Well, well. Now that the world knows my obsession with shani, Rahu and Ketu, time to protect some of my Copyright Stuff. I saw some astrologers quoting me on my favorite platform Quora (can’t imagine what goes on over Facebook where I don’t even login for weeks). So here I am claiming my COPYRIGHT dialogues for decoding shani, Rahu and Ketu Dashas: Starting with the Boss of them, shani: shani MAHADASHA: IN ONE SENTENCE: “shani TUMHARA PANI NIKALEGA” I always tell my clients undergoing a Satrun period that “shani TUMHARA PANI NIKALEGA” i.e. Saturn (will take water out of you). It is your choice either give it as sweat or as tears. Remedies for Saturn Dasha:
  1. Sweat it out (I mean work really-really hard). And you will reap benefits. This is the #1 remedy for Saturn
  2. Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman
  3. Wear a Sliver Saturn Yantra (don’t buy piece of tin it has to be made in sliver as per dimensions suggested in scriptures)
  Rahu MAHADASHA-IN ONE SENTENCE: “Rahu TUMHEY PICTURE DIKHAYEGA” I always tell my clients undergoing a Rahu period that “Rahu tumhey picture dikhayega” i.e. Rahu will show you the movie. It could be an ambitious movie, a romantic movie, or in majority of the cases a horror movie. But in the end of Rahu Mahadasha one realizes that all was a “Palace of Illusion” and their illusions disappear. The super ambitious become humble, the crazy lovers, become sane, the depressed come out in the sunlight, but till the time Rahu is on, they chase their mirage. In the end they realize it all was an illusion. Remedies for Rahu Dasha:
  1. Remember it is all an illusion. It would disappear as soon as the Rahu dasha ends.
  2. Worship Mother Divine (Kali or Durga) she is the one who can control Rahu.
  3. Wear a sliver Rahu Yantra (don’t buy piece of tin it has to be made in sliver as per dimensions suggested in scriptures)
    Ketu MAHADASHA-IN ONE SENTENCE: “Ketu TUMHEY MANDIR KE BAHAR KAHADA KAR DEGA”. I often tell my clients undergoing a Ketu period that “Ketu tumhey Mandir ke bahar kahada kar dega”. I.e. Ketu would drag you to the door of temple. You can choose if you want to go there as a devotee or as a beggar. But no other choice. My suggestion is to become a devotee of Lord. I tell them to become as religious as possible. And not be attached to anything. Remedies for Ketu Dasha:
  1. Remember NOTHING belongs to you. You would realize that only one thing is real, GOD and all else are temporary and conditional. Have a detached attitude towads everything from material things to family.
  2. Worship Lord Ganesha
  3. Wear a sliver Ketu Yantra (don’t buy piece of tin it has to be made in sliver as per dimensions suggested in scriptures)
  A WORD ON YANTRAS: Yes I am in the business of selling AUTHENTIC SLIVER YANTRAS FOR Rahu, Ketu AND Saturn. However, that is not a cheap piece of tin imported from China for Rs. 10 and sold for 199. HERE IS WHY MY STUFF IS SPECIAL:
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  • These are PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA and not imported in bulk from China.
  • These Yantras are personally charged and sanctified by me using the right Mantras right number of times and have been sanctified with Holy articles like holy Ganges water, sandalwood etc.
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