“Sikhs don’t do any remedies and still they are rich and successful and mostly happy. Why is that

I have heard this question several times and have given a few points which would take a long time to
explain and I don’t have that kind of time today.

I would share the gist in only two points:

1. The Regular Practices :

1. The Regular Practices: My personal hero, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, was a genius in Karmic
sciences. He baked in so many good karma in the Sikh code of conduct from charity, to giving food,
to worshipping one’s Guru and weapons, that most remedies are already done for them. I will write
another article about this.

2 Cleanliness:

I also ask them “When was the last time you saw a dirty Gurudwara?” The answer is invariably NEVER. Unfortunately, dirty temples are somewhat of a norm

I visited Naina Devi a few years ago. I was happy to see Hindu and Sikh brothers visiting the shrine
and paying respects to the Mother Goddess. But the mess, the indiscipline, and the loads of rubbish
just thrown around, broke my heart.

Our next stop was a sharp contrast, a few hours away, Gurudwara Kesh Garh Sahib…Sikh shrine
which was squeaky clean. Few five stars can boast of such cleanliness and orderliness. I was so
impressed and delighted but at the same time I felt bad for the temple.

Both the temple and the Gurudwara had thousands of visitors in a day. I know the management of
Gurudwara is with an organising committee and like all big temples, the Naina Devi is most probably
managed by that useless, slothful, corrupt entity called the Government of India. That is something
that cannot be addressed immediately. We can’t change much about our governments. They have a
70+ year history of rubbish.

BUT WHAT STOPS THE DEVOTEES? Why do we go around defiling the premises, throwing wrappers
and Prasad etc.? While not even bothering to pick a rag from the floor. May be we all feel like
entitled VIPs (most temples have VIP queues which you can take for a small amount).

In contrast, at the Gurudwara, even the richest and most powerful of men were not shy about
picking up a wiper and cleaning the floor, I saw even the real life VIPS doing this. It was a sheer
pleasure to watch men with a Swiss watches and diamond studded gold karas pick up shoes and
wipe floors. We can learn a thing or two from our Sikh brothers.

Let me declare: As long as the temples are dirty, the people would remain poor…!

Here is my challenge:

And I am going to participate in it myself. I challenge the reader to clean one
temple in his vicinity, at least one day in a week. Do this cleaning for 40 days and let me know your experience.

PS: When place of worship is clean, the people prosper. Ever heard the name Saturn, yes the Boss of Kaliyuga is mighty pleased with people who keep their place of worship clean. ( Saturn Remedy )

God Bless,

G. Vijay kumar

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