Things You should do in a Rahu Mahadasha:

Rahu, the planet of Maya is one of the most difficult planets to handle, and for various reasons.

Rahu being the severed head of a demon, has insatiable hunger and is always greedy and
unsatisfied. Being the Mahadasha Lord, he rubs his nature over the native and the native starts to
look, feel, act and behave like Rahu. I am yet to find a client undergoing Rahu period who is not
chasing something with desperation. Often a common dialogue is “I deserve much more but I don’t
get what I deserve”.

Despite telling them various times, that there are people who are much more qualified and able
than them, who are at a lower position, they would always compare themselves with someone of
lesser ability who has more. They often chase on illusion after the other, and ultimately this quest
ends in a breathless crash.

I have written a few times about how to handle the energies of Rahu, but one of them requested me
to write this article, so that they have a ready reckoner. So, here we go:

 Stay Focused: Whatever you do, do not let your guard down. If there is an important thing
that needs to be done, do it with all focus and concentration. Rahu is the planet of both
illusions and focus. While he would reward the focused man, he would punish the confused
one. As long as you keep your goals clear and remain focused, you would do well, but the
moment you relax, Rahu will jump like a snake and bite you in the face.

 Plan the work and work the plan: Rahu Is a go-getter. He has to be continuously engaged in
one or the other quest. His energies are restless and never allow you to sit down and relax.
So it is better to put them to good use. Rahu is a planner, plotter, and hustler. Better put
these energies to a good use. Choose a worthy goal and go after it, with all the Rahu
intensity. No planet can make you succeed with such single-minded focus. But ensure that
you have a proper plan in place and execute it with all the Rahu intensity and focus.

Never ever compare yourself to others! I by Nishant Jogad I Medium

 NEVER COMPARE: This has to be put in all caps. You can compare yourself with a billionaire
and be miserable for the rest of your life, or at least during the Rahu Mahadasha.

Comparison is Rahu’s best weapon, anyone who is happy and content, can be ruined in a
few minutes of Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin search. Where everyone has a perfect 5-
star life, great families, and run the world as CEOs. Let me tell you most of that is rubbish.
People who go to 5-stars regularly don’t put it on Instagram. Happy families usually don’t
exist on Facebook, and most of the “CEOS” on Linkedin are struggling to get a reasonable
job, at most they might be running dad’s company. However, if you find out that a boy who
studied with you in class X has become CEO of some big company (for real), don’t resent
him, don’t compare yourself with him, instead be happy for him. This would bring you
happiness and contentment. You will get what Karma has determined for you, work hard
towards your goals, and not towards defeating someone else. If you have to compare,
compare yourself with those who are struggling despite being talented. That would make
you feel more grateful.

Erwin W. Lutzer Quote: “Temptation is not a sin; it is a call to battle.

 Say no to temptations: This is particularly true during Rahu-Venus and Rahu-Mercury. There
would be temptations that would come your way. Right from a possibility of pulling off a
scam, to having an illicit affair. Rahu has a habit of enticing you into the dark temptations
and then once you enter, he will close the door behind you and start the torture. The quick
buck you wanted to make in share market will make you lose millions in the end. That pretty
lady who flirted with you, can put harassment allegation against you and take you job. A
little control on animal instincts will go a long way in saving you from danger.

Spike Milligan Quote: “Is all in the mind, you know.”

 Remember: Most of your problems are in your mind: Rahu is the planet of psychology. and
most of his games are mental. He will scare the living daylights out of you, or would make
you feel emotions that can put you in asylum, while the thing that you were so afraid of does
not really exist. You need to remember this particularly during Rahu — Moon period. I have
used example of horror movie for this period. It is just sound and light but can give a person
heart attack. Similarly, Rahu — Moon is also a drama that goes on in your mind. Whatever
you do, keep yourself on firm ground and keep reminding yourself that this is all in the mind.

 Stay busy: Empty mind is a devil’s workshop, they say. And this is true, particularly in the
Rahu period. Having a packed schedule without much idle time will help you release the
intense Rahu energy in a positive manner. Most of the times, whenever you sit idle, “horror
movie” would start in your mind. Don’t let the devil sit idle, keep it busy, and the best way to
do it is to stay busy yourself. Remember what Churchill said at the peak of the world war,
when he was running 18-hour days “I am too busy. I have no time for worry.” This attitude
will keep the disturbing energies of Rahu Mahadasha channelized and will keep you sane. I
am yet to see a very busy man who is depressed, I can tell this from my personal experience.

 Count your blessings: This is my personal favourite remedy. This kept me going through my
life, and it will come very hand to anyone undergoing Rahu Mahadasha as well. The best way
of handling Rahu’s temptations is to count one’s blessings and realize how good life is, and
one need not own a helicopter to feel happy and successful.

Ma Kali: The Boss of Rahu

 Pray to Ma Kali: Ma Kali is the Boss of Rahu. Praying to Ma can solve the toughest Rahu
problems that one can face. Visiting Kali temple on Friday and Saturday would be helpful.
One can also wear a Kali pendant and do Kali Mantra.

In addition to the above, keeping Rahu Yantra and chanting Rahu Mantra can also help you a lot.

Rahu period is not easy and natives may suffer. However, if you keep the above in mind and behave
accordingly, you would do better than most people.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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