A Remedy for Enduring Happiness

Thank God…I am back.
I know it has been a long time. Some of my followers sent me messages and some strongly insisted that I write regularly and on more and more topics (Yes. Ms. A, your wish is my command).
So here is something that I wanted to share with all, a small thing I discovered through my own experience. After all, I am my own astrological guinea pig, and if something works for me only then it is shared forward.
Ancient scriptures and sages have been talking about this since eons, but I guess that day I personally realized the meaning and potency of it. Life has been better after that. So here I am sharing this remedy with you all.
This happened on a very special day. I had got a good amount through business and was happy about it. Praise the Lord, I was out of the financial mess I had struggled with after losing my job. For the first time in an year I was able to meet my monthly expenses without dipping into my savings.
Anyone who has left a lucrative job to start a business would know what this means. Boy was I happy. I was so happy that I decided to do my own little charity (I do it at times). Did that and on my way, happened to find a temple.
It was a Shiva temple, but I was delighted to see the idol of my Guru Sai Baba of Shirdi. I considered this an auspicious sign, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I thanked Sai for His blessings with misty eyes. Sat for a moment at His feet said my thanks and walked out feeling blessed and humming a song in praise of Sai which says “I am so thankful to You my Sai”. And then…
Anti-Climax: On my way out I badly twisted my ankle. For a man of my size twisting the ankle is quite painful and I screamed in pain. And suddenly sitting there holding my hurt ankle, I thought what any common man in my shoes would have thought. “Why….? Oh God why…? Why me?” “How could you do this to me?”
I’ve been such a good boy today. Did my charity, said my prayers, gave my fair share of free consultations, and even did my remedies (yes even an astrologer is not spared). I came to you to say thanks and this is what you do to me…!”
Then suddenly my mind stopped, with a thought…IT COULD HAVE BEEN MUCH WORSE…!
Consider this:
I was spared with a sprain, I could have fractured my ankle.
I could have met with a car accident.
I could not have got that amount that day and would have been in a mess.
My business could have collapsed, as it threatened to.
I could have lost all that I http://had…….So on and so forth, there was so that could have gone wrong. But it did not. He made me live my dream on my own terms, and make enough money to survive. He restored my health so that I was able to work at three businesses. He gave me the opportunity to take blessings of so many people. He took me out of the mess and was feeding me. May be I was destined for a fracture and he just changed it to a sprain.
I suddenly realized that while I was busy blaming God, HE WAS BUSY PROTECTING ME.
We humans are a thankless breed. We suffer due to our karma (being an astrologer I know it for sure) and blame it on the Divine. While the Divine still keeps showering His blessings on us.
Things could have been much worse. It is his blessing that I was spared with a minor injury. All this while He has been feeding me, taking care of me, protecting me, and here I was a thankless bitch accusing him for a disaster that he had apparently minimized. And from my heart I uttered “I am so thankful to You my Sai”.
Saying this again and again in limped to my car, but not with a frown but with a smile. Suddenly the world looked like a much friendlier place.
After that day I made it a point to THANK GOD FOR DIFFICULTIES IN MY LIFE, remembering that things could have been much-much worse.
Try this and you would live a much happier and content life, full of gratitude and you would see the frustration and depression melt away.
The next time you sprain your ankle, Thank God.
Next time you lose your job, Thank God.
Next time you fall ill, Thank God.
Next time you break up, Thank God.
Next time you suffer financial losses, Thank God.
Whatever happens in life, THANK GOD. Who knows what good was hidden in this, after the sprained ankle brought me this spiritual and psychological gift. And it could have been much worse.
“I am so thankful to You my Sai”.
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