“Astrology is the first resort of the unemployed.” My father used to say. There is some truth to the
statement. Not only do unemployed people visit astrologers a lot, many of them try to learn and do
astrology themselves. Most obviously fail, while a few succeed. And some of us are just accidental.
Then there are the frauds (we will talk about them).

I’am an “accidental astrologer’ whose childhood hobby turned into a full blown career, and a
successful one at that. I get way more love and attention than I deserve. I feel blessed, honoured,
and humbled.

I consider myself nothing but a beginner and a novice at astrology. Hence, whenever I find other
astrologers COPYING MY CONTENT it gives me mixed feelings. I am amused that they consider my
content worth copying, at the same time, I am disgusted by the brazen lack of respect for other
person’s work and knowledge, most of all, his daily bread. Whatever clients they are able to lure to
themselves using this content, ideally belong to me. Moreover, they are fooling their clients as well.

The thing that hurts me the most is to see ASTROLOGERS flouting the law of Karma, stealing from
me and defrauding their clients.

Imagine the plight of their clients, who come to them thinking that they are reaching out to the
astrologer who did the research and acquired the knowledge and insights needed to write that
article. While all they get is a fraud who just did a copy paste.

Think about the amount of bad Karma accumulated by the alleged astrologer, not just stealing from
me, but fooling the poor soul coming to them seeking relief. Apparently, they don’t care about it. An
astrologer who is not afraid of bad Karma is like a doctor not afraid of infection, STAY AWAY.

I am not a vengeful man, I have learned to forgive and forget. However, plagiarism I cannot ignore,
as this hurts the business that feeds my family.

Thankfully, god makes arrangements for everyone, so He did for me. I have this amazing WhatsApp
group of super- intelligent clients-turned-friends. They are my friends, philosophers, guides,
spiritual companions, and at times, defenders.

In the past one of them found some other astrologer copying my content, and without even telling
me, went on to get that account banned on Quora, but not before shaming that astrologer. I
dismissed that case as an aberration, thinking not many people would copy from me. I was wrong.

Recently a client shared a link with me from a Facebook post where another person had simply copy-
pasted one of my most popular articles on Rahu and was accepting congratulatory messages hailing
her as a ‘genius’. I was irate.

I shared the link with my group. I just wanted to vent my heart out and ask for their advice.
However, my gang (as I call them) swung into action, they declared a war.

Within minutes, they flagged the content, complained on intellectual property grounds, and…
invaded the comments section

They went on to put links to my site in the comments challenging the alleged astrologer, and turning
her fans against her by exposing her plagiarism. One of them even THREATENED TO SUE HER!

Within 2 hours:

 She had to give me credit
 She had to delete al the congratulatory messages
 She had to delete all her comments where she was accepting compliments for being a
 She apparently disabled comments and in all likelihood she would lose the page soon.

I was zapped by the group’s strong reaction. Within 3 hours I was pitying the poor lady.

With considerable difficulty, I held my gang back and requested them to let it go, (even using a few
funny memes to lighten up the mood.) On their advice, I have made my website copy proof (never
thought that this day would come). I was overwhelmed by their love and ferocious protectiveness.

I don’t have any personal grudge against any astrologer. I have always been respectful to all. In fact, I
am ready to cooperate and collaborate whenever possible. Whatever little I know, I have put most
of it out there for all those who want to learn.

However, stealing my work and business is just something I won’t tolerate. If someone tries to hurt
my business, I have every right to defend it. And I am protected by a group of resourceful and
ferocious friends. Anyone who steals from me, would have hell to pay.

If I sound threatening, it is intentional-you don’t know my friends.
Stay Safe, don’t steal from me. Capice…?

God Bless,
G. Vijay Kumar

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