I have written so much about Ketu Mahadasha and you have encouraged me to write more and more. However, next to Ketu comes Venus, and a lot of you have been asking for content on Venus Mahadasha, and it has been in the making for months, and for good reasons.  

Venus being a multi-dimensional planet, its results can vary to a considerable degree depending upon its placement in the chart, conjunctions, and functional relationships with other planets. The research has to be in-depth and based on real life case studies.

I am fortunate enough to have a lot of supportive clients who have helped me in my researches by sharing their personal experiences. One such client saw post regarding my research on Venus Mahadasha, and very kindly offered to share her own experience of the entire Mahadasha that she has recently finished. I am grateful for her kind gesture and with her permission, I am sharing her story with you. Of course no names would be taken.

Here is a the background: This lady has a CANCER MOON + VENUS IN 12TH HOUSE. Needless to say a very complicated chart and a complicated Venus. I personally am weary of Venus in 6th and 12th houses. I have seen it give difficult results. Overall, her chart was strong with an excellent Shani, no wonder she belonged to a well to do family. However, knowing what I know about Cancer Moon and 12th house Venus, she was not going to have a smooth personal life. The complications of these placements are obvious in her story.

I have kept it as authentic as possible, and have used 90% of her original autobiographical account and have made minor grammatical changes only. This is her story in her own words.

Venus Mahadasha – Venus Antardasha: I finished 12th class in 2003 and got into one of the prestigious best college of Delhi despite having 53% in 12th. My father got me in. Driving best car to college. Fun loving bubbly, learning jazz dance. I did psychology . First slap in love obsessive about one guy. Hi-fi ppl knew in college. Kept being in one sided love with the guy n felt heartbroken all the time. End of Venus-Venus went to study in London and also met the best guy dated him for next 9.9 years.

Venus Mahadasha – Sun Antardasha: Studying in London, dating best guy in university. Everyone looking up to our relationship. Hi-fi friends , enjoying the most. Study wise going ok. I am average but topped my class in one module, branding communications. Looking forward to life. I have a feeling I’ll be successful in life.

Venus Mahadasha -Moon Antardasha: Master’s degree is ending and am slowly feeling lost.. all my friends come back to India I decide to stay, but lonely a little bit. Confused and lost from Venus Moon Rahu till Venus moon Venus period, felt a little depressed and lost. Found a job ( average job but enough to sustain in London).  In Venus-Moon-Venus period, good time start again. Hopeful , fun time, good time with friends, good clothes, job is in fashion in London, I am enjoying myself.

Venus Mahadasha -Mars Antardasha: This job gives me HSMP visa which converts to PR in London , I was happy with this I wanted to live in UK for rest of my life at that time…enjoying period, good period .. fun time with friends , travelling , good clothes good food . Best time. By the end of Venus Mars my boyfriend says that he is moving back to India and wanted me to come with him as well. He assured me that we would get married in India. He said that there was no future in UK. I wanted to live in UK but still decide to visit India for 2-3 months to see how it goes.

Venus Mahadasha -Rahu Antardasha: I am confused about what to do, my heart is in the UK, but my boyfriend is adamant about moving to India . He is a great guy from good family and I think I’ll not get a guy like this ever again, so after a lot of back and forth between London and India, I finally moved back to India in Venus Rahu Moon. I feel low and depressed with the move but I hope I’ll have a better career and life in India. This period was a wanderlust for me. I was enjoying India and UK both but was confused. I wasted a lot of money in going to London and coming to India . Trying to set up any business. I in mid 2012 I decided that silver jewellery or jewellery will be my career. I would make sample range to export jewellery to UK. I finally shifted back to India with all my belongings in Feb 2013.

Venus Mahadasha- Jupiter Antardasha: I get a basic job at an export company. I am hopeful that I will learn exporting jewellery from here. But my family life is now slowly getting screwed. My elder sister is not getting married and there is a lot of pressure on me to help family,  be there for them emotionally, all my energy is spent in job and family’s emotional support. I start ignoring my boyfriend but he fights with me and insists that he misses me and I should spend time with him. I am sad and depressed, as nothing happens as I had thought. I have to leave my export job due to my sister’s pressure. My father tells me to baby-sit my sister. One slap after the other. I don’t even know what is happening with me. I feel tired of life but I stand up for my family going through a lot of turmoil emotionally and financially.  I virtually became the mother figure to my family at this point in 2014. I also found a company with my sister as a partner. This company remains our family firm till date. Mid 2015 I feel slightly better but everyone is  promising me things and not giving me same. My sister and my father with them I do some business but no profits. I move away and get lost in what I want to do. I am a product of family issues . Wanting to be happy wanting to be successful but it now looks a dream. I keep regretting leaving London. This period was emotionally worst for me. My family took all my happiness away from me. One damage after the other. My career was at pause from 2013 when I left my export job till 2018.

Venus Mahadasha – Saturn Antardasha: Finally, my sister gets married, and post that I tell my parents I will not take emotional abuse for them. However, there was a lot to come, my boyfriend left me without informing me. 9.9 years of relationship finished in 2 second in Dec 2016 . I got no closure. He got engaged to someone else without even telling me. But I decide to be practical about the breakup. I sought counselling and join pranic healing in 6 months (2017 ). I travelled a lot looking for happiness in my soul, my spiritual journey starts. By 2018 I became an arhatic yogi in pranic healing which teaches kundalini meditation. I kick start my jewellery business , achieve some milestones in jewellery business but my business is never profitable to a point that I can make some real money out of it. I earn money through importing furniture and for the first time in my life, I earn a few lac rupees. Slowly stability is coming back , I see some money in my account, and feel I can do more. Finally I feel I belong somewhere. Free from family and boyfriend baggage.

Venus Mahadasha -Mercury Antardasha: I have plans to further grow my business or settle in some career as jewellery not giving so much profit. By 2019 sept I lose everything again. My family emotional baggage re- enter my life. But this time I thought I won’t let it affect me but I get rolled in again, my sister is in trouble once again, and my parents want me to once again help them manage the disaster. The high that I had invested in suddenly crumbles . Mentally frustrating. Then covid came I lost my father in 22 April 2021. Life is difficult again. We get our partnership in family business but I don’t get the right to work actively in family business.

Venus Mahadasha – Ketu Antardasha: Life is uncertain , there is a lot of pressure to marry from relatives’ side, but still I am not getting married despite having 2 serious proposals. I have no friends and remain mentally stressed . I get into astrology and tarot reading. I become good at tarot. I want to see astrologers to seek guidance but scared nothing good will come out of life.

Epilogue: At the start of this dasha I use to believe in love,  had luxury and happiness , I was doing good for others. I was compassionate and full of zest for life. I had best clothes , best travel , best food, good friends. I wanted to get married and have a successful life and genuinely do good for others. By the end of Venus dasha, I feel there is no love, I am scared of rejection. I don’t want to do good or bad for others, rather mind my own business, life is not luxury but basic. No friends to trust. I don’t want to get married now, but earn money and live basic life. I am spiritual, and do meditation, practice tarot, I want to connect with astral world , heal people. Venus took my innocence, but gave me spirituality.

Post Script: From Jan 2023 till April 2023 my life suddenly had a lot of new foreign friends and parties . New social network and I enjoyed this period. I again realised and became hopeful that export and import will give me success.

Thank you so much for sharing this madam, I hope you find peace and success in your future.

Note to reader: This should NOT be considered a general template for Venus Mahadasha. This was actually a DIFFICULT Venus in a complicated chart. Most people would have a different experience. Will share a detailed write up and video series on them.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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