Rahu Ketu & Shani in one word

SO my grand obsession in life, Rahu Ketu and shani have forced me to write one more thing.
First i could see some fans and lovers quote my favorite dialogues, thought i would just do something to ensure that I still own the copyright, secondly, wanted to test the waters and share a few remedies for people suffering from them.
Next some of my students were after my life. Hence i though I would make a declaration and claim what’s intellectually mine (though all is with the Grace of My Guru and the Mother Divine) but don’t think they would want the copyright, so i would take them myself.
So here I am claiming my COPYRIGHT dialogues for decoding shani, Rahu and Ketu Dashas: Starting with the Boss of them, shani: shani MAHADASHA: IN ONE SENTENCE: “shani TUMHARA PANI NIKALEGA” Rahu MAHADASHA-IN ONE SENTENCE: “Rahu TUMHEY PICTURE DIKHAYEGA” Ketu MAHADASHA-IN ONE SENTENCE: “Ketu TUMHEY MANDIR KE BAHAR KAHADA KAR DEGA”. Details and remedies as given below: DECODING SHANI RAHU KETU DASHA IN ONE SENTENCE: MY COPYRIGHT STUFF So friends, feel free to share and quote but please give due credit to me as applicable. Thanks a ton and God bless.