Every field has its share of giants but in every generation comes one Titan who re-defines
the way things are done, and stands head and shoulders above everyone else in his
contribution to the craft.

This article is my way of acknowledging and thanking two people who revived the field of
Vedic astrology and made it possible for so many of us to learn, earn, and grow.

The Bheeshma Pitamah ot Astrology: Shri KN Rao. The Grand Old Man for every Indian
astrologer. He single handedly brought the much needed scientific approach, research
methodology, and legitimacy to the field. And did it in a time when Vedic and Hindu
knowledge was laughed at, thanks to the “Liberal Left” and “Powers that Shouldn’t be’. It
was a battle of one against a whole army.

Like the invincible Bheeshma, Rao Sir stood his ground against all assaults right from
intellectual debates to court arguments, and finally won, single handedly.

He founded BVB which has been the epicentre of resurgence of Vedic astrology. I remember
the bad astrology books my father had to deal with, they were full of so much non-sense.
Rao Sir thankfully started a research based approach and gave us several precious books
and many great techniques, and some great astrologers.

We all will remain indebted to this Grand Old Man tor his unparalleled contribution to Vedic

Thank you so much Rao Sir.

The Krishna of Astrology – Prash Trivedi: My favourite astrologer, my Guru Drona. Prash or
“PT’ as we call him, is the future of Vedic astrology.

He is the Captain of the new breed of astrologers like me. As a soldier fighting on the right
side, I feel so blessed that he is the man leading our generation.

Using the Internet as his weapon, PT is bringing the Truth to the common people, who have
kept in the dark since thousands of years. His books have revolutionised Vedic astrology. For
the record, before PT’s book on Nakshatras only the 27 names were known. His book on
Rahu and Ketu is the BEST BOOK ON RAHU AND KETU…EVER…!

Most of all, He is bringing “Logical” back to Astro-“logical”. He is destroying the myths and
superstitions associated with all things spiritual, Vedic, and astrological.

He reminds me of Krishna (there is a reason I chose his pic with a calf), like Krishna, he is
playful, enlightened, and iconoclastic. Going against the pre-set beliefs of people fooled by
the forces of darkness, he is bringing the light of Truth. Imagine an astrologer telling you
NOT to listen to your parents? We needed this man 2000 years ago. Thank God we have him

For people who are unrelated to astrology, I would strongly recommend one simple book
written by him on LIVING:

P’s GiTa: ScriPTures for the Now

An eye opening book with “P”earls of wisdom. MUST READ… FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING. It
has basics which most of us missed growing up in the “dark ages”. This book is your chance
to learn from the MasTer Himself, PT….!

As an astrologer here is my prediction: We have a bright future under the able guidance of
this Divine Being.

CaPTain PT: Thank you for being there. Your “P”resence is “P”recious.

God Bless,

G. Vijay Kumar

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