I have often been questioned about Western astrology versus Indian (Vedic) astrology. I am firmly with Vedic Indian astrology system, and there are many reasons for that.

While I have a lot of respect for some Western astrologers like Linda Goodman and Liz Green etc. And in my view, they have done great research in psychological aspects of astrology and I am impressed by Western astrologers’ work on Moon, however, I don’t share their view on accuracy of the Western Astrology. Because Western astrology is fundamentally flawed.

Now before you think I belong to the blind “My Indian culture is greatest” army, I am absolutely not. On the contrary, I think we are a nation who has lost a lot of its spine and soul, and despite all the cultural chest thumping, we are a poor nation, our women are not safe, our bureaucracy sucks, our superstitions are horrible, and most of what we call culture is simply bigotry. I rest my case for objectivity here. However, all said and done, our Astrology is Kick-A** and by a large margin.

Let me bring your attention to a very curious fact: You hardly ever find a Westerner coming to India for learning science, technology, or management etc. Usually itis the Indians who queue up for going to Western countries for everything right from education to jobs. Blame the conditions of this nation, crappy corrupt systems, or the “White is right” colonial mindset of the people.

However, when it comes to Astrology, the tables are turned 180 degrees. It is always the Westerners who come to India to learn Vedic Astrology. I am yet to find one Indian who went abroad to learn “Western astrology”. Whereas there are legions of Westerners who have formally studied Vedic astrology in India for years, and have made great contributions to the field. I think this the biggest testimony to the accuracy of Vedic astrology. Like they say people don’t vote with their hands, they Vote with their feet (i.e. See which way the people are going).

After years of research, and comparing both methods, I am all for Vedic astrology any given day. There are many reasons, right form the depth of the research, to a rich mythology to a dharmic bent of mind, but apart from these, there are two main reasons that Vedic Astrology wins head over heels.

These two reasons are:

Reason 1: Use of flawed Tropical Zodiac method: Western Astrology goes by tropical Zodiac which is outdated and seriously flawed. This doesn’t give the astrologer accurate chart leading to incorrect readings and earning all the ridicule thatcomes to astrology from the “scientific” minded people in the West. Whereas Indian astrology thankfully remains stunninglyaccurate as it uses much more scientific “sidereal” method of Zodiac. In today’s world even the common man has access to the current satellite maps of the sky, you can look for yourself, which planet is in which sign, and see which method is more accurate.

Reason 2: Over reliance on transits, lack of Mahadasha-Antardasha concept: The most important killer app that Vedic astrology has, is Mahadasha-Antardasha concept. For me this is the BIGGEST thing that works in favour of Vedic astrology, and I must say, it works like a charm. People are often shocked by the accuracy that this amazing method has. Transits happen to all 7 billion people but Mahadasha-Antardasha is unique to the individual.

Thanks to our Great Rishis, there are a few areas where India has been a world leader, and despite the dark era of foreign occupation, continues to be one. Thanks to the Internet, we Indians are leading the knowledge race again, and everything right from Organic Farming, Ayurveda, and Vedic astrology are making a strong come back. I have hopes that within our lifetimes, we would see this nation rise to the ranks of “Vishwa Guru” once again, and Vedic Astrology would play is role in that rise.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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