoga, but they are self-healing. A strong moon is very self-healing. So believe that is the reason this planet becomes very-very important.

And folks we have an entire slide on how to learn from a good moon, courtesy Vishal. We will come to that in detail. So Tushar your view. Vishal, sorry, you had anything to add.

Nahi, bus khaaliekcheezthake transits usually we don’t talk about but this is one planet, which changes house every day.

Jiska transit matters, yes. yes, absolutely.

This changes house every two and a half days, a different mood. So when at home, I see that my wife is very-very quiet, I justgo and check the moon transit and I decide how many days I have to keep quiet.

So you know, you hear a lot of halla-gulla about Satu transit, Rahu-Ketu, even Jupiter transit. It is the moon transit that matter guys.


Baaki sab hawa main hai. This is very-very close.

So that’s all, that is all from my side.

When Sun transit, baharkataapmankamjayadahotahai, with moon transit andarkataapmankamjayadahotahairemember this. So Tushar, over to you.

Tushar. Well, aajtak brain to locate karliyagayahai human physiology main but mind ki location kisi ne aajtaknahipaayi, kiwhere is the mind exactly located. Some would say it is in the cerebellum, some would say it is behind the head, is lobe main, is lobe main, but nobody has actually been able to say that this is the mind. And this what the Rishi have always been teaching us that the mind itself has no fundamental basis of its own. As Vishal I said, itis a processing unit. What’s it processing? Itis processing the sensorial inputs that your body is receiving. So the sense of sight, smell, all of these indriyas, lekin ye sab kuchander inputs bhejrahehai, and you are processing it. How are you processing it? As you said, Shanibhi act Karrahahai, Rahu bhi act karrahahai, but itis getting processed somewhere, that is the mind. Originally associated with lunacy the reason was that many people thought puranejamaneaisahotathaki jab full moon hotatha to crime rates would shoot up, asylum main bhartijyada hone lag aatithi, to isiliye it comes from the word lunar, which is also coming from the word lunatic. Doosaricheez ye aatihaiki it closely correlates with the menstrual cycle of a woman, which is why moon is generally taken to be a female deity, but only in Hindu MythologyItis usually a chandra means male, but it is a female deity, because it changes every 26 days. Jaise 27 nakshatrahaivaise 28 days is cycle hotihai. So this is what I have on the moon. Moon itself is maya, kyonkiiska koi space locate nahikiyajasakta. tis your inner feeling, but where is it feeling, you don’t know where itis. That is where it catches.

You know why the title is “dare to stare”, because if you will stare at the Sun, you can go blind, if you stare at the moon, you can actually go mad. Like Tushar said and his work with people with mental complications. So if you stare at the moon for very long, you can go mad and if you go mad, the mad people would often keep looking at moon. Right Tushar? Unkochaandbahutpasandhotahai. They simply hate Sun. So moon brings out your demons. You know all those negative witches or werewolf, vokabhibhi Sun ki light meinnahiaayenge, vampires kabhi Sun ki light meinnahiaayenge, vosaareaayenge moon ki light mein. So the external demons as well as your inner demons will come out when moon is in the rightposition. So ye madness or mayhem, you know bollywoodhumkosikhatahai, amavaskiraatbahutpareshanwalihotihai, it isactually the full moon night which is very damaging that is when maximum people get into crimes of passion, depression,crying bouts. If somebody drinks alcohol, hisaabrakhnakikaunkaun se din aapko hit kart hai, and I can bet 10,000 bucks kiye full moon pejayada hit kartihai. So itis full moon that you need to care about. So let’s go to the myths of the moon. So you know in India for some reason we have done a very halkahaath on the moon. I do not know that is the only planet where western astrology has done a better job. I will have admitted that. But haan, moon wale main hints bahutsaarehai. So he was born out of tears of Rishi Atri. So no wonder, moon walokanalkachalurahtahai. Then he was very handsome, good looking, he got married to 27 nakshatra, but Rohini was his favorite and he would ignore 26 wives, spend all the time with Rohini. So moon people are very partial. I have always seen this. Shani in the ninth, kabhinainsaafinahikarega, moon in the ninth insaafkarkenahidega, kabhidekhlena. They would always play favourite. Moon just cannot you know discriminate on dharma, iskaek hi discrimination haimerakaunhai, parayakaunhai. Then just to add to all the khurafaat, he elopes with his guru’s wife. Jupiter ki wife Tara Devi, unkolekarkevobhaaggaye the. So this shows ki Moon ko order or discipline nahichahiye, mann-maujishabdhaina… that has come from moon, mannkimauj, jo aagyakardiya, guru kibiwi, dekhajayega, main to left jarahahoon. And of course when Shukracharya came and gave him his blessings, we will talk about it. How these two planets together brought the universe to the brink of destruction. And of course it is associated with Shiva. Shiva when in his Bholenaath mode, he is Chandrama, when he is in a dandnayak mode, he becomes Shani and of course it is related to Maa as well. So when maa is in Lalita mode aurGauri mode, she is Chandra roop, when she goes on a rampage, she is in a Kaali mode, she becomes Shani, Rahu. Now come into the western myth. Westerners somehow may be becauseof the witches case or whatever, they always had a healthy scepticism about you know, Moon is not all about baking bread and you know giggling with babies. Moon goddess in ke kai hai, Hades se lekarkeaur lady of the beast tak, so they would typically you know portray her as a very mixed kind of deity. AapkaChandrma, at maximum is shararati, okay. Mood goddess can be mad killers and child swallowers because that is like nature. In nature, you know, there are some animal species jo apnebachchekhajaatehai, because they know kihumkoabhizindarahnahai and there are too many species where the female would kill the male after the procreation, kebhaiiska role khatam, ab iskokhakarke main apnebachochokeliye nutrition iktthakaron. That is how dangerous moon and a mother’s will to live can be. So nature is kind and cruel both. You know we all love and respect nature and we should, but nature can wield incredible violence with no remorse. Ekjagahbhookampaayegahazaron-lakhoaadmigayab, bachche, buddhe, javan sab. So moon can be very kind and moon can be very cruel, and we will see this in further slides, but damaged moon is more likely to hurt his own people than other people. Ye iski bad ajeebsibaathai. So iskesaathmain kuch animals jodejaatehain, moon keliyechandrmakoaksarhiranpesavardiknayajaatahai and in western mythology of course itis associated with the doe, but they also associate it with the wolf and the pig. If somebody may ask why the pig, see a Kirk moon eat when they are in a very bad mode. So people would typically hog kirk rashikiaur, Chandrma in the seventh, they would typically hog when they are in a bad mood. They would drink and wo human pigs ban jaatehai. So moon when beyond his boundaries can be a pig and moon when in a bad mood and wants his revenge he can be a wolf. So doe kesaath main ye do, teen animal humkoyaadrakhnechahiye. So let’s go to the next slide. So moon kesaath main it has two sides, so moon is the child in you and moon is the devil in you. Aap log, hum sab, school se niklehain, adults cannot be as cruel as children can be, vokamjorbachchekepakdekepeetdenge, koi ladkibichariagar weak hai to uskichotikhichenge, children can be very cruel at times because they do not have the sense of right or wrong. So moon is the hidden you. JaisemannkahaTushar ne, matlab kai philosophers aise the especially ___ (16:52) koi bhi pass meinaatatha, vopahleuskodaarupilake teen din taktallirakhtatha, subha-sham, din-raat, taakimeinjaanukiiskeanderkaunchupahuahai, voanderchupahua moon, when you get drunk your moon comes up. Sun vohai jo aapduniyakodikhateho, moon vohai jo daarupeenekebaadbaharaatahai. Punjabiyon main English. Haan English shuruhojaati, hum royal bandehain. Vo thanasubha se shaamtak Punjabi diet pehotahai, do kheereaur ice tea aur ye or vo, aurshaamke do peg, uskebaad butter chicken aur dal makhani, aursaath main teen kilo ice cream. So that is when the moon comes out. SoYe saarejayada tar crimes of passion, violence ye sab drunk hone par hotehai. So moon is how you respond to feelings. Okay, one can actually behave in a very childish way when it comes to house of the moon. You have moon in the fourth, you are mummy kabachcha, mummy loves you, you love the mummy and that is where you go when you need some retrieve. That is where you go when you need some century that is where you go when you need somebody to hold you. Second house moon, pareshanhotehai, parivarikbaithakIagaletehai. Seventh house moon, spousekojaakechipakjayenge. Fifth house moon, bachchekhilanelagenge. So moon is both, he is the inner child and the inner beast and he is just the same. So I like this picture very much. Okay, next one.

So like I said, I would rather have a good moon than have anything other. Sab achcha milebahutbadiya, but ek hi choose Karna hai, would rather have a good moon. Because we must have seen somebody who is not great shapes at career, jisnekuchbahutjyadakiyanahi, padai main bhitheektheekraha, but voapnizindagimein mast haiuskomatlab hi nahi. Kisikapromotion hogaya, uski seat peasarnahi, doosre log bilkul sad balkekoylehogaye. Dusre ne car khareed li Mercedes usko tension nahi, voapniMarutimeinraazihai. Punjabi meinvoboltehaina,mastrahomasti main, aaglagebastimein. So this is something like that. Vo apnemeinsanthusthhal. Uskojitnaupaar vale ne diyahai, he will enjoy it and he will be at peace and even if he is not very brilliant, I have seen people with a very bad Mercury but a strong moon, unkomatlab hi nahiboss apnebaalnoch le, coworkertaanemarteraheunko tension nahi, vosaandjaiseapnimastimeinchalterahtehain. Aurmaine ye dekna ha, they are able to focus more on the positive side of them and we will come to that.

Next part wil be uploaded soon.

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God Bless,

G Vijay Kumar

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