Best Remedy

Well this one is not going to have any element of astrology. So setting expectations right here. Just sharing my experience and THANKING MY SAI IN THIS POST.
So here we go….
I just burst into tears listening to the song playing in my car. The song roughly meant “The hustle of your hands removes poverty”. I slammed my breaks, and wept my heart out looking at my hands and Sai alternately. My hands were too shaky to even drive the car, let alone drive my business. I was nervous, my business was in jeopardy and the “brick in my head” was killing me.
Few hours ago, I had just received an angry mail from my biggest business client, who threatened to kill my business. It was one of the lowest points in my life. After quitting my lucrative corporate job due to health reasons, it had been months fighting with bad health and bad finances. Neither thing was improving. Life had become a downward spiral.
I had dreams of doing well in my business, to work my guts off. But I just wasn’t able to do it. My health had left me in such condition that all I could do was sleep and eat. Listening to the lines “The hustle of your hands removes poverty” I burst into tears in front of Sai’s white idol in my car, looking at my hands, begging Sai “These hands don’t work Baba. How would I bring up my kids? HELP ME SAI.” I cried for almost 5 minutes while the song repeated itself in loop in the background “The hustle of your hands removes poverty”.
Driving my car after a long day at work, I was nearing my parking as my phone buzzed, another small amount had just been deposited into my account. I smiled, wondering how much had it been for the day. I was losing the track of money coming in. Not that I was rolling in dough, far from it, but now I was able to think, my health was going fine, I was working 9-10 hours a day, and had regained confidnece.
Clients wanted to give more work, both for business and astrology consultation and I had to push them back. I was literally refusing more money. Despite a setback to a big project, I was about to break even for the first time since resigning from my job. Keeping track of incoming amounts had become a tedious task J something I didn’t mind at all.
I just realized WHAT A CHANGE…. I burst into tears. I listening to the song playing in my car for next 5-10 minutes but cried like a child. For some reason a song said“I am so thankful to you Sai, for you have given me so much more than I deserve”.
So guys in case you haven’t yet figured yout: PRAYER IS THE BEST REMEDY