Shani in the 5th House: Love and Losses

“Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained.”

–Jonathan Harnisch, Freak

This is a tough placement to have.

The 5th house is represented by playful fiery sign of Leo ruled by Sun. God knows Shani doesn’t like to be here. He is totally out of his element. “Fiery and playtul” aren’t the words usually associated with the grim and grumpy Shani.

5th is the house of love relationships, creativity, and progeny. All things Shani is not really comfortable with. So, the challenges are high. Even the most balanced of individuals find it hard to handle.

Let’s find out more:

• Tragic Love Story: I have often seen Shani’s melancholy and challenges stifle the 5th house expressions. A frequent occurrence in the native’s life is a TRAGIC LOVE STORY I have often seen these natives fall in love and then experience pain. It is not just a romantic break up that happens, it is a soul scarring story. A love marriage followed by a divorce is a frequent occurrence with this placement. Love is often associated with sadness in this case. Shani’s approval seeking brings them to a point where they would do anything for “love” only to be disappointed later. A woman who jumps into bed with her lover seeking his approval, may see him trying to back out when she gets pregnant. The guy who rushes to get married, seeking approval of his sweetheart often ends up regretting the nasty marriage, and then has to battle the same sweetheart in a bitter divorce case. The pattern is carried out in classic Shani way. A love marriage followed by a divorce is a frequent occurrence with this placement.

• Children Issues: This is one unique placement in which the Shani problems are faced TWICE. Shani delay and denial is carried forward to the children, especially the first child. Child birth is often delayed and troublesome. The trouble with this placement is that the second stage approval seeking starts with the birth of the first child. Now this child becomes the centre of the native’s thoughts. “How would it impact my child?” is one question that is on top of their list. I have seen fathers deciding their job changes and transfers not according to their career prospects, but according to availability of good schools for their child. These parents would go to ridiculous lengths trying to do “the best for their children”. However, as usual, they don’t get the desired love and approval that they seek from the child. And I would like to say here that it is NOT the child’s fault. Parents owe love by nature’s default to their children, children don’t. One should try not to “spoil” the child seeking their approval, but on the other hand they shouldn’t go all “spare the rod and spoil the child”. Remember Shani’s key, JUSTICE AND BALANCE. In this case it is VERY necessary that they can end up spoiling a child’s psyche or even her future. You should love the child but show some tough love when needed, don’t be a doormat but don’t be a tyrant either. Do justice to the child and you will save the relationship in the long run.

• Blocked Creativity: Creative expression is another area where Shani raises his barriers. These people find it hard to be creative and often have to try multiple times before they “find their calling”. They like to be admired for their creativity but are often denied creative expression, especially in the first half of life. As always, with time and effort Shani finally grants them the ability to express themselves after trying hard for years. And their creativity is less of the “inspiration” kind and more of the perspiration kind. But hard work and persistence would eventually bring them to a point where they would eventually be at ease and would be able to express themselves creatively, finally doing justice to their talents.

• Stomach issues: Shani in the 5th often gives health challenges related to the stomach and acidity and constipation is a common problem with this placement. One should go easy on their stomach, and should bring Shani balance and discipline to their diet.

This is a lovely house, but not fit for Shani. This placement is tough on a person’s heart and soul. “Moderation” is the mantra that would let one survive this placement. Love, but don’t love madly. Care for your child, but don’t be her slave, eat well, but don’t go overboard. Take care do justice, love the lover but have boundaries, indulge the child, but don’t spare the rod.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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