Okay, I am a tough man, very few things make me cry.
But this news did:


9-year old Quaden Bayles who suffers from dwarfism was bullied so horribly that he turned suicidal
(Imagine 9-year-old. How heart wrenching.)

The people tormenting them were not criminals, or terrorists, or shady characters, they were
SCHOOL KIDS and that’s the most horrible part of the story.

As a child I was bullied, till the time I learned to fight back in my late teens but yes those few years
left their impression. This video brings back all the anguish, helplessness and bad memories.

Thankfully the world at large has shown goodness of heart in supporting this child and I have a little
more hope for humanity.

However, I must add that this video comes from Australia, a white progressive first world country.
Imagine what would happen to kids in the poor, less enlightened, and more aggressive parts of the
third world.

Visit an average school in any north Indian town, and you would find a culture of toxic masculinity on
full display. The pre-teen and teen age bullies picking up on the less powerful and the helpless, in the
name of “fun”.

However, here is the FUN FACT: When the innocent and the helpless are hurt, nature unleashes
some of its most ferocious weapons (yes demons and malefic planets have a very important role). I
can bet that Shani Rahu and Ketu have already joined #TEAMQUADEN Moon would be the Coach
in this case). Those who bullied this kid will have it coming.

Karma is a Bitch…and thank God for that.

Children are gullible and can go with the flow. Once a child is bullied by one person, it can be fun and
cool for others to bully him. In a nation filled with toxic ideas of manhood and toughness, it is
important to teach our kids to stand up to bullies, and it is even more important to ensure that
they never become bullies themselves.

Save the helpless and save our kids from bad Karma. What goes around comes around.

I remember a quote somebody forwarded me…
“Never hurt someone who has no defender but God.”

There would be hell to pay, and yes hell is real…but here is the fun fact: you don’t really go to hell, it
comes to you. And it is made of Karma.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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