90% of the people who come to me, come in Shani, Rahu, or Ketu period. Next to these "BAD BOYS OF ASTROLOGY:RAHU KETU and SHANI", Mars is the one that is the most maligned and most feared, especially when it comes to marriages.However, the kind of bad press he gets, is mostly undeserved.

Honestly, I was personally afraid of this planet, for a long... long time. However, after some research, I realized, that this is notthe planet one should be afraid of, in fact one should embrace, accept, and even welcome him, especially the men.

As compared to the real melafics, Shani, Rahu and Ketu, Mars is more of an innocuous "wannabe". Mars is innocent whencompared to menace of Rahu or shrewdness of Shani, and he comes out as a pretty laid-back guy, when compared with anangry Ketu (when Ketu is in a good mood, he is a Jain Muni, when Ketu is angry, he is a Naga Sadhu. No fighter in the worldcan scare one as much as a Naga Sadhu in battle mode. Holy warriors make the most fearsome opponents) …anyway Idigress, let's get back to Mars.

The closest Archetype of Mars “Fighter", I wanted to put "Soldier” but Mars, as such doesn't have the discipline required forbeing a soldier, for that he needs assistance from Shani. Neither is Mars a goon, as for that ne needs Rahu's menace. Mars isan innocent fighter, all he wants to do is fight, and does so innocently. At the command of his king Sun, Mars is willing to kill orget killed.

Mars is the Sword Arm of Sun, the Soldier to his King.

While Mars people can show a lot of aggression, they are usually surprisingly innocent. They lack the shrewdness of Shani,malice of Rahu, blinding dogma of Ketu, or even the egomania of Sun.

In reality, Mars is not all that dangerous, as long as the above-mentioned gentlemen don't mess with his head and manipulatehim.

Myths and Legends:

At the risk of repeating myself, I would again say, one must understand mythology in order to understand astrology.

Mars has several stories in Western Astrology. The Greek Ares and the Roman Mars were two sides of the same coin, theMars energy.

However, Ares (l believe he had something to do with "Aries") was a clumsy beast, ever angry and ready to fight, but almostalways clumsy and innocent. Going from one mess to another, he went into trouble and believe it or not, lost several battles,was humiliated and even mocked, not a suitable image for the "God of War" but drives a point across.

While the Roman Mars was more of a dignified soldier type showing the refined personality of the planet. Then there wasSiegfried, invincible in a direct battle, but would be helpless against an attack from the behind, a very Mars quality. Then therewas Hercules, someone who would take on "Herculean" tasks and using his unlimited courage and energy would finally win.

There was another, darker, uglier representation of mars as Berserker, a brute fighter, angry and inebriated in "wine of war"and invincible in a direct battle, representing the crude side of Mars.

These archetypes together bring the various faces of Mars to us. He can be a clumsy brawler, a go getter, a dignified soldierand a brute thug drunken on blood lust.

Indian Mythology of Mars: Mangal: The Auspicious:

As usual, the Indian mythology does a job of explaining things, and gives us a hint that Mars is not to be feared orrejected, but in fact, embraced and welcomed. we call him "Mangal" which means "Auspicious". Isn't it strange that theplanet of war and conflict is called "Mangal" or Auspicious?

Legends of Mars:

Thera are several legends associated with the birth of Mars. All refer to Mars as son of Shiva, The Destroyer. Let's go throughall of them:

  • Shiva's Sweat: According to some scriptures, Shiva was in meditation and drops of his sweat fell on the earth, and Marswas born. This is the least likely one. Though Mars is related to sweat and hard work, if there is one activity that Marscannot do, it is meditation. Another story tells about Shiva's drops falling on earth during his destructive dance calledTandav, this is closer to reality as Mars has an element of hustle, sweat and destruction in him.
  • Lord Kartikeya: The God of War: The demon Tarkasur was tormenting the universe, and Lord Kartikeya was born fromthe seed of Shiva in order to kill him, and after killing him, Karthikeya was the Commander of Deva forces. Thisseems like more or a Mars story.
  • Veerbhadra-Shiva's Rage: The Avenger of Dharma: In my view, this is the most suitable story, as this brings out therage, invincibility, destructive ability, and most of all, importance of Mars.

Shiva was married to Sati. the daughter of King Daksha. Rich King Daksha considered the Mendicant Shiva unworthy of hisdaughter and his status. He would take all opportunities of insulting Shiva. Shiva being Bholenath (sweet, gullible master),forgave his antics and ignored his repeated offences.

However, things came to a boiling point when Daksha arranged a Yagnainviting all the important beings in the universe, butdid not send an invitation to Shiva, the Supreme Being.

While Shiva wasn’t bothered, Sati took offence to this, and stormed uninvited to the Yagnaof Daksha, and objected to theinsult against her husband. Sati was mocked and humiliated by Daksha to such an extent that she jumped into the yagna fire,immolating herself.

When Shiva got this news, he was outraged and in blinding fury, pulled out one braid ofhis hair, and smashed it on the earth,giving birth to a fearsome warrior, Virbhadra.

Shiva ordered him to lead his army of ganas and ruin Daksha's yagna. Virbhadra and his army attacked Daksha's Yagna anddespite being protected by the likes of Lord Vishnu, Daksha was annihilated. Everyone defending Daksha was killed ordefeated, even Lord Vishnu had to retreat. Then Virbhadra went on to defile the Yagna, and finally behead Daksha therebycompleting the vengeance of Shiva and teaching a lesson to the arrogant King.

This story is one of the most episodes in Indian mythology, it is marked as beginning of problems in the world.

Why is the planet of war and conflict called "Mangal" or Auspicious?

There is a long deep philosophical reason behind it my study of history, Dharma and mythology illuminated me to the reasonwhy, and like most things that happen to me, this also accidently happened.

Perhaps our ancient Rishis could see that in times to come, Mars would be pushed in the background, in fact even denied,leading to an industrial scale assault on Dharma and India. India and Sanatan Dharma paid a heavy price of ignoring anddenying Mars. In pursuit of "Shanti" we ignored the fact that "Mangal" (goodness/auspiciousness), happens only when Mars isinvolved.

Mars is the expression of righteous anger of an otherwise innocent Shiva. It also shows how the "good guys" ultimately have toget angry in order to protect righteousness or Dharma. At times "destruction of the wicked" is necessary in order to protectDharma.

I would like to request you to remember place in India is often referred to as "Dharma-Kshetra" (the adobe ofDharma)? It is not the fabled Kedarnaath, or Holy Haridwar, or even the ancient Kashi, which house some of our mosttemples, Dharma-Kshetra is the BATTLEFIELD of Kurukshetra…!! The place where the Mahabharat war tookplace, and millions were slaughtered. Place where Krishna unleashed his Mars on the unrighteous Kurus, thus defendingDharma, and bringing “Mangal” back to the world.

What happened to medieval India is an example of what happens to nice people who ignore their Mars. If you won't embraceyour Mars, someone else's Mars will kick the life out of you. This happened in India, when Ashoka threw his sword, we wentradically behind impractical notion of "ahimsa at all cost" Under the Buddhist and Jain influence, there was a flood of monks,but dearth of soldiers. We all know the consequences.

While monks are needed and very much desired, soldier's role cannot be denied, and it I dare say, in physical realm, a soldieris more necessary than a monk.

You can't see inner light, if your monastery is set on fire, you can't gain freedom to sit under a tree meditating, you are sold inslavery. Tibet is an example when guys took their Mars out of action, and were annihilated by the other party's Mars.

Mars is the defender of Dharma, without Mars, nothing can be protected, not even Dharma.

Most of our gods carry one weapon or the other, and have often battled for defending the righteousness. "Shastra" i.e. weapon)and "Shaastra" i.e. scriptures have been told to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, we forgot this. However, this is the truth.

In Sikh Gurudwaras, you would often find swords, arrows, and other weapons being worshipped along with the Holy Scripture,Sri Guru Granth Sahib, underlining the ancient truth and highlighting the importance of Mars. For the record, historically, theSikhs fought valiantly defending Dharma. Their glorious history tells us how Shastra and Shaastra were finally brought togetherfor defending Dharma.


The Manglik Myth: First let me address the elephant in the room, you can't talk about Mars without talking about Manglik, oneof the biggest cash cows of astrology. In the most pathetic interpretation of the scriptures, Mars became the "malefic" planet,whose main job was to prevent people from getting married. Am I angry, or I am angry…my Leo Mars roars with frustration. Forthe record, MANGLIK is more of a money-making scheme than a real problem.

What is Manglik: By definition. if Mars sits in 1, 4, 7, 8, or 12th house, a native is considered Manglik.By that definition, 41.6%of all people are Manglik. Then. there are some scholars who say that Mars' position fromMoon as well in Navamasha shouldalso be considered, that definition, probably 123% of all people are Manglik. (Credit: Prash Trivedi).

What is the Mars supposed to do, create a new house for himself? He has to in some house after all.

Yes, the above-mentioned house positions of Mars are difficult, especially 4th and 12th and can create tussle in marriages.However, it not that big a deal, the entire chart has to be analysed as a whole and two charts have to be matched as whole.For therecord, Sun and Ketu cause far more divorces than Mars. But that’s a story for another day.

No the non-Manglik person is NOT going to die if married to a Manglik.

Now that I have answered your question, let's see where the real problem with Mars is.

Dating Mars and Marrying Shani:

I often joke, Indian women date Mars and marry Shani. There is a reason for this, while in the modern world, "practical" womenlook tor "a provider" who can "run family and pay bills', (enter Shani). However, Venus sitting in her heart istypically attracted to the "tough guys", men with heavy Mars.

Female psyche is more attracted to someone who can "protect" instead of someone who can "provide".

Chances are that Captain of the football team would be more successful in the dating game, than the president of the scienceclub. However, ask any Indian parent, and the science club guy wins’ hands down. A Mars boyfriend and a Shani groom is anoften the trajectory of most women.

Modern Parenting: Suppressing Mars and Raising Shani: Usually, parents of the urban boys, are busy forcing them into anobedient docile Shanimold. Boys that get into a fight for whatever reason, are reprimanded and are forced to "behave". Theyare discouraged from playing physical games or "going out with the boys". Mostly, they are forced into one coaching afteranother, usually studying to be a doctor or engineer or being groomed for a Government Job in North India or an IT Jobwith a VISA in South India (Indian parents are going to hate me, but never mind, I am in a Mars mode today. bite me.!)

On the other hand, parts of the rural India suffer from patriarchal toxic masculinity. Where getting into fights, eve teasing, andbrute uncouth aggressive behaviour is accepted and even encouraged, bringing out the dark side of Mars.

This creates the schizophrenia in society, where Mars is repressed or corrupted, most people won't stand up to defendthemselves, while others won't hesitate from hurting others. Both sides a repressed Mars and an out of control Mars aredangerous.

The Solution: Bringing the best out of Mars:

Mars is very important, especially for the male natives The young boys who are told to "stay away from fights" and aremanipulated by parents into being "good boys" often end up suppressing their Mars. They grow up to be soft repressedeffeminate men who are never able to assert their will, and are usually dominated by those around them. Or are taken to theother extreme, by encouraging their brutish behaviour they become thuggish brutes. Both approaches go from one extreme toanother, and both are wrong. A balanced and healthy approach is required. Let's see what we can do here.

Pray to Lord Hanuman: The supreme soldier brings out the best synthesis of Mars, which is disciplined and righteousaggression. He brings the best synthesis of Mars and Shani, aggression and toughness, along with discipline and humility.Praying to Lord Hanuman and meditating on his glories, would not only bring the best out of Mars and Shani, but would alsoimprove general wellbeing of a person. Visiting a Gurudwara would also do the trick.

Mantra and Yantra: Mars Mantra and Mars Yantra can also help a person balance his Mars. While wearing red coral would boost a person's Mars, it has to be kept in mind that one should wear a gemstone only post consulting an astrologer. Only ifMars is good in your horoscope, should you wear a coral, else it is safer to stick to Mantra and Yantra.

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Work Out or Playing Physical Games: Working out and getting muscle mass another thing that would help your Mars, aswell as your health Remember one of the legends of Mars is about him being born out of Shiva's sweat. I strongly suggestworking out for people with heavy Mars or afflicted Mars. Such Mars gives them tons of energy and aggression, but for lack ofguidance, can lead them to conflicts, fights and trouble. There are scores of stories about misguided youth dignifiedsuccessful athletes, under the guidance of a sports coach, from Mike Tyson to Michael Phelps.

The purification of Mars energy brings out the best in the native, especially the men. We must try not to suppress our Mars, orthat of our boys, we must guide him to what he can become at best, not a brute thug but a dignified soldier…"anofficer and a gentleman", just like Lord Hanuman.

Jai Bajrang Bali

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

PHONE: 7678228364

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