Being blessed with a Guru-Chandal Yoga yours truly has a habit of experimenting with each and
everything before believing it. Right from Human Resources to Astrology my path has always been full of
experiments some of which were disasters, some were 0k, and some were great. Yantras fall into the
“Great” category.
I would be the first one to acknowledge that I did NOT believe in yantras. I frankly thought that this was
one of the “money making schemes” of astrologers, until I used them myself. As a principle, I am myself
my own guinea pig and do all the experiments on myself before recommending anything to my clients. So
here IS the story of my experiments with Yantras.
WHAT IS A YANTRA: Putting it simply, Yantra is a collection of numbers arranged in a particular order. I
am no expert on numerology (l still suck at math) and am yet to find a good practitioner of numerology
who can teach me. My phobia for numbers was another reason that I stayed away from Yantras, until the
going got really tough.
MY DAYS OF HELL: I was going through the WORST of all periods a man can go through Ketu-Rahu-Shani
(if there is a hell, the gates of it open when these three come together). My health, finances, career,
personal life, and everything else that was dear to me, was going down the drain. I personally knew that
things would get better once this period was over but the sheer intensity of it was overwhelming. I was
under depression and slept a lot. Wasn’t fit enough to do a simple mantra sadhna even (my favourite
All I could do was chant a small mantra 108 times and ask for guidance. And guidance came to me, in
form of Yantras. I read about them and decided to give a go despite my skepticism. I wasn’t fit for long
mantra chants and had I had nothing to lose experimenting with Yantras. Being a Capricorn ascendant, I
am super practical and won’t waste money at all. I started with a yantra drawn on paper, and of course
the first one was Shani Yantra.
MY EXPERIENCE: I did some energizing ritual and kept the Yantra in my wallet, the results were palpable.
Then I created paper yantras for Ketu and Rahu. Within weeks I was like “Man this thing works.” I was
feeling better and was able to think straight (an experience many of my clients would later mirror).
Now I wanted the real deal, something better than a piece of paper. I looked online and all they were
selling was some cheap piece of tin imported from China created in wrong dimensions. My paper Yantra
was frankly superior to this Chinese crap. At least my paper Yantra was free and nad the right
dimensions. I kept my paper version and decided to upgrade to something much more powerful.
Upgrading to Silver Yantra: As per my research Silver was the best metal for Yantras. Given the good
impact of Yantras, I decided that I would go for the real thing, a sliver Yantra. But there was a problem,
most of them were costly (approx. 1000) and again dimensions were wrong, some were round, some
triangular, some had useless pictures, and some were just too creepy. I decided to get them done
myself. I talked to a silverware factory and they agreed to do a small sample for me. I distributed them to
my friends and family after energizing them. The results were awesome. Even for me. I met my spiritual
guide, she encouraged me to take up astrology as a profession and that changed my life. My wife, friends
and family all who had got the yantras, reported good results.
Then finally, I started selling silver Yantras to my clients and feedback has been awesome. Right from
the quality of manufacturing, to accurate dimensions, to overall effect, I have received only praises and
am extremely proud.

Yantra vs. Gemstones: Ok so let us get this out of the way. Gemstones are like allopathic injections,
costly but quick and powerful, however, there can be Side effects. This is the reason I do not sell
Gemstones related to Shani, Rahu or Ketu. One should wear a gemstone ONLY if the planet is really well
placed in the chart and needs boosting its power and that boost would have no Side effects. On the other
hand, Yantras are like Homeopathy, mild and without side effects.
Yantras can be kept for good planets but the most important use of Yantras is pacifying malefic planets.
I NEVER recommend gemstones related to Shani Rahu or Ketu however, their Yantras sell like hot
Use Will boost power of a planet for better

or for worse

Will boost power of good planets
and would pacify bad planets

Side Effects Can be terrible No Side Effects
Rahu Ketu and Shani Should NOT be worn for Rahu, Ketu

and Shani

Can and SHOULD be kept for Rahu,
Ketu, Shani and other malefic
planets in chart
COST Can be really costly few can afford Low cost so all can afford
90% people who come to me come during a period of Rahu Ketu and Shani. From a business standpoint
I can sell gems related to Shani Rahu and Ketu and can become rich in no time, but I DON’T do it as I
know the amount of bad karma it would create.
Instead I almost always recommend Yantras. I have kept the price of sliver Yantras deliberately low so
that most people can afford them. They are cheap and don’t make me very rich. However, the amount of
good Karma and blessings I get in return, keep me doing all right, (despite my Ketu dasha I may add).
I am proud of them and would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs them. After all I have
experimented with them and can say with all confidence, that YES THEY WORK… AND THEY WORK WELL.
God Bless,
G. Vijay Kumar
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