Thanks to superstitions related to astrology, at times my clients come up withdoubts and questions and that make me laugh, cry, and at times, disturbed.

Here are a few samples:

Can you tell me where I can find a buried treasure?

No. I cannot tell you where to find a buried treasure, and even if I could, why onearth would I tell you?

I would rather visit the place personally with a shovel. Stop believing that "gadadhan" nonsense. If we astrologers could find buried treasures, we won't be doingastrology for a fee, right?

Can you get my lover back?

No. I cannot get your "lost lover" back to you in 3 days. Truth be told, it takes memore than 3 days to placate my own wife when she is upset with me.

Vashikaran is a fraud. I have written about this and would warn anyone againsttrusting anybody who claims to know Vashikaran or other such things. They areeither lying thugs or delusional psychopaths, both are dangerous. So keep away.

However, the one that makes me feel empathy for the client and anger towards thesuperstition-riddled society is this: "Did my chart kill him/her?"

I get this question usually from young widows or people who lost their parents,especially at a young age. "Is there something in my chart that made thishappen?"

There is one simple answer: NO

Karma is more personal than toothbrushes and undergarments, you cannotimpact other's lifespan by marrying them or being born.

Every person has his or her quota of lifetime and breaths, and no one's chart canimpact another's life span.

Let me butcher a holy cow here: No, a non-Manglik won't die if he/she marries aManglik.

So never believe this non-sense that someone would die simply by marrying you.(Though there are people who can make the spouse contemplate suicide by marrying them #KALESH), but your horoscopes have got nothing to do withthat, you behaviour might have a lot.

One thing that I find particularly infuriating that often the wife is blamed if thehusband passes away early on in marriage, or if the child is born and a parent diesshortly, some idiots go as far as blaming the child for the death. Usually suchchildren grow up with hidden guilt.

For God's sake...the widow and the orphan deserve our sympathy, not blame. Andpeople condemning them are inviting bad karma for themselves.

How astrology shows that: The question arises how was I able to tell you that yourrelation with spouse or parent was problematic? Here is an answer:

Separation or trouble from the parent or spouse is only INDICATED in your chart.(Key word here is "indicated")

Yes your chart might have a yoga showing that you might have a troubledrelationship with then spouse/parent. However, there are many ways in whichthings can play out, and a lot depends upon the other person's chart.

This can work out in four ways:

1. You live away from parent or spouse

2. There can be a divorce or some other form of physical separation

3. If you live together, you don't get along with parent or spouse

4. parent or spouse is ill or dies

Once again, key word here is "indicated", this does NOT mean that you or yourchart killed them.

I often use an example to put things in perspective, using the national waste oftime, cricket.

A person's chart is the batsman doing the batting. Your chart is the scoreboardthat is "INDICATING" how much the score is.

If the batsman gets out, you don't blame the score keeper.

It is their chart that is doing the batting.

Hope this makes things clear. Please stop condemning yourself and please nevercondemn anyone else.

Use some I usually say, LOGICAL is the more important part of "Astro-logical"

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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