Indicator of a medical career in astrology

Okay, ask any young one in India, what do you want to become, invariably the first answer would be “doctor”…this would be followed by engineer, and then government employee (read IAS). #DesiParentDreams

I can understand that parents are insecure and want their children to do well and take up “safe” careers. However, no matter what they try, most of the times I have seen children discover the path of their destiny…although they have to go through a lot of rough and tumble, if the parents are not supportive. But Nature finds a way…always.

I have seen the dance of planets…and this is what I have to say “NATURE WOULD TROUNS NURTURE MOST OF THE TIMES”.

I was wondering if I should put this out, then I thought at least it would do some favour to little kids being unwillingly pushed into medicine by insecure parents (there are millions, yours truly was a part of this crowd once upon a time. When I quit medicine, it was more of a good riddance…my 1sthouse Sun danced with jubilation while studying business)

Now there are several combinations which make one a medical professional, however, the one that takes the lead by a long margin is SHANI IN THE 6th ..!

Now before you run to give a bear hug to your child with Shani in 6th and fill his medical college form, hold on…this is an indication and NOT a guarantee.

While Sun in the 1stalmost guarantees a businessman, Shani in the 6th doesn’t guarantee but gives strong indications. Remember to put logical in astrological…while anyone can launch a business in todays’ date and fulfil Sun in 1st destiny, getting into medicine needs a lot more. Medical exams are not easy to get through, one also needs blessings of Mercury and Jupiter to get through, and of course the family should have funds.

Having given that disclaimer, let’s go ahead.

Shani in 6th is obsessed with HEALTH and healing. In the lower principle, Shanican make a person a hypochondriac who runs to hospital after a sneeze, or gets every mole examined for cancer.

However, in his higher principle, Shani in 6th can become a “healer”. This is a frequent placement in the chart of health workers including doctors. Even non-medical natives have this obsession with “healing”. They can take to alternative healing options from Reiki to acupressure, to diet planning with considerable rigour and research and often enjoy healing others.

One little tip that I have…now how can I miss something that comes bundled with medicinal career…dentistry and surgery.

In order to become a dentist or a surgeon…one placement I have seen frequently is Rahu in 3rd.

Hope this helps you guide your child better. Remember first thing is to see his or her interest…let him/her take up the career of choice. Nature will find a way…it always does.

God Bless,

  1. Vijay Kumar

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