Ketu & Ganesha Connection

G Vijay Kumar

Today on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, I bow to Lord Ganesha and I think he inspired me to write this article today.
Lord Ganesha is one of the most beloved, cute and cuddly deities in the Hindu mythology. Creative liberties that have been taken while portraying Him have made Him somewhat of an ubiquitous character who is present everywhere from wedding cards to pencil boxes.
Being an astrologer and a mythologist I recognized his importance pretty early, (He is the best astrologer in the universe) and the most intelligent being, the writer (not narrator of The Mahbharta). Of course it stands to reason that He is the ruler of Mercury, the planet of intelligence.
However, what baffled me was His Ketu connection. While all scriptures unanimously agreed about his rulership of Ketu I was looking for something that establishes this connection.
During my research to find out the true ruler of Planets (…) I was blessed by the Mother Divine with an intuition that gave me understanding of a basic principle. Every deity relates to a symbol of the planet. And boom the lights went on…
Ganesha is so powerful that he rules not just one, but TWO Planets. 1. Mercury: Mercury or Budha the princely planet of Intelligence has a clear connection with the intelligent lord of all things auspicious. It was quite evident. The problem I had was with the next one. 2. Ketu: One planet I am totally obsessed with is the least known Ketu. All I hear is the noise about Saturn, but in my practice, I see that maximum damage is done by Ketu. The planet of Moksha, asceticism and separation. This is one planet so ruthless that Saturn and even Rahu look benign in comparison. I have seen people with a good Saturn and Rahu periods, but I am yet to see someone undergo a good Ketu dasha. I wondered how come this duality? Why would the cute God of all things auspicious relate to the harsh planet of separation and asceticism? Then it dawned upon me me. Ketu IS THE LEFT HAND OF GANESHA.” While Mercury, Ganesha’s right hand teaches us how to plan, build, and take, His left hand Ketu teaches us that nothing belongs to us and to let go. Both the paths lead to the same oneness-the One supreme that Ganesha reflects. THE TRAGIC CONNECTION SHARED BY BOTH GANESHA IS BEING BEHEADING. While Ketu is “headless body” longing for completion, Ganesha is past that stage and has attained the supreme completionBut He remembers and understands the pain of Ketu, and is able to establish a heart – to – heart connection with Ketu and control him. Tragedy of Ganesha: Ketu was beheaded by Vishnu, the enemy of Asuras. However, even more tragically, Ganesha was beheaded by his own Father, Shiva. No other deity had to experience that kind of cruel fortune. Despite being resurrected, he was given an ugly elephant head instead of his handsome face. Legend has it that he was laughed for being ugly at by the good-looking Moon (that’s why it is a curse to look at the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi). According to legends, women refused to marry him because of his looks (so Mother Divine had him marry a banana tree). Still He carries no ill will, no hatred, in fact he accepts his lot and does the best that he can, and even Enjoys Life. Despite all His problems He is at bliss with His supreme understanding of non-duality. Today I bow to Him and seek His blessings. May the Lord Ganesha shower his blessings all of us